Nature to Nurture Free & Clear Laundry Powder (Fragrance-Free)

Nature to Nurture Free & Clear Laundry Powder deeply cleans clothes and effectively lifts away dirt and grime. It neutralizes odors and breaks down stains with its plant-derived enzymes.

Formulated with Bentonite Clay, a powerful detoxifying and healing clay, it naturally absorbs grease and dirt from clothes making it perfect for presoaking.

Its fragrance-free formulation is ideal for sensitive skin. Naturally softens clothes and rinses clean.  Machine and hand wash safe.


  • Hand wash and top loader washing machines: For light loads (1-2kgs), add 1 scoop to water or to the machine's dispenser and set to desired cycle. Medium loads (3-5kgs): 1.5 scoops.  Heavy loads (6kgs up): 2 scoops.
  • Front loader/high efficiency washing machines: For light loads, add 0.5 scoop to the machine's dispenser and set to desired cycle. Medium loads: 1 scoop.  Heavy loads: 1.5 scoops
  • For stubborn stains, pour powder directly on the stain then soak overnight.

FULL SIZE: 6 sachets of 30g (180g) / 1kg

PRICE: Php 100.00 / Php 265.00


  • The Parenting Emporium
  • The Green Company
  • Landmark (Dept. Store – & Supermarket)
  • Rustan's (Dept. Store)
  • Unimart
  • Cash & Carry (Supermarket)
  • Fisher Mall (Supermarket)
  • Merkado (Supermarket)
  • Robinson's (Department Store)
  • Robinson's (Supermarket)
  • Baby Company
  • SM (Department Store_Metro Manila)
  • SM (Department Store_Province)
  • Baby Stork
  • Urban Mom
  • Storked
  • Fruits&Trees
  • The Nest: an attachment parenting hub
  • Urban Pantry
  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Urban Essentials
  • BeautyMNL


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