How to be an eco-friendly beach goer

With our tropical climate and being surrounded by thousands of islands, we Filipinos are no strangers to the beach. And now that summertime is here, we can finally enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea! Bet everyone's excited to embark on another summer adventure!

But before we fully immerse ourselves to the fun, it is important to remind ourselves to keep the environment in check during our summer activities. It is easy to take advantage of the beauty that nature has to offer, but we should remember that the beach is also home to some plants and animals and we have a responsibility to preserve their homes - after all, we're just tourists to their space.

So as we enjoy nature's gifts, we should practice being responsible travelers so we can keep our beaches’ sands pristine, waters crystal clear, and communities happy.

Here are some tips we can follow to be a mindful and eco-friendly beach-goer!


The beach sure is a great place to visit and have fun. So the next time we visit a beach, let's keep it green, respect the environment, and be responsible eco-friendly goers!


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