Get Bouncy Aura with Olay Natural White Ageless Aura!

It’s not a secret that we take pride in our skin care—we invest too much effort curating products to use just to fix the evident issues on our face. Having a corresponding skin care product for each skin concern is not a shocker anymore!

Everyone’s skin dilemma may differ person to person but we all have one common denominator when it comes to keeping our skin in tip-top shape—we want our skin to look brighter, healthier and younger-looking!

A lot of Filipinas swear by brightening products to minimize the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone. It is a go-to lifesaver for those who want to get fairer!

Whereas, anti-aging formulas are a must to women who are in their 20’s to stop premature skin aging. It is a mortal sin to forget using anti-aging formulas because it helps reduce appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess while improving skin elasticity! Your 30-year-old self will thank you for this!

Giving so much care for these two, one can get our most fancied glowing and younger-looking skin!

And to achieve skin that looks eternally youthful, usage of multiple products at the same time is needed! That is such a downer for people who like keeping things at minimum. But the NEW Olay Natural White Ageless Aura has come up with a powerful combo to battle our biggest feats on skin care single-handedly!

The NEW Olay Natural White Ageless Aura is Olay’s first 2-in-1 Whitening Cream that provides dual benefit of whitening and anti-aging! It has Mulberry extract that helps brighten the skin and Vitamin B3 that helps minimize visible wrinkles. It also comes with SP515/PA+++ to shield skin from the harmful UV rays!

Now that sounds so promising for a product that comes in sachet! I had to give it a try, just in time that I need to even out my skin due to my last days of summer travel. I am also on the look-out for an anti-aging cream because I am on my 20’s now.

For a week, I religiously applied it on my face in the morning and at night before bedtime.

After washing and toning my face, I skipped my usual day and night creams to opt for the NEW Olay Natural White Ageless Aura. I just squeeze out a pea-sized amount of the product and distribute it evenly onto my cheeks, t-zone, chin, and neck. The formula smells mild and fragrant, it is also lightweight and not sticky to apply. It gets absorbed very easily by my skin. I used it by itself—without any other similar products to fully see if it’s true to its words.

And it did not disappoint! After a week of continuous use, my face seemingly became a bit fairer and plumper! At first, I was skeptical about giving this a try at night because most cream formulas give me bumps when I wake up, but this one didn’t! I also like adding it to my day-time makeup routine because of its sun protection contents!

I honestly touch my face now every single chance I have because I just love how it feels under my touch! It is so soft and supple and I have my fingers crossed that my visible fine lines on my forehead would lessen in no time! I seriously feel like I have a younger-looking skin!

Now that’s one very convenient skin care champion! For only 45 pesos, we can have a brighter and young-looking skin in one product that comes in a sachet! One packet can last up to 1 week (used morning and night) with the right amount of application.

Could this product get any better? I could bring it anywhere I go without worrying about a messy stash because it’s resealable!

That’s one heaven-sent essential that every twenty-something girls should snag!

Brighter days are coming! With the NEW Olay Natural White Ageless Aura, we can beat our skin’s greatest woes and show off a youthful glowing skin! Try it first here for FREE and flaunt that #AgelessAura!

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