#SkipTheMaskne, go for safety!

Wearing masks is the trend nowadays to keep safe in the new normal. Although I personally don't go out as much since the lockdown, there are instances when I need to do a grocery run or go to the office, and wearing a face mask and face shield is a must.

Unfortunately, whenever I wear a mask for too long, I usually feel an itch on my chin or my cheeks, or worse, my skin feels a stinging sensation especially when I'm sweating due to the heat the mask and face shield brings. And when I go home, I see rashes and bumps forming on my face. What a skin nightmare, right?!

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one going through these; cause Pond's has finally heard our skin woes! They've launched their all-new Anti-Bacterial Range, the best protection there is against "maskne"!

This time, they introduced 3 easy ways we can keep safe without compromising beauty! All are formulated with Advance Protect Technology, an anti-bacterial ingredient tested by dermatologists to fight 99% of maskne-causing bacteria.

First up is the Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Foam. It is equipped with beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and glycerin to help prevent acne while keeping skin refreshed.

I've tried using this before and after a long day of wearing a mask, and I can attest that it brightens my skin with every wash. It strips off the dirt and deeply cleanses my pores to get rid of any impurities.

It has a faint scent and a gentle lather that makes the experience of using it a pleasant one.

Next on the line is the Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist. Whenever we go outside there is always the fear of feeling unclean. And this mist has been my go-to! It is my added protection when I go outside or even just at home.

It is infused with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps exfoliate the skin, and with niacinamide and glycerin that all helps fight 99% of bacteria while keeping it refreshed and hydrated.

I personally like this very much as I easily feel hot when outdoors so just a spray of this mist instantly refreshes and cools my skin. Plus, there is no downtime as it is easily absorbed by the skin. Such a great find!!

Last but most certainly not least, is the Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Wipes. Unlike the other facial wipes that I've used before, it is the first time I've used one with glycerin and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

Similar to the mist, it also exfoliates skin cells and gets rid of maskne-causing bacteria to keep the face clean and protected.

I love that it comes in such a compact package so I can bring it with me wherever I go. I brought this when I went for a grocery run and I felt at ease knowing that I have this with me. I used it as soon as I got into the car to wipe off any impurities on my face and voila! I instantly felt clean and fresh. Such a great on-the-go product!

I love that Pond's has provided us with products that we need the most right now. For the entire week that I've used these, I noticed how my skin has less rashes and bumps. It also gave off a subtle glow as if all of my pores have been cleaned. Most importantly, I love how convenient these are as I can bring it anywhere and it can instantly refresh my skin even when I am outdoors.

I have been reaching out to these products ever since I first tried it. It puts me at ease knowing that as I try my best to stay safe from the pandemic, I don't have to worry about any skin breakouts too. And you shouldn't too!

Go for safety, wear your mask and #SkipTheMaskne by grabbing your FREE samples here!


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