Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash: A #GentleGermProtection Like No Other!

Depending on the type of cleansers we use, some soaps can actually cause more harm than good on our skin. Ever since we were young, we’re taught that a good skin care meant having tight skin after a proper wash – meaning that we had stripped off all the nasty dirt and oils. But as we grow older we start to realize that having tight skin could also mean that it’s dry and itchy because all the moisture has been stripped off.

While it’s good to keep our skin squeaky clean, we should not settle for cleansers that leave our skin dry and dull. A good body wash should be able to retain the skin’s moisture and softness every time. I, for one, have been on the long journey of trying different kinds of body wash and I have my fair share of disappointments towards certain products. So imagine my delight when I finally found a body wash that not only smelled great, but did an amazing job at keeping my skin soft, smooth, and supple.

Now more than ever, it is very important to keep our skin protected and clean! With the Safeguard protection and its non-drying Micellar Technology, Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash removes 99.9% of germs, dirt, and oil making sure that my skin is free from all the bad stuff.

As gentle as fresh water, micellar are tiny balls of cleansing molecules suspended in water that draws out dirt and impurities without overdrying the skin. Together with the Safeguard protection and micellar gentleness it gives both uncompromising protection and gentleness in one product, leaving skin smooth and supple! It comes in three scents: Unscented, Coconut & Peach, and Berries & Pear of which I used alternately for the past week.

If you’re deciding between each variant, choose the scent that best suits your taste. The Unscented variant has a very fresh and straightforward scent. It is easy on the nose and has a similar fragrance to baby bath soaps.

If you’re into sweet and light tropical scents, then the Coconut & Peach variant is just for you. You can get hints of peach and coconut notes which will spread across the shower. It almost feels like you’re vacationing in a tropical island with a glass of piña colada on one hand.

Luxurious is the word to describe the fragrance of the Berries & Pear variant. The scent just fills up the bathroom giving you a spa-like vibe in the shower. It smells luxurious without being overly fragrant. This is perfect for those who love to spend long hours in the shower after a long day at work.

As I used Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash, I instantly noticed how it lathers pretty well considering I only used a small amount of the body wash (I used a loofah to help with the lathering). I appreciated the scent so much as it gave a different kind of bath experience.

The body wash is white in color and gives off a cooling feeling when in contact with the skin. It is also very potent that it does not run down the skin and a little goes a long way. The scent also gently wafts through the air so it eases through your nose making you appreciate it even more.

As I scrubbed away with my loofah, I can feel that my skin is being stripped off of all the nasties that it has accumulated for the day. But what sets Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash apart is that it did not strip off moisture from my skin. When I was rinsing the body wash off, I can feel that my skin is thoroughly cleansed, but still it feels soft and supple. It’s almost as if I already applied my lotion. I was pleasantly surprised.

Safeguard has been one of the trusted brand soap in the market for years, so I had expectations about how well this body wash would work. And boy, they did not disappoint! I can confidently say that this is now one of my bathroom staples. Every time I use it, my skin never felt so clean, smooth, and moisturized.

I never had a body wash that is as gentle and as fragrant as this Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash. It is so gentle that this is also best used by people with sensitive skin, more so that it is paraben-free and dermatologically-tested. Everyone will definitely fall in love at how amazing this body wash is!

Alas! My journey to finding the perfect body wash for me has come to an end. And I believe that you can end yours now too!

With its praise-worthy protection, gentleness and fragrance you would think that the price won’t come easy on the pocket, but time and time again Safeguard has proven that they can provide us with affordable products that cater to our skin needs. For only Php 199 (400ml) and Php 339 (720ml), you can get a body wash that is unmatched. We can now all enjoy a smooth and supple skin at such an affordable price, or you can first try its #GentleGermProtection for FREE here.


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