Roommate of the Month for December 2018

Whenever we feel weary from school or from a hard day’s work, we often find ways on how to release or detach ourselves from stress -- be it through drinking coffee, eating some chocolate ice cream, playing with our pets, binge-watching chick flick movies, listening to a chill playlist, or even finding a creative outlet that, little did we know, can help us know more about ourselves and explore more of the things we can do. Getting ready for the big world out there was one hell of a ride for Jamie De Vera, our December #RoommateOfTheMonth. But with her strong passion for arts and having found the bliss of putting colors in a bigger real life canvas, she was able to divert and balance out the daily stress from studying up until today that she’s already a licensed dentist. It all just started one day by watching a single makeup video tutorial on YouTube that pushed her to do this passion project of hers. It then eventually led her love for beauty and skincare to open a powerful platform such as Instagram to share her experiences, empower like-minded individuals and inspire others to do the same.  

  Let’s get to know more about Jaimie’s wonderful journey with Sample Room as she answers a few questions from us:   ABOUT JAMIE 1. Tell us about you and your love for beauty. “I first learned how to do make up when I was forced to do my own hair and make-up during my college graduation. That was the time when YouTube was only starting out and the only make up tutorial that I could find was from Michelle Phan. I was studying for the dental board exam then and I found make up as a diversion or as a balance from the stress of studying. After I got my license and when I was already trying to build my career, this is when I truly appreciate the importance of taking care of myself and looking good because this is what other people see first. I also love arts and painting, and make up became my daily creative outlet since I don't have much time to paint anymore.”   2. When did you start and what inspired you to share your beauty finds on your social media accounts? “I am more of a visual person and I'm not good with writing so I don't think I can maintain a blog. Although, I do random reviews on forums and sites like Sample Room and I always give mini skincare / product recommendations to my friends. 4 months ago, I finally thought of a way to merge my love for visual arts and photography with my interest in trying out new products including make-up and skin care. I made another Instagram account where I can dump all my new finds and give some reviews also. The truth is, I am not advertising my account and most of my friends don't know about this. I want the content to stay genuine as possible and to have a set of followers who are really interested on what I post and not just because they are my friends or followers who just want me to follow them back. I am happy that some people with the same interest with mine stumble upon my account and I'm happy that Sample Room gave me a chance to be featured in their site.”   3. Who are the bloggers that you look up to? “Lately, I've been watching straight forward make up tutorials of Sinead Cady (TheMakeUpChair). But I am always a fan of Jenn Im, ilikeweylie, and itsjudystime. Their content involves more than just make up and skin care. Locally, I love the make-up techniques of Raiza Contawi, honest reviews of Anne Clutz, and meaningful vlogs of Penelope Pop.”     ON HER ROUTINE 1. Share with us your skincare routine! “My morning routine includes an essence, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and sunblock. In the evening, I double cleanse by putting my acids (AHA or BHA), essence, and moisturizer. Once or twice a week, I use masks depending on my skin condition.”   2. How about your makeup routine? “I always invest in a good base. A good primer, concealer, foundation/BB cream, and a setting powder are a must. Of course, I won't leave without making my eyebrows and Mascara! I always do eye make-up since I'm always wearing a mask and my eyes are the only part of my face that is seen when I'm working. I also like mixing different shades and formulas of lipsticks. Lately, I am doing this technique wherein I use a cheek stain as a base and a brownish blush on top of my contour. It instantly gives dimension on my round face that lasts the whole day!”   3. What are the top 5 beauty products (skincare and makeup) that you can't live without? “Face cleanser, of course. Forget about make-up but don't ever forget cleaning your face after a hard day's work. I love Biore micellar water and Cosrx Low Ph Cleanser. Moisturizer Tinted sunscreen / BB cream (note: I found Belo Tinted Sunscreen from Sample Room and I got all I need in one product!) Concealer (Maybelline for under eyes, Clio for spot concealing) Powder Multipurpose cream/tint. (KJM cheek lip beats more expensive blush tints)”     ON HER SAMPLE ROOM JOURNEY 1. When did you first find out about Sample Room? “I first joined Sample Room when I saw that they were offering a free Lash Extensions via VIP membership. Since then, I've been joining their VIP program and I can say that it is sulit! They have lots of giveaways and sometimes, they offer free shipping, so you always have to check their social media sites!”   2. How did Sample Room help you in your journey into the world of skincare and makeup? “First, Sample Room helped me to become more critical on the products that I am purchasing. I also use Sample Room not only to give my review but also to read opinions of other users about a certain product. Second, they feature new and often local products, and I love supporting local brands! There are so many good local brands out there that are not given much attention and Sample Room let members a chance to try them out. Third, it let me try new products for free so I was able to discover what suits my face and skin well. Looking back, I think it was Sample Room that inspired me to make my Instagram account @meetjamie.”   3. What were your best finds that you discovered through our site? “The Belo SunExpert Face and Body Cover and Tinted Sunscreen were among the best products that I have from Sample Room! I never thought we could have a local product that will develop a non-greasy formula of sun block. I also love the Uniqlo Airism samples and Sample Room’s travel size conditioners. I always bring it with me at the gym and when I travel.  

(Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen and Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic BB Cream)


(Good Virtues Co. Shampoo and Conditioner)


(Charm Vegan Makeup Brushes)

    4. Do you see yourself still sampling in Sample Room in 3-5 years? “Of course! I don't know what I will do if Sample Room will not exist in the future. I always check their site for products that I want to try.”   5. Any advice for your fellow roommates for their sampling journey? “Avoid wasting products that won’t work for you by looking for reviews before you buy. Sample Room got loads of honest reviews from its members. Also, it's better if you can get hold of the sample sizes of the products you like. You will be able to try it out first and you can easily stash them in your travel kit!”     With the hustle and bustle of work and rip-roaring schedules that we have, we sometimes have to breathe and take a short break to remind ourselves about the things that we love doing and uncover new skills and passion that we can excel at. For Jaimie, her love for arts became her gateway to a whole new world of beauty discoveries where she can freely express, inspire, and build a community that shares the same interest as hers. Catch more of Jamie’s latest activities and best beauty finds by following and keeping your eyes peeled at her Instagram account, @meetjamie! -- Hooray to our 12 lovely roommates who made it to this year’s ROTM Circle!! And since another year is about to begin, we’re now already in quest for our new and first #RoommateOfTheMonth for 2019! Could it be you? :)

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