#FightWorldGermination with Hygienix!

Hygienix is the reliable but fun anti-bacterial brand offering a range of products that best fit your active & on-the-go lifestyle needs.

I’ll be honest with you, this year has got me…angry! Grrr!

So angry that I told myself, with what’s happening, the world needs superheroes! Right now, as the main concern of the people is truly being germ-free and virus-free, and I hear myself shouting out loud #FightWorldGermination!!

I’m just so happy that we have great brands today that truly help us address this issue and help us stay clean all the time! Hygienix, over the years, has grown to be a great brand that people just go for in the name of hygiene! I love their soaps and their alcohol sprays – with different sizes from handy to big enough for the supply of the household! This 2020, Hygienix flies to the rescue to give us even more products that will help us ensure that we are germ-free and safe from the virus!

This time, they're delivering us with 3 different products that all offer a 99.99% germ-kill, has a non-drying formula, a refreshing scent, and a price that fits the budget!

Here are their new products up for sampling at Sample Room!

Hygienix Germ-Kill Body Wash

Now, we are definitely washing more than just our hands, as we want an all-over cleaning by taking a bath and ensuring that our entire body is germ-free! Now, I will admit to you that I just adore taking baths/showers as it not only helps me be cleansed from all the dirt and oil accumulated within the day, it also helps me relax!

As Hygienix extends its #FightWorldGermination mission to the body, the brand has formulated amazing body washes to ensure that we’re cleansing and we’re 99.99% germ-free! It is free from 10 unwanted chemicals, making it super safe to use!

It comes in three variants that are all packed with natural ingredients for added skin benefits!

  • Citrus Blast - enriched with Natural Lemon Extract, giving your skin a powerful punch of Vitamin C, leaving it feeling radiant and refreshed.
  • Mega Menthol - packed with Menthol Crystals and Natural Peppermint Extracts, boosting the skin with a cooling sensation and leaving it feeling revitalized and invigorated.
  • Super Sakura - infused with Vitamin E and Sakura Extracts. This powerful combo works to give your skin an intense moisture feel, leaving it nourished and rejuvenated.

Now, what I love about the body wash is that aside from the wonderful variants, which all smell great, by the way – and I’m biased over the fresh, flower scent of the Super Sakura, it has a non-drying formula perfect for everyday use!

Now, in body wash choosing, it can be tough because you want it to be effective in killing germs, but sometimes you end up with a drying formula. But this is perfect – it is a germ-killer, and my skin is not stripped off its moisture with this. This is a comfortable body wash in terms of feel, and I really appreciate it. I have been reaching for this everyday, within my bath arsenal.

Hygienix Germ-Kill Hand Wash

Nowadays, it’s either we spray alcohol when we’re outdoors to sanitize ourselves, or we soap, soap, soap our hands to cleanliness! Hygienix fights germs with its Germ-Kill Hand Wash. This hand wash is quite special because as you use it, you’re using a quality product that is free from the 10 unwanted chemicals, the same with the body wash. So this is safe, and effective to kill 99.99% of germs! An added bonus is how the product is – it is great at lather, but it is not drying to the skin! Just imagine how much we wash our hands everyday that we need to pick our handsoaps wisely – and this definitely is a wise choice!

You can choose from the three variants with wonderful scents – all delightful in their own way, depending on your choice!

  • Lemongrass Wham - enriched with Lemongrass Extracts, which contain Vitamins A & C. These act as anti-oxidants to help keep your skin healthy with a smooth after-feel. Also enjoy its zesty citrus scent.
  • Apple Kapow - loaded with a nourishing formula that marvelously softens and smoothens your hands. Also enjoy its invigorating fruity scent.
  • Sea Salt Smash - jampacked with Bladderwrack Extracts that soothe and nourish skin. Also enjoy its calming ocean scent.

Hygienix Germ-Kill Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Hygienix also has their wipes, and having the same qualities of its other family members – 99.99% germ killing action, it also has a special ingredient that even helps it out, being anti-bacterial. Tea Tree Oil, one of our favorite anti-bacterial ingredients from nature, is introduced in this product! These wipes are special that they are alcohol and paraben-free, definitely non-drying, and these are perfect to bring with us wherever we go, to ensure that we’re safe and germ-free!

Overall, I love my new superheroes and I am grateful for being able to try them via Sample Room! In this time that we need to be protected from the virus, and always be clean, Hygienix definitely overdelivers in ensuring us that they’ve got us covered!

Let's #FightWorldGermination together by grabbing all these for FREE here! Stay safe always, roommates!

P.S. I'm not angry anymore, but just really grateful because of Hygienix. Hahaha!


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