A NEW skin whitening solution WITHOUT the STING!

With the Philippines being dubbed as the selfie capital of the world, there is no doubt that Filipinas today have come to realize the personal and professional advantages of looking their best, and feeling their best all the time. So setting a personal beauty goal became a common trend especially with the rise of different beauty products in the market.

But achieving our skin care goals often comes at a high price – expensive treatments, skin dryness, and product incompatibility. As consumers, we should not easily accept these inconveniences attached with the goal of having a fair and beautiful skin.

But fret no more, ladies! An affordable and effective beauty product has come into play in the market – the NEW Silka Green Papaya Soap! For only Php 43.50 (135g), we can now look and feel our best all the time!

Since girls of today’s generation are investing more on some kind of skin care that can help them achieve their skin goals, Silka made sure that we don’t miss any good bits of their new and improved Green Papaya Soap. Enriched with green papaya enzymes that help eliminate dead skin cells; and VitaRich Actives – Vitamin E and D-Panthenol that help condition the skin and reduce itching for a whiter skin in as early as 7 days without the sting!

You heard it right! Unlike the usual kojic soaps in the market, Silka promises a fairer and moisturized skin without the sting and the itch in just a span of 1 week! How amazing is that?!

I put its claims to the test and used it as soon as I got back from my weekend outing. My skin was obviously uneven and some parts of my skin appear darker than the rest so it was the perfect time to try it. At first glance, the scent of green papaya was very prominent which made the bathroom smell so fragrant.

Everyone will fall in love with this soap because of its smooth glide on the skin and its very bubbly lather (I’m one of them)! In a span of just 1 week, I already noticed visible lightening results. It gradually evened out my skin tone and the dark spots are lighter. I can confidently say that this is now one of my bathroom staples. Every time I use Silka Green Papaya Soap on my face and body, my skin never felt so smooth, soft and moisturized! I’m in love!

I’ve had my fair share of whitening products that I tried before. And although it did lighten my skin, it also left my skin dry, itchy, and peeling. It was not a pleasant experience. So when I got to try Silka Green Papaya Soap I was surprised at how I didn’t feel any stinging or itchy sensation. Plus, it also didn’t leave my skin dry!

And because I can’t get enough of how good this is, I brought it along with me during our trip to Bohol over the weekend. It sure did help me get that clearer, fairer, picture-perfect skin! And if you’re like me who vouches for a simple yet effective skin care routine, then I bet you’ll love this too!

With the various skin whitening trends in the market, it’s sometimes difficult to find which one works for us. And often than not, we tend to settle on products that bear harsh effects on our skin. But accomplishing a fair skin can be fast and convenient without the compromise of itching, dryness and stinging.

This time, experience a natural and effective way to cleanse and whiten skin with Silka Green Papaya Soap. We can now celebrate a #HappyWhiteWeeksary and enjoy a puting walang hapdi in as early as just 7 days, the #AlagangSilka way!

Experience the Alagang Silka way by getting your FREE Silka Green Papaya Soap here.

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