The secret to a #HealthyMoisturizedGlow: Derma-C by Poten-Cee!

It is no secret that with the sudden rise of the Hallyu Wave, different Korean brands ranging from music, films, clothing, makeup, and skincare opened its doors to the international scene. And the Philippine market is not one to sleep on such craze - most especially when it comes to skincare. And local brands know that we need to learn a thing or two when it comes to skincare -- because let's be honest, who would not want to get that Korean skin, right? Which is why Poten-Cee teamed up with a group of Korean skincare experts to come up with a formulation that is well-suited for the Filipina skin but has some elements from Korean skincare products. Lo and behold, Derma-C by Poten-Cee Brightening Soap Bar and Derma-C by Poten-Cee Serum Face Mask were created! Made in Korea, both the soap and the mask are expertly formulated with a blend of Vitamin C, Collagen, and 7 natural moisturizing oils – sunflower oil, jojoba oil, sulfated castor oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and grape seed oil. In order to test both of the products effectivity and benefits on the skin, I included the soap and the mask as part of my skincare routine for about a week. The Brightening Soap Bar has a very fragrant orange scent that lingers on the skin for at least a few hours. What I like the most about this soap is that I can instantly see how my skin brightened after every wash, unlike other soaps. It excellently rids of dirt and other impurities without drying my skin. About 4 days in of using this soap, I noticed that my skin has become smoother and softer. And in a week’s time, it has an undeniably beautiful glow as compared to when I wasn’t using this soap! Isn’t it amazing?! Plus, I like the fact that I can use this both on my face and body, saving me time during baths! After cleansing using the soap, I used the Serum Face Mask as I lounge around the house. I was able to use the mask three times in a span of a week and girl, trust me when I say that 20 minutes is all you need to see an instant glow on your face! And every time after removing the mask, I make sure to spread the excess serum on my face and neck so that my skin can absorb the nutrients from its ingredients. Even after using just 1 mask, I noticed that my skin became soft and supple which I can feel until the next day so I opted to use it every other day. But you can also use it everyday depending on your skin needs. As I have mentioned, the soap and mask are packed with the combined benefits of Vitamin C, Collagen, and natural oils. Based on what I have researched, Vitamin C is essential for the skin at it supports the natural production of Collagen which helps maintain skin moisture and nourishment. And the natural oils, aside from providing added fragrance, it increases the moisturizing effect of the products on our skin. All proving that Derma-C Brightening Soap Bar and Derma-C Serum Face Mask can truly give you a softer, smoother, brighter, and healthier glowing skin!   After using it for a week, there was a noticeable difference in my skin. The healthy moisturized glow that Derma-C by Poten-Cee claims to give is true! I am in love with how these two products work wonders for my skin! I am surely going to keep on using it because I know my skin deserves to be healthy, moisturized, and smooth all the time! And oh, what better way to achieve that Korean skin like our favorite K-celebrities than to invest in the best possible skin care products in the market, right? Try it now for FREE here and get that #HealthyMoisturizedGlow like no other!


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