Roommate of the Month for July 2020

The idea of voicing out your opinion and stepping out of your shell requires courage. Most people think that courage comes in doing something big and extraordinary. But we sometimes forget that courage is also an everyday skill in the things we do. Whether it’s posting a selfie you took, doing a presentation or giving out product reviews, they all require a certain level of courage to execute.

Courage isn’t about being unafraid – it’s about being afraid but deciding to do it anyway. Janine Abellanosa, our July Roommate of the Month sure knows a thing or two about courage. From someone who’s afraid to break her shell, she is now an online content creator who aims to inspire and help people like her to step out of their comfort zone.

Get to know more about Janine’s story through our Q&A!



  1. Tell us about you and your love for beauty.

“I remember back then, when I was a kid, I would always put on baby powder and borrow my mom’s lippie. I would always model in front of the mirror and daydream about growing up as a makeup artist and helping myself and other people feel pretty.

Few years have passed and my love for beauty grew deeper. I would keep some money from my allowance so I could buy myself some make up and skin care products. From all the resources I have, I would create different make up looks and explore different skin care routines. Up until now, I would always strive for improvement for myself especially on beautifying myself and other people, (I’m also a part time makeup artist) and always on the lookout for the best beauty finds.”

  1. When did you start and what inspired you to share your beauty finds on your social media accounts?

“Back then, I was one of those people who’s very afraid to break my shell and share my thoughts to other people. I was silently looking and cheering for those influencers that I always see on my social media accounts. I was very amazed on how they create content and be able to share their thoughts online.

I’ve always wanted to share mine too, and because of the people around me who supported me and pushed me in becoming an influencer, I was able to break my shell.

Now as a digital content creator, I love sharing stories about my beauty finds and becoming an inspiration to people who is into this field too. I keep thinking that the contents that I make can help someone too in finding the perfect beauty routine or inspire them so they can also break out of their shells.”

  1. Who are the bloggers that you look up to?

“I love love love Ira Denise Oyco’s fashion and feed! I also love Camille Co’s travel photos!

They’re my inspiration and I hope that someday, when the stars aligned, I can collaborate with them!”


  1. Share with us your skincare routine!

“finding the perfect skincare routine for your skin isn’t a piece of cake!

I used to have pimple breakouts and oily face which makes it a big hassle for me since I love doing make up looks. In my journey to finding the routine that suits my skin, I got tons of products that helps me achieve my dream skin!

First, I use Master Facial Scrub! Yes! I know this might sound a little weird but since I have oily skin, men’s facial wash worked the best for me! Some people may find it off but this is one of the best beauty finds for me!

Second, I use Senka’s Perfect Whip Acne Care Facial Foam to help my skin prevent from unwanted zits. (a big plus too because it smells so good!)

After washing my face, I would use Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner (which I got from Sample Room). This helps me clean my pores and reduce blemishes.

After using the toner, I would jump on to using Celeteque’s Pore Minimizing Serum which helps me close my pores and prevent the dirt from going deep in to my skin.

After that, I would use Celeteque’s Hydration Facial Moisturizer that helps my skin recover from dryness.

And for the last part, I would use Olay Regenerist Whip which makes my skin firm for a lifted look.

As a bonus I also use Aztec Healing clay mask 2-3 times a week and I also love using Safeguard’s Gentle Micellar Body Wash from time to time.”

  1. How about your makeup routine?

“My makeup routine has two moods. It’s either I go full extravaganza eleganza or I go for a natural look.

First off, I would use Luxe Organix skin mattifying mist to set my skin. I love doing my brows first and I use Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen for a natural looking brow. Then I would use Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to help me shape my brows precisely. After that, I would use L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation in the shade of Golden Beige (tip: always use foundations that is one shade darker from your skin)

After that, I would use BYS Loose Powder in the shade of Natural Beige.

After all that, I would proceed to my eye makeup wherein I use Morphe 350 palette. I love doing a peachy make up from this color palette but sometimes I go extra and do smokey eye makeups too!

For the contour, I use BYS contour palette and use highlight! Gotta get that contour and hide the double chin, haha! 

For the final touch up, I would use Sunnies Face Fluffmate in the shade of baked and major for my lippie! I love combining them!

After all that, I would use Mac Finishing spray to complete and set the look!”

  1. What are the top 5 beauty products (skincare and makeup) that you can't live without?
  • “Master Facial Scrub
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  • Sunnies Face Fluffmate - Baked
  • Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner
  • Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care”


  1. When did you first find out about Sample Room?

“As a start up influencer, I’m always on the hunt for products where you can have free trial and that’s how I found out about Sample Room! I’ve watched multiple vlogs of different people featuring Sample Room and then I thought, maybe I should try it too!

Now, I’m a regular member of Sample Room and I’m loving it! I always get excited whenever I get to try different products!”

  1. How did Sample Room help you in your journey into the world of skincare and makeup?

“As an influencer who’s into skincare and makeup, Sample Room helped me in finding the perfect routine for my skin! Most especially the Belo products they have! It truly helped me get the skin that I wanted!”

  1. What were your best finds that you discovered through our site?

“The best finds that I got from Sample Room were the Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner, Belo Underarm Whitening Cream and the Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Wash!”

  1. Do you see yourself still sampling in Sample Room in 3-5 years?

“Yes! Definitely! Without a shadow of doubt!”

  1. Any advice for your fellow roommates for their sampling journey?

“To my fellow roommates, never be afraid to try different products and explore Sample Room. They got so much to offer and sooner or later, you’ll find the perfect product for you! Let us all achieve our dream skin and create stunning make up looks!

Hwaiting, roommates! ”


We all have our own fears and little things that maybe doesn't make us comfortable. But like Janine, it is only when we learn to face our fears that we are able to learn, grow, and spread our wings. Here’s to being more courageous, roommates!

You can follow Janine on her social media accounts – Instagram at @janineabellanosa and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/J.Abelanosa/. She’s also on TikTok at @janineabellanosa!

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