Stay clean and protected with Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash!

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Washing of hands must be the #1 routine for all people this 2020, and beyond! With our current times right now, our #1 priority must be keeping ourselves clean and sanitized at all times, as we are fighting an invisible fight against the virus. We truly need to do our part in ensuring our health and safety. Thus, just injecting this into our daily routine is a must.

I believe that we do have good habits of washing our hands even before this 2020 - it's just that the frequency just increased! One might think that it's hard to do this as our hands might be drier because of this. That's where we truly discern which brand and products are good enough for frequent handwashing!

Lifebuoy, the World’s no. 1* selling antibacterial soap, is definitely a must-have this season. Their active ingredient, Activ Silver+, fights germs, that helps you breathe and be assured of being clean all the time! Aside from their bestselling soaps, they have also launched their new Antibacterial Handwash.

The handwash comes in a silky pink liquid that just smells fantastic! It lathers quite well and makes me feel clean every time I use it.

I love the soapy, clean scent of this hand soap, and I love lathering this and washing my hand with this. I also love that it's not drying on the skin too which just lets me love my routine of having clean hands all the time by using this!

So call it fun, call it a new routine or call it a more frequent thing I do, or call it a lifestyle -- I don't mind. In this new normal that we're adapting to, I hope that you all get to find some normalcy and some sense of safety, and I believe that keeping oneself clean is such a preventive routine against the pandemic. That helps me sleep well at night, knowing that I've been doing my best!

Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash is a good one to have on bathroom sinks or even toilets in the office as it really helps keep our hands clean. It also comes at an affordable price of Php 75.00 (200ml) and Php 149.00 (450ml), or you can try it for FREE here.

#DoTheLifebuoy and wash your hands frequently, roommates!


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