closeup All Around Fresh Soothing Menthol

For a refreshing wave of spearmint.

A fluoride gel toothpaste that covers many oral care needs in one stunning gel – closeup’s best freshness from all around care.

Expertly made with a zinc anti-bacterial mouthwash to protect mouth from bacteria. Contains deep-cleaning silica that lifts plaque, giving the mouth a clean slate after every brush. Contains fluoride to guard teeth against cavities – a function usually reserved for specialty dental products.

By taking care of your top oral care needs, the jampacked toothpaste gives you all around care for all around freshness, leading you to gain all around confidence.

  • Deeply cleans teeth for that sparkling smile
  • Protects teeth and gums from cavities, plaque, and bacteria
  • Refreshes whole mouth so you’re always ready to get close

NOTE: Samples will be sent in assorted sizes of TWIN PACK 2x125g or TWIN PACK 2x191g

FULL SIZE: TWIN PACK 2 x 125g / TWIN PACK 2 x 191g

PRICE: Php 119 / Php 149

AVAILABLE AT: Available nationwide in all leading retailers


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