Hair Care Tips that Would Change the Way You Treat Your Hair!

We always make sure our mane is on top of its game, after all, it is our crowning glory! We take pride in making it look as gorgeous as ever by jumping into the latest hair craze and trying out the freshest hair care drops in the market! However, there are just days that we can’t get a hold of it—thus, succumbing to frequent bad hair days!

Where could we have gone wrong? We have mastered the art of religiously following our hair care routines just to maintain and make our tresses achieve its best, but still we are left tangled with our locks’ biggest foes. Dry, brittle, dull, damaged--these are just a few of those. But we can actually do something about these!

Revisit your hair care routine with these hair care essential tips that will surely debunk most of what you thought was best for your hair!

  1. Shower with lukewarm water.
    Hot water may be soothing and rewarding to opt in the mornings, but it does not do any good on your hair! Hot water strips off our hair’s essential oils—making it dry and dull. Plus, it dehydrates the hair which causes split ends.
  2. Shampoo on the roots.
    Shampoo should be concentrated on the scalp and roots as buildup is more prone to happen here.
  3. Use conditioner correctly.
    Conditioner on the scalp weighs down your strands which make your overall look limp and flat. Focus instead on the mid-lengths to ends of the hair which need the most nourishment.
  4. Dry off your hair using cotton material.
    Instead of using a towel that’s abrasive to your wet tresses, use a cotton shirt to squeeze out excess water. This way, you’ll be more gentle in drying it out!
  5. Use deep conditioning treatment once a week.
    It is advisable to treat hair on a deep conditioning treatment once a week to restore moisture back. Whatever hair type we have, it is necessary to give it an extra boost of nourishment regularly.
  6. Use a wide-toothed comb.
    Damp or dry, always use a wide-toothed comb to untangle hair. Be as gentle as possible and always start at the ends. Brushing from scalp to tips generates more tangles and causes more breakage.
  7. Air dry as much as you can.
    Usage of hair blower damages hair in the long run. So, if you want to maintain your hair’s natural state, air drying is a far better choice.
  8. Protect hair before heat styling.
    Heat inflicts damage onto hair the moment it touches it, so be sure to use protectant before curling, straightening and blow drying to protect from damage.
  9. Straighten and curl dry hair.
    Never heat style hair while it’s still damp—it’s like frying your own hair! Wait for hair to be dry when you want to curl or straighten it to minimize damage.
  10. Keep your heat styling tools on low or medium setting.
    Excessive heat is detrimental to our mane, so tone down the heat setting. Don’t worry, it will also do its job of styling your hair sans the excess heat!
  11.  Steer clear of tying your hair up.
    Ponytails and tight buns may be convenient to sport, but pulling your hair up regularly puts a strain on your hair. Also, tying your hair up too tightly causes damage to hair follicles and hair fall.
  12. Trim your hair regularly.
    Split ends are a mood breaker. Get rid of ‘em by regularly trimming your ends every six weeks.
  13. Protect your hair from the sun.
    It’s not just your skin that needs protection from the harmful UV rays! Your hair needs protection, too! Make it a habit to use hats or scarves to cover your head during sun exposure. This will save you from dryness, frizziness, dullness,  split-ends, and discoloration.
  14. Hydrate your hair.
    Give your tresses some hydrating boost all throughout the day by applying leave-in cream onto your hair. This will provide extra nourishment for your hair that would prevent it from looking dry all day.
  15. Drink lots of water and eat healthy.
    You are what you eat, so if you want your hair to look as glorious as it can be, start form within! Opt for healthy food and snacks. Skip the oily treats and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables to help your hair grow beautifully. And never forget to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Taking care of our locks shouldn’t cost us salon visits, all it takes is just that extra effort to be mindful of what we do with our hair on a regular basis to achieve the hair of our dreams. Keep these tips on our head and surely, our mane will be the main attraction! ;)

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