Heartwarming Q&A with 3 amazing mothers!

Motherhood – as described in a Washington Post article – is exhausting, inspiring, soul-sucking and purpose-giving. It makes you question everything, while also feeling like you know it all.

The moment a woman decides to be a mother, she’s ready to sacrifice everything for her child and shower him with unconditional love. She will care for him, nurture him, and protect him. And like all mother’s in the world – she is loving, beautiful, selfless, and she is a Superwoman.

There are times when we often do not see eye to eye with our moms, but a mother’s love is the purest love we will ever experience in a lifetime. They are God's biggest blessing in our life.

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, we’ve featured Jes Roque, Char Tan, and Jaimie Felix - three of the admirable super moms we know - to talk about their struggles, accomplishments, and lessons learned throughout their motherhood journey.

Check out our Q&A with them below:
  1. Introduce yourself and your kid/s briefly!

    Jes Roque: I am Jes Roque - Medina, an educator by profession and a blogger at by choice. Presently, I work as the Country Representative of an India-based healthcare administrator.

    Saab, my precious one, is now 2 years and 8 months old. She was born with a congenital biliary problem. At her very young age, she already has undergone a life-saving liver transplant and 4 major corrective surgeries.  Presently, though still battling with some operative complications, she is living the best life like other toddlers her age.

    Char Tan: My name is Charlene Lu Tan, aka Char, aka Yellow Yum a.k.a Yellow Mum. I’m a mother of three. I have a 7-year-old daughter Robyn. She’s the leader of the group, the protector. She’s very smart and thoughtful. I also have twins, Nikolai and Nicola. They just turned 4 months old last April 27. Niko is our little observer. He’s very chill and he enjoys playing. Nia is our baby diva. She’s our loud charmer. She likes talking and giggling nonstop. All 3 of my kids are uber sweet and very cute, of course.

    Jaimie Felix: I am Mommy Jaimie and I am a mom to my one and only daughter Tammy.

  2. What is the best part about motherhood so far?

    Jes Roque: Seriously, I consider every single day as a best day as it is already a miracle to still be with Saab and be a witness of how wonderful and blessed her life is. But if there is one part which, I believe, highlights the essence of my motherhood journey, that is when I was given a chance to again give life to her though a part of me and be her liver donor.

    Char Tan: The best thing about motherhood is knowing that there will always be unconditional love. I will always be loved by these three no matter what.

    Jaimie Felix: While motherhood is a lifetime adventure and by far the hardest non-paying 24-hour job, it is and will forever be my greatest achievement. Being a mom has made life more colorful than I ever knew it could be. Honestly, nothing could have prepared me for this ride of my life but having Tammy is the greatest miracle that has ever happened to me.  The best part? it's the unconditional love we have for each other — experiencing the small moments that can't be explained, characterized, or memorized. Those fleeting moments when your child says something profound, mature, and grown-up.

  3. What is something valuable you learned from your own mother?

    Jes Roque: It is from my Mama that I learned that, for me to be able to bounce back and move on and forward in life, I have to forgive myself and the people who have wronged me. As she always said (when she was still alive), there is no point holding the pain for too long and that I must learn to know how to free myself from that pain. I am still a work in progress but I have noticed that through this, my heart is in peace. Instead of pain and grudges, the spaces in my heart is reserved for more love and understanding.

    Char Tan: One thing I learned from my mom that I treasure the most is the value of togetherness. My family is very close-knit and as I got older, that’s when I saw how important it is to have that “home base”, a group you can always go home to and just be yourself with. I plan to live by that and also share that with my own little family.

  4. What is something valuable you learned from your kid/s?

    Jes Roque: People who know me well would attest how much I try to always be strong and just depend on myself. It is through Saab, and everything we have been and are going through with her, that I learned that it is okay for me to be weak and ask for help. Our #BraveSaab Journey has taught me that I am not alone in this world and that there will always be someone willing to go through heaven and hell with me/us. Saab proves that, through love and kindness of other people, one can face and surpass even the hardest trials.

    Char Tan: I think something that I learned from and because of my kids, is that God is so generous. God really has His plans and more often than not, it’s more than you could ever dream of. Having my three kids, being chosen to have them is a definite testament to that.

    Jaimie Felix: Tammy grows oh so fast and if there's one thing that I learned from her is knowing when to talk and knowing when to listen…that's why if you are a mom you have to understand that there is no learning curve.

  5. What advice would you give to new moms? Or moms in general?

    Jes Roque: There is no recipe for a perfect mom.

    It is okay to be tired. It is okay to be weak. There will be times you will commit mistakes and feel guilty about it. That is okay. Just remember, at the end of the day, you have to pull yourself together and be the mother your child needs and deserves. That, alone, is going to make you the perfect mother to your child.

    Char Tan: Trust yourself. I’ve always thought that I was strong. But when I became a mom, that was the time I truly realized the strength of a woman, of a mother. We will do anything to protect our kids, our families - that’s what you call a mother’s instinct. So trust yourself because everything you need is already inside you.

    Jaimie Felix: They can snuggle with you at night, run to you when they’re hurt, and stand behind you in scary situations. It can be overwhelming most of the time, but as a mom, you gotta be strong all the time. :)

A mother’s journey isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are tears- A LOT. And reading stories like Jes’, Char’s and Jaimie's motherhood journey makes us realize how amazing mothers truly are. They are superwomen who take on many forms to love and nurture us- as a parent, a friend, a protector, a teacher and so much more. How they always manage to take on these roles is just simply amazing. ❤


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