#SRHacks: Journaling for New Year’s resolutions and bucket lists

Like everybody else at the beginning of January, we want to start our New Year right. Usually, we begin our new year with a list of resolutions or even a bucket list. Most of the time though, we forget or drop this list by the middle of the year. Sometimes. we get sick, busy, or just forget all together. The best way to start the new year right is to list down our thoughts, goals, and visions; and the best way to keep up with them is to take them one at a time.

Just for you, Roommate, we've gathered some awesome journaling tips and tricks so you can get your creativity expressed and your goals in order. Pick up a nice journal, some pens, and get journaling!


That's it for our round of new year #SRHacks, Roomies! Always remember that your journal is your personal space and you're free to write or use it however you like. At the end of the year, make yourself motivated to see just how your journey turned out through your eyes. Happy new year and happy new you, roommates!


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