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If there's something that I love doing after meal, it's definitely removing all the traces of food from my mouth, and also to get that minty-fresh breath that I get from brushing my teeth. How I love dental hygiene, that I absolutely need to have minty fresh breath before I sleep (and how ironic is that when I wake up, I still need to brush my teeth, haha!)

But now, it's altogether another ballgame. It's not just having fresh breath anymore. In light of the recent happenings, we are all encouraged to stay indoors, and not go to public places as much as we can for safety purposes. As we start to adapt to this "new normal," we count our outdoor activities. Oh, can I tell you how much I miss my dentist?

As they say that prevention is better than cure and this applies even to our oral care. Simply brushing twice a day and feeling the cool minty sensation is not enough. We need a great all arounder that goes all-in on our dental hygiene – the catch is though, it’s rare to find up until closeup introduced their newest variant, called All Around Fresh.

“Being the first ever brand to combine the strength of fluoride with the protection of anti-bacterial mouthwash in a breakthrough gel toothpaste five decades ago, closeup takes its commitment of delivering top-notch oral care even further by launching the NEW closeup All Around Fresh - a fluoride gel toothpaste that covers many oral care needs in one stunning gel – closeup’s best freshness from all around care.

Expertly made with a zinc anti-bacterial mouthwash to protect your mouth from bacteria, the product also contains deep-cleaning silica that lifts plaque, giving your mouth a clean slate after every brush. The product also contains fluoride to guard your teeth against cavities – a function usually reserved for specialty dental products.”

True fresh breath is not just fleeting, but real fresh breath actually comes from having a really healthy and clean teeth and gums! Aside from providing us that amazing kick of fresh breath goodness from closeup, it further amplifies its cleansing function with zinc anti-bacterial mouthwash, deep-cleaning silica and fluoride, lifting up the plaque, preventing buildup, cavities and tooth damage. This new closeup product is truly jam-packed and loaded with dental care that's all-around, everything you need!

It also has two variants that I can just use back and forth - Cool Mint if you prefer a cool kick of peppermint and Soothing Menthol for a refreshing wave of spearmint. Both flavors go a mile further in taking care of my teeth, not to mention I still love that wonderful minty fresh feeling it gives me with every brush!

I have been using these two flavors alternately for the past week and I can confidently say that my oral hygiene has never been this good! The closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint is blue in color and it has a slightly sweet but minty taste to it that leaves the mouth with a lingering cool feeling.

On the other hand, the closeup All Around Fresh Soothing Menthol is teal in color and has a bit more of a kick to its flavor that freshens up the mouth with every brush. Both flavors did not only give me a fresher breath but it also visibly lightened my teeth and kept it clean and helped me maintain good oral health!

But what really sets closeup All Around Fresh apart is that it takes care of our top oral care needs by cleaning deeply, fighting bacteria, lifting plaque, and preventing cavities all while refreshing the mouth!

I sure hope everyone's taking care of their health, including dental health this season! We need to truly do self-care and good self-maintenance. Right now, I'm happy to have closeup All Around Fresh which promises to stick around with me through thick and thin!

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