Loving YOU: A journey on self-love

Growing up, we often believe that love comes in the form of relationships with families, friends, and even romantic partners. There are times when we forget another form of love, and it might just be the most important one—love for one’s self.

There are times in our lives where we’re too busy or too broken to think about our love for ourselves, but what is often overlooked is that we need it to keep going every day. Self-love is not a one-stop fix to everything, but a constant process of being kind to ourselves, especially when we need it. It is only when we work on loving ourselves that we can share this love with others.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the most important love of all—self-love. Two of our favorite influencers, Jho Del Pilar and Jamila Joyce Castillo share with us their journey with self-love in this tell-all blog.

Check out their answers below:

What is your definition of ‘self-love’?

  • Jho Del Pilar: It has definitely changed through time, I must say, growing up we all have different priorities, when as a kid we all might have probably not understood or know what self-love meant, as teenagers we become even more reckless and too forward and always wear our hearts on our sleeves, as adults self-love is almost as the same as everybody else now, it becomes putting the comfort of others before yours, putting their happiness above all else, and at times we all occasionally see the quote "Self-love is putting yourself first, then you care for others" and at times as an adult now, it can be a bit of both.
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: Full acceptance, recognizing and affirming myself naturally - that’s what self-love means to me. Accepting that I am not perfect and loving myself, nonetheless.

Why do you think self-love is important?

  • Jho Del Pilar: I honestly think it's a way of giving back to all the good things that the world has given us, it helps us to be grounded, on our toes, it makes us look at the present and makes us recollect ourselves of what we have, how we look and how we feel.
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: Self-love is important because it helps us provide a balance in the ‘give and take’ and will remind us that we need to take a little more of ourselves.

How do you practice self-love?

  • Jho Del Pilar: By looking at yourself in the mirror and recollecting yourself, and picking up from there. It could be easier for me to do so, and for others it might not. We all come from different pasts and paths, and if you're struggling, it will all come together eventually.
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: I do the things that makes me happy and think about the wonderful things that are happening in my life. That’s how I practice self-love.

What is one aspect of yourself that you love the most?

  • Jho Del Pilar: You know those life anecdotes your teachers would always let you write down during essays or written papers? Mine has always been "Always look at the positive side of things" it has always been like that and it will always stay that way, I love how I always see the good note on things and I plan to keep that with me, though don't get me wrong, it's not an invitation to do bad lol
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: I am the best cheerleader. Not an actual one with pompoms but I can motivate and encourage people. There is nothing more wonderful than helping someone to feel a little bit better.

What are your motivators to keep your mood up? What gets you going?

  • Jho Del Pilar: I have been in the radio industry for a little while now, and at times it does get too routine like, knowing that I have listeners, friends and family to keep me up and remind me to push forward I'm all good
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: People that challenges me, situations that challenges me, God challenging me and my fears that challenges me are my motivators to keep my mood up. Those daily challenges keeps me going!

How do you rest and recharge after a long, tiring and stressful day?

  • Jho Del Pilar: Coming home to a house with a happy family, 2 dogs, a cat and good food wil always fulfill my heart and take away all the stress in me.
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: I recover by just lying down and reflect the things I’ve done for the day and be thankful that you have overcome that tiring day

What advice can you give to those struggling to love themselves?

  • Jho Del Pilar: Life isn't always easy, we hear that all the time, and it just doesn't feel as is when life hasn't hit you yet, but when it does, good things don't come without hardship, learn to accept, have someone to talk about and practice self-care.
  • Jamila Joyce Castilo: Acceptance. Accept their faults, insecurities and overbearing thoughts. Remind them always to ignore negative voice in their head and shower positive words and laughter. And as I advisee I will keep in mind as well to be patient when the going gets tough.


We all have our special journeys with ourselves, each valid and unique in ways only we can understand ourselves. Some of us find comfort with our pets, and some of us love ourselves by treating ourselves to a good meal. Even if our methods are different, there are times where we need to sit down and ask ourselves if we are okay, if we can keep going, and how we can help ourselves get through the day. Love can be tough, even if it’s for ourselves, but it is not impossible. Remember that love starts from within, and we must learn to love ourselves to spread our love and care to others.

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love for everyone, but don’t forget yourself! Give yourself a hug and a few words of love, you deserve it!

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