Achieve ang #GandangNaturallyFresh with Eskinol!

After gracing us with their Micellar Water, Eskinol is back again with their newest product in the market – the Eskinol Naturals Micellar Facial Wash.

Staying at home all day has made me especially keen in researching the products that I use. I only have three criteria’s that I consider when buying a skincare product – it should work well on my skin, made with gentle ingredients, and easy on the budget.

And guess what? Eskinol checks all the boxes!

Eskinol Naturals Micellar Facial Wash has 0% alcohol and is made with natural extracts from rose, aloe, and lemon that is not harsh on the skin so it gently lifts away excess oil, dirt, and makeup for a clean and fresh skin!

It is available in three variants targeted for different skin types:

Eskinol Naturals Glow Micellar Facial Wash

Bursting with an oh-so-amazing floral scent, its soothing formula is made from freshly picked rose petals that gently purifies and nourished to help get your dull skin that natural glow!

Eskinol Naturals Hydrate Micellar Facial Wash

Perfect for those with dry skin, it is extracted from freshly picked aloe vera that not does not only purify and nourish the skin buy also locks in moisture so skin stays moisturized and supple.

Eskinol Naturals Clear Micellar Facial Wash

Extracted from freshly picked lemons, this zesty skincare twist gently purifies and nourishes the skin while removing excess oil with its mattifying formula. An oily skinned gal's best friend!

Using all three variants has been a pleasant experience for my skin. Aside from their wonderful scents, it is formulated with gentle ingredients that does not sting the skin at all. It creates enough lather so only a small amount of the facial wash is enough to cleanse my face. Personally, my favorites are the Hydrate and Clear variants. I use Hydrate to cleanse in the morning to keep my skin supple throughout the day; then at night, I wash with Clear to get rid of the dirt and oil my face accumulated during the day.

Eskinol Naturals Micellar Facial Wash has made my skin appear especially bright and fresh. For its effects, you wouldn’t believe that it comes in such an affordable price range. For only Php 125.00 you can already get a 100g tube!

Grab them all here for FREE and I hope 1 you can try them too and experience #GandangNaturallyFresh just as I did!


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