Reveal naturally whiter teeth with Closeup!

Bad breath is bad news – especially on moments we have to meet and talk with different people. The fresher our breath and the whiter our teeth is, the more confident we can be socially. Which is why we need to pay more attention in taking care of our teeth and building a good oral health.

But right now, what we are looking for is something more than a fresh breath or a good oral health, we seek to find brands that can provide us all these benefits with a strong teeth whitening component.

Having whiter teeth has a lot of positive effects in our overall being. Aside from improving our oral health, it can boost self-esteem as we feel more confident to smile. And when we smile all the time, it brightens up our face and makes us look more attractive and pleasing. Nowadays, makeup and fancy clothing is not all what it takes to look good, when paired with a beautiful white smile it can make you look even more attractive and confident when strutting down the streets.

Thankfully, there are brands now who understand that there is a need for a teeth whitening that will be able to highlight our true beauty. And just recently, Closeup introduced to the market their NEWEST range of toothpastes – the White Attraction Natural Smile and Natural Glow. It is packed with natural ingredients and gentle whitening properties to help get rid of yellow stains and provide visible whitening results in as fast as two weeks *with regular use.

And what makes these toothpastes seemingly interesting from the get-go is their unique choice of flavors.

The Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile has a mix of lemon essence and sea salt, while the Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow has coconut extract and bamboo charcoal.

So by now, you probably have the same question as I do… why did they use these ingredients? Well, because it turns out it has the following benefits:

Being very intrigued by it due to its ingredient content and teeth whitening claims, I decided to give it a go for 2 weeks.

On the first week, I used Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile. It is yellow-green in color representing of its lemon color and you can vividly taste a subtle but sweet lemon flavor, countered by a hint of salt with every brush. I used it twice a day, every day and it gave a cool feeling in the mouth and the fresh breath lasted me until lunch.

The same with Natural Smile, I also used Closeup White Attraction Natural Glow the following week for twice a day, every day. It is light grey in color due to its bamboo charcoal content and it has a slightly sweet but minty taste to it, leaving you with a cool and refreshing feeling in the mouth. It also gave me a fresh breath which lasted me until lunch, too.

Two weeks in to using the Closeup White Attraction toothpastes, I definitely noticed that the yellow stains in my teeth were slowly fading and my breath feels fresher for longer. My teeth visibly lightened to a shade lighter. It also helped me maintain a good oral health as I like the taste of both toothpastes, I can't help but look forward to the next time I will brush my teeth.

I also like the fact that I can easily slip it in my kit and bring it with me in the office for a quick refresher after a meal or after a coffee break. Now, I can be confident to meet, smile, and, talk with other people because I know that Closeup has got me covered. I can now enjoy a naturally whiter smile with every #SwipeWhite! And what’s even more amazing is that it is available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide in such an affordable price of Php 76.00 only!

You too can #SwipeWhite now by trying it here first for FREE so you can reveal a naturally whiter smile everyday!


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