Practice Good Hygiene Habits with Lifebuoy!

In this season that we are in, clean skin is everything. To have clean, sanitized skin is really one of the steps that we need to be proactive with to protect ourselves from the pandemic. This year, we have used alcohol and washed our hands with soap like never before, and taken a bath perhaps even a little bit more that we used to. Washing hands has never been so important, so as to prevent viruses from being contracted. Well, we do what we have to do!

There is no other product can be as basic, and as needed this season than soap. Soap can be used for the hands and the body, and I really believe that thorough handwashing we can really rule one factor out from contracting a virus or any sickness of sorts. It is a very simple but very important step, as the World Health Organization recommends frequent handwashing as a preventive step.

Lifebuoy has been a trusted brand for years being dubbed as the World’s no. 1* selling antibacterial soap. Over 100 years ago, Lifebuoy was produced to fight cholera in Victorian England, and since then, it has been the trusted household name for antibacterial soaps - preventing diseases and promoting the practice of good hygiene for health! At the same time, Lifebuoy is the only soap to be accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health in London, who are pioneers in public hygiene with over 200 years in the field.

But what makes Lifebuoy truly special compared to regular soaps is its Activ Silver+ Technology, in which the ingredient silver is used. Silver is one of nature's most powerful germ-fighting ingredient as well as one of the most well-researched anti-microbial agent. This active ingredient in Lifebuoy soaps is fast acting, highly potent, and has a broad-spectrum efficacy against multiple types of germs thru frequent handwashing and bathing.

The Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soaps comes in three variants – the Total 10 for overall protection, Mild Care for protection that’s nourishing to the skin, and Lemon Fresh for protection against germs with a refreshing lemon scent.

I’ve used all three variants and I can say with all honesty that they’re great! They don't strip off the skin moisture as much as normal soaps do, but moisturizing the skin would still be recommended because of the frequency of our washing as of late. It lathers and foams quite nicely and it gives off a squeaky clean feeling as if it has really removed all germs from the skin. Plus, it has a light faint but fragrant scent that’s pleasing to smell!

I really enjoyed using these Lifebuoy soaps for cleansing as it gives me the peace of mind knowing that there are effective germ-fighting ingredients in the soap that I am using. We all need that assurance that we can get during this time, as we do our part in maintaining good hygiene. It really helps to have this product in such a time as this.

So as we navigate through these times right now, we can just breathe a little knowing that we have the right products as armors at hand, like these Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soaps. I would definitely have this at my kitchen sink, as well as my bath area ready to use when I need it!

Luckily for us, these NEW Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soaps are the bang for the buck as it comes at an affordable price of Php 18.00 (75g) and Php 32.30 (110g). Or you can try it first for FREE here and join us as we take on the #DoTheLifebuoy challenge!

Together, let’s keep clean and practice good hygiene habits roommates!

*Unilever calculation based on Nielsen volume and value sales information for the total markets (latest 12 months)


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