Achieve #GandangNaturallyFresh skin with Eskinol!

Eskinol has been a recognizable brand, for as long as I can remember. It has always been a favorite of many, being a no-nonsense astringent product that sweeps off the dirt from one’s skin and helps skin look clear and fresh all day!

This 2021, Eskinol has evolved into such a fitting new product line that is apt for everyone, especially those who are starting in their skincare! I would still remember that during high school, I would really try my best to research and buy skincare products that are efficient, and at the same time, that would fit my budget. I would also want these products to be gentle, and not harsh on my skin.

With all my glee and excitement, I am most excited to share with you the latest products of Eskinol – Eskinol Naturals All-in-One Micellar Water! Micellar water has all been the rage, being such a special water that also absorbs dirt. It has 0% alcohol, and filled with natural extracts. I am so happy that as this has been offered before in high-end categories, this can be available for all, given Eskinol’s really reasonable prices for it!

Fresh, beautiful skin is now available to us through Eskinol Naturals available in these three variants:

Eskinol Naturals All-in-One Glow Micellar Water

Oh, be prepared to smell the wonderful scent of rose in this formula! Made from freshly picked rose petals, this is a soothing formula that purifies and helps your dull skin get that beautiful natural glow!

Eskinol Naturals All-in-One Clear Micellar Water

Made for oily skin, it is extracted from freshly picked lemons that gently purifies the skin, removes excess oil with its mattifying formula, and still nourishes the skin. With its fresh lemon scent, it adds a zesty touch to your usual skincare routine.

Eskinol Naturals All-in-One Hydrate Micellar Water

Extracted from freshly picked aloe vera, this does not only purify your skin but also gives your skin that nourishing and hydrating goodness so it stays moisturized and supple. Perfect for those with dry skin!

Using them all three has been a wonderful experience – starting with the scent, it relaxes me already! The formula is gentle and does not sting the skin at all, and it can remove makeup, as well as remove excess dirt and oil after washing your face. You can also use this in exchange for toner if you’re looking for a more refreshing alternative! I, for one, witnessed its amazing cleansing properties as I incorporated this into my skincare. It made my skin feel lighter and appear brighter as it gently and effectively pull away dirt and oils. I am loving every bit of this Eskinol Naturals All-in-One Micellar Water!

Overall, I like this product range as it does not disappoint – from product to scent, to how it delivers and makes my skin feel, as well as the price range. For only Php 68.00 you can already get a 100ml bottle! This is nothing short of a winner! Hope you get to try them here for FREE at Sample Room PH and see what it means to achieve #GandangNaturallyFresh skin!


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