Roommate of the Month for December 2019

Curiosity is a trait ingrained in us from the very beginning. It's because of curiosity that we have the world we do today. It is in our nature to try and explore the things that pique our interest or spark a thought in our heads. Inventions, experiences, and relationships would be nothing without the spirit of curiosity and the will within us to take it further. It's because of these that we take ourselves further too-- whether it's a part of us we've never discovered before, or an aspect of us that we've improved.

December Roommate of the Month, Angelyn Mendoza discovered the world of beauty and more because of a spark of curiosity. From a childhood experiment to a genuine interest for beauty and skin care, she now finds herself creating visual content on these topics for her and her followers. Her eye for beauty is not just evident in her passion for lifestyle, but in her well-curated Instagram feed as well. Read on and get to know the girl behind the feed!


1. Tell us about you and your love for beauty.

I am a part-time business owner, I managed both physical store for food business and an online shop for cosmetics & beauty products, also a baker. Ever since I was a kid I love trying out my mom’s beauty kit. And out of curiosity I even tried a whitening face cream at an early age of 7. It was then that I told my self, I will have my own beauty and makeup kit.

2. When did you start and what inspired you to share your beauty finds on your social media accounts?

I started posting photos of beauty products on social media since last year. It was when I saw and followed a beauty hashtag on Instagram that got me inspired in sharing too. I just loved how beauty enthusiasts capture their cult fave and how they react and review each of them.

3. Who are the bloggers that you look up to?

My blogger inspirations and that I look up to are:







1. Share with us your skincare routine!

My morning routine is immediately after waking up, I drink 2 glasses of water, wash my face then toner and moisturizer and don’t forget to put sunblock. While my night time skincare is: Wash face with facial wash, toner, face cream, serum, eye cream , lip balm and moisturizer.

2. How about your makeup routine?

I really don’t have a fixed routine for this but whenever I have a formal event to go to. I always tone and moisturize before starting, then put a Primer, Liquid or Powder Foundation, Concealer, Cream / Powder Blush, Eye liner and Mascara then Matte Lipstick for a long day plus end it with a setting spray.

3. What are the top 5 beauty products (skincare and makeup) that you can't live without?

Top 5 Beauty Products I can’t live without:


Lip Balm

Lipstick/ Lip Tint

Collagen Drink

Whitening Lotion


1. When did you first find out about Sample Room?

I first saw Sample Room on an Instagram post about 2 years ago, and I got curious. It was then my first time to sign up and tried to avail my very first sample from them. I still remember getting Johnson’s Milk + Oats bath and Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray with SPF 50

2. How did Sample Room help you in your journey into the world of skincare and makeup?

For me Sample Room is a great platform and of help for having the opportunity to try and review a certain product(s) before buying a full size one. With that you don’t have to spend a lot and risk whatever allergic reactions your skin may experience.

3. What were your best finds that you discovered through our site?

I’m not a fan of sunblocks before. Only until Sample Room offered Belo SunExpert line and I was so amazed how my skin loved Belo products. It was then I decided to avail the Sample Room VIP membership so I can purchase everything in that set. Sunscreen is Life!

4. Do you see yourself still sampling in Sample Room in 3-5 years?

I definitely see my self still sampling products from Sample Room in 3-5 years. Specially now that I am not getting any younger and have sensitive skin. I need to take care of my self most importantly my skin.

5. Any advice for your fellow roommates for their sampling journey?

To my fellow roommates, don’t hesitate and always have the courage to face everything. We all shine in our own way.


True to her word, Angelyn shines bright in her own unique way. Her creativity makes her stand out in a way that is ultimately her. Like her words of encouragement, she gave herself the courage to try or explore that things that curiosity. This once small spark has now ignited in passion for beauty and lifestyle translated beautifully on her digital platforms.

For more of Angelyn and her content, follow her on Instagram @anjelynmendoza or look her up on Facebook @anjelynm.

Keep up the fantastic work, Angelyn! We can't wait to see more!

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