Have your #SkinSetFree from stress with Safeguard Natural Detox!

As a working girl, I’m guilty of loving that busybody life! There’s no rush like that accomplished feeling behind checking off each item on to-do lists, meeting deadlines, and finishing urgent projects. Even on days off, there’s so much to do and keep busy with that the last thing on my mind is a way to relax. I’m sure we can all relate to that short feeling of relief when we get home and kick off our heels before we’re out the door again.

While it’s good to keep ourselves busy and active, being busy can take a toll on our bodies and skin, and we often don’t realize it. For most of us, our skin is one of the first parts to feel the effects of stress. Common stressors include humid weather, pollution, general stress, and the build-up of germs and bacteria during the day. All of these, combined with the hustle and bustle of the fast life, affect the way our skin reacts to stress, including an over-production of sebum in our pores. Excess sebum, bacteria, germs, and sweat are the last things we need on our skin, especially for those of us prone to break-outs.

A brief reprieve like a long, hot shower is a luxury in itself in these fast times; that’s why choosing quality bath products is a MUST for me! It’s those little things like our favorite scents, shampoos, and conditioners that turns shower time into a ‘me time.’ But it’s often hard to find affordable products that fit the bill. You can imagine my delight when I finally found an affordable alternative to expensive creams and body washes that not only smelled great, but did an amazing job at keeping my skin clean and rejuvenated.

The all-new Safeguard Natural Detox is 95% natural and comes in three wonderfully fragrant variants: Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree, and Pomegranate. It’s got micellar cleansing technology, and if you’re familiar with the latest in cosmetics, you’ll recognize ‘micellar’ from a lot of effective make-up removers. Micellar cleansing technology allows Safeguard Natural Detox to deeply AND gently cleanse your pores of dirt, oil, sebum, and anything else that’s built up over the day. These micro-cleansing micellar bubbles break down germs that clog your pores, letting your skin breathe again. It’s almost like having a detox in a fragrant bar of soap!

If you’re choosing between each variant, be sure to choose one that suits your needs. We’ve all got different preferences and ways of unwinding, so make sure you’re choosing a variant that complements your relaxation needs.

If you’re one to move around frequently during the day, try Bamboo Charcoal. It ‘s got the most subtle scent out of the three. Its extracts of Bamboo Charcoal are all-up for a total deep-cleanse of your pores, breaking down any germs and bacteria, and cleaning your skin of grease or sweat.

Are you prone to breakouts and worried about sebum control? Try the Tea Tree variant! The Tea Tree variant was designed to get rid of any excess sebum produced by your skin. Its fragrance is the strongest out of the three, and leaves a cooling and refreshing scent behind on your skin.

If you’ve got tired and dull skin, their bright and fruity Pomegranate variant will give your skin that wake up call and revitalize it again. Personally, I love fruity scents and immediately went for the Pomegranate variant. The soap is very easy to lather which is a plus for us who just love having a bubbly shower. The bubbles take on a very slight pink hue too!

Upon scrubbing away, I immediately felt a bit of a cooling feeling while the subtle scent of Pomegranate filled the shower. I appreciated having that scent waft a bit, since it’s relaxing to smell something fragrant. It’s a HUGE plus! Bar soaps don’t usually have such a natural and sweet scent, but Safeguard Natural Detox really went beyond the call of just being your usual anti-bacterial soap. Coupled with your preferred shower temperature, (I prefer hot showers so the steam can open up my pores) Safeguard Natural Detox feels truly cleansing and detoxifying. Seriously, the experience is like finally having a DIY mini-detox sesh! My skin felt so rejuvenated afterwards that I often just feel like doing something relaxing—like taking a nap or reading a book, rest assured that my skin was clean from the inside out and refreshed after a busy day.

Since Safeguard has been one of the most trusted soap brands for some time now, I had high expectations about how cleansing the product would actually be. Safeguard Natural Detox did not disappoint at all in this regard. After washing away all the bubbles, you can instantly feel squeaky clean when you rinse your skin.

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