#CLiumFibre: Your daily dose of fiber!

Truly, by a default, we're all called to be healthy. But this time, being healthy is even more important than ever, and as we try to protect ourselves from the virus, we make sure that our body is healthy overall! Today, I'm going to share with you about my food journey this time.

My food journey this 2020 is such a rollercoaster ride because there are times that my mood swings and I would need to eat really good comfort food, or just eat something that I really, really like and miss, that sometimes, I forget the rules of a healthy diet! But then, I am still very much trying my best to eat healthy everyday. One of my routines is to ensure that I have my daily intake of fiber with C-Lium Fibre!

C-Lium Fibre is made from 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber Husk, which is a rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber. It works by adding bulk that helps keep food moving through the digestive tract.

You may refer to the infographic below to read more about Psyllium Fiber and its benefits:

Now, what I love about C-Lium is that I really feel the effect of the fibers flushing down the fats and cholesterol out of my body. I've been taking this for years, and this is just such a reliable source of fiber a day, as the daily requirement is 20-25g a day (one sachet). Of course, I still very much try my best to eat fiber-rich foods for my health, but this truly helps me! I also drink C-Lium 30 minutes before my meal which helps me eat less because I would feel a bit full. Haha!

Since going to the gym isn't really an option right now, I've been skipping my exercise routines lately and have indulged in junk food which didn't really do any good for my stomach. I've experienced constipation and my body felt so heavy and bloated.

Luckily I have a stash of C-Lium Fibre on my cupboard. So after religiously taking C-Lium for a whole week, my constipation was gone and my regular bowel movement is back! It definitely helped me feel lighter and less bloated so I can go about my day with ease.

This healthy drink is very easy to take too! All you need is one sachet a day and follow up with a whole glass of water right after. One must really drink lots of water everyday for optimal results!

I used to remember before that I would take C-Lium with juice so as to have some flavor in it, but C-Lium heard us and launched three new fruity flavors of it - PineappleMango, and Dalandan. They're all delicious in their own way, and I definitely don't need to take C-Lium with my favorite fruit juice anymore since they are already flavored! Oh yay, talk about convenience!

So now, I'm sure to be healthy with my daily fiber intake with C-Lium Fiber, as an added self-care step in ensuring a healthy lifestyle, when it's much demanded nowadays. Try all three flavors for FREE here so you too can #TakeYourCLiumEveryDay!


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