Olay BodyScience Body Wash is a Luxurious Treat for the Skin!

This season has brought abrupt and sudden changes in our lifestyle. For all of us, I believe, our outdoor activities have significantly lessened and we're at home most of the time!

The home is truly the place where we can relax, and rest. During this season, a lot have been stressed, and if the mind is stressed, the body is stressed, too! Thus, bath time is one of those times that one can truly relax. Do you know that taking a cold shower in times of stress really helps you stay grounded and relax your nerves? Personally, I prefer warm showers, but either way, taking a shower really does something to mental health that promotes self-care!

Now, I must say, Olay has launched its most timely and best product yet - the gold standard in body wash - so apt, with the packaging!

Olay BodyScience Body Wash is Olay's latest product that incorporates its expertise in skincare to body care. With Olay being one of the best skincare brands in the world (Yes, attesting to that! My mom swears by Olay since her younger years!), they have pioneered researching Niacinamide as an effective skin care ingredient that helps brighten and nourish skin, as well as boost the skin with its anti-aging benefits. Now, it's in body wash form!

Olay BodyScience is available in three variants crafted based on your skin need, namely:

As I have mentioned, what makes this body wash different is that it is supercharged with Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide that is proven to help treat hyperpigmentation, fade age spots, and lightens and whitens the skin. Plus, it also has the following benefits that give bright and radiant skin in just 28 days!

Oh, let me say that this was such a luxury to try, because I felt that I was on for a treat! First, let me just comment on the cleansing properties. Normally, I would really be iffy to try anything crème-based when it comes to washing because sometimes it makes my skin greasy and I don't feel that my skin is cleansed. But this Olay BodScience Body Wash is so uniquely different and delightful! This has the perfect balance between cleansing and moisturizing. I can feel it cleaning my skin with its really gentle lather, and at the same time, my skin feels so spoiled with its moisturizing feel.

Secondly, I'm in love with the million-dollar scents that Olay has come up with each of these variants! I can't even begin to describe each of them, and try to find a favorite among the three, but they all just smell so glorious. The scent is not overpowering, and yet, it gives off that really beautiful scent. I feel so beautiful just bathing in these scented body washes!

Each scent gives a whiff of luxury with its unique blend of fragrance notes.

Coming out of the shower, I feel so much better, may it be from waking myself up in the morning, or letting go of the stresses of the day. My skin definitely looked better in just a few days of trying it – I actually have forgotten to apply body lotion after my baths, and yet my skin still looks good, and feels good!

With 60 years of Olay Science and years of research by skin care experts, Olay has crafted a body wash that made me so excited for my bath time every single day! This line is a winner! All the skin care efforts I've been doing for my face can now be also applied to my body, with these skin care packed ingredients from Olay.

Time and time again, Olay has proven that they are experts in skin care and the addition of their BodyScience series is so timely as we tend to get more conscious nowadays with what we use on our skin. And although of top-notch quality, Olay BodyScience Body Wash is still fairly affordable. For only Php 229 (300ml) and Php 349 (500ml), you can experience a luxurious treat for the skin every time you shower. Or you can try it first for FREE here and see how it’ll give your bright and radiant skin!

Brought to you by Olay.


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