Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen: Your Newest Sunscreen and Whitening Cream In One!

Striking and shining rays of the sun, cool breeze coming from the shore, sweet melodic splashes of the ocean waves, and bright blue skies. You know it’s the great time of the year again when you see this kind of paradise. And when we say paradise, we’re talking about none other than everyone’s favourite and most-awaited season – summer!

Sunny season isn’t just about planning our vacay itineraries, hitting the beach, dipping in the pool, wearing trendy bikinis, or organizing summer whatnots. It also includes religiously updating our skin essentials that are suitable for the weather and putting sunscreens as the top-most priority in our daily skincare routine. While there are sunscreens that perform the job to protect our skin from sun’s harmful UV rays, it’s important that we should know which one will give us that trusty and superior sun protection.

But hey, we don’t need to think about this dilemma anymore as there’s finally a new and one-of-a-kind sunscreen from the Belo SunExpert family that’ll not only give us an expert sun protection; it also promises a brighter and beautiful skin that we can flaunt anytime this summer (truly, a plus!)

A beautiful added twist to every girl’s summer skin regimen, the NEWEST Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen, that whitens as it protects! It has Niacinamide and Brightening Essence that lighten skin tone, SPF 50 and PA++ that ensure broad spectrum protection against UV rays, and Cell Protect that strengthens skin’s defense system against premature skin aging. Plus, it comes in a creamy white texture that’s non-sticky, lightweight, and water-resistant! So, we’ve got nothing to worry about getting bathe under the sun or soaked in the beach.

Birthed from a strong belief that every whitening journey must begin with expert sun protection, Belo SunExpert made sure that we don’t settle for anything less than we deserve. Unlike other whitening creams with SPF content, the all-new Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen has both SPF 50 and PA++ that provides us the most complete and highest sun protection in the market!

Check out this mini infographic to discover the benefits that your skin will be getting and to see how this innovative product stands out among other sunscreens!

Belo SunExpert, as we all know, has stood strong and loved by many with its title of having the superior and trusted authority when it comes to sunscreens. With that said, it’s an ultimate plus and a major head turner that they added this certain kind of whitening that we can also trust in achieving a glowing, brighter, and beautiful skin! Imagine getting the best of two worlds with one application – a sun-protected skin and a whiter skin all at the same time. What’s not to love?!

Since I’ll be having my anticipated beach and island trip with my friends this summer, this sunscreen + whitening cream in one has got my ‘whoa’s as if the heaven’s blessing me with a cutting-edge sunscreen to try! It has the best of two worlds so it really is a perfect timing for me to try it out and see what it does on my skin for a week.

I used it daily every morning and applied just a right amount on my face and neck as instructed before putting my makeup on. It has no fragrance at all, and I admire how it was easily absorbed by my skin and how it left a soft, smooth finish on my face.

And as promised, this breakthrough sunscreen is honest to its claim of providing a lightweight and non-sticky application even though it has an added formula. I always commute to and from work and my face often gets sweaty along the way, but surprisingly, I still looked fresh even after a long day’s work! It didn’t feel too oily, dry, nor heavy on my face as I’ve put just the right amount on the parts that are mostly exposed to the sun.

To add, knowing that it has higher SPF than any sunscreen-whitening creams out there, I’d say that I’m now confident to bask under the sun without worrying about my skin getting damaged. Not only will it shield me from the harsh sun, but it also promises to deliver a whiter beautiful skin with regular use! As for its whitening effects, I think I have to continuously use it every morning for the results to be noticeable. But, I’m really excited on how it will go! :)

Getting fairer skin is more beautiful when we have an expert sun protection with us because whatever weather or season we’re in, the sun’s always present to wreak havoc on our skin. That’s why we must always make it a point to adapt to the daily sunscreen habit not only to have that flaunt-ready beautiful skin, but a healthy and nourished skin from the inside-out as well!

Ecstatic to add the newest Belo SunExpert #WhiteningSunscreen to your 2019 summer beauty staples? Try it here first for FREE and feel confidently beautiful to have fun under the sun!

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