#SprayTheGermsAway with Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray!

I believe that 2020 has drastically shifted the way on how we view things. I still remember my normal routines - that I'd be out of the house 50% my week, and now, I am here 95% of the time. This makes us all realize that we need to really invest in our homes - it being livable, conducive for rest, and also conducive for staying at home for extended periods of time til it's safe to go outside. It definitely is our home base, our cave for now, if you must!

I remember that as the pandemic came, we were asked to stay at home, and some of us really had a hard time answering the question, "What do I do now?" In transition, people began to experiment in the kitchen, explore their creative sides by indulging in art (which is therapeutic, by the way), and just look at the recent Plantita craze wherein people have green thumbs now, beautifying their homes!

Home-- when I say that word, I close my eyes and inhale. Hmmm. What is it to me, and what do I want in a home? With the virus keeping people stressed, I want my home virus-free, and smelling really fresh. It is my haven. But of course, I don't have the luxury of washing fabrics every day, such as pillows, bedsheets, comforters, blankets, etc. After much usage, they kinda develop some smell (in which it can signal- time to clean!)  How do I keep them clean and fresh on a daily basis?

Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray is heaven-sent, and something that I have adapted this year. I would usually see something similar outside Korean BBQ restaurants wherein after being exposed to cooking and with the smell transferring to your shirt, you can spray it on yourself and your clothes will smell as fresh as new laundry. Now, it's not just that we're after. We're after the smell of freshness on our home base, as well as it being really clean.

Dubbed as Japan's #1 antibac fabric spray, Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray removes 99.9% of germs and odor-causing bacteria on hard-to-wash items. Its OdorClear Technology makes it possible to not only mask, but truly eliminate tough odors as it penetrates deep into the fabric for effective cleaning and to keep the fabrics smelling fresh all the time!

Odors are created from different factors such as sweating, cooking, fumes from garbage waste -- and these odor molecules spread through the air of our homes and eventually settle on different surfaces inside the house that can be quite difficult to clean and maintain on a regular basis. And because of this odor build-up, we get used to it and become noseblind!

Thankfully, with Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray's 4 Fabric Refreshers, it works to effectively and easily get rid of trapped germs and odor in just a few sprays so our home keeps smelling fresh and clean - as if we washed it!

Now, Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray offers three variants -- Anti Bacterial, Extra Strength, and Downy Scent.

The Anti Bacterial variant has a rather orange fresh scent that is light and freshens up the room in an instant.

The Extra Strength on the other hand has sort of a neutral scent. It has a faint fragrance that smells really clean and fresh.

While the Downy Scent is a bit floral and gives off a whiff of freshly washed sheets.

When you ask me about my favorite, it's definitely the Downy scent. I always love the smell of freshly washed sheets. I can sniff them all day long. Haha!

Aside from it being used with my fabrics, I am also leaning on placing one in my car when I'm out - when I am exposed to people when running errands. I would spray my clothes with it for that anti-bacterial effect, as well as spray the packages that I get from couriers. It makes me feel safe, as I bring stuff inside my home.

Check the photo below on where else you can use Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray!

So looks like I have a new ally, a new "need", and a new "friend" that makes me feel safe and just relaxed at home, making me feel that I have nothing to worry about, and I can go rest, smelling wonderfully just like they were newly washed, germ-free and bacteria-free.

Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray is such a treat to have at home or even in the office as it really helps to #SprayTheGermsAway. And it also comes at an affordable price of Php 249.00 for a 370ml bottle, or you can try it first for FREE at Sample Room!


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