#GoExtra with Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap!

It's been a year since the world has halted because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Ever since then, humanity has been trying its best to adapt to the new normal. What is the new normal like?

Well, for most of us, the new normal has introduced to us the keywords, “lockdown,” “quarantine,” “social distancing,” with new practices such as wearing face mask and face shield for protection, and definitely the most important of all, keeping clean and bacteria/virus-free by disinfecting.

We have definitely shifted to our needs and have become discriminating about our cleansing products. After all, with the intention of protecting ourselves and our family’s health, we are to take it seriously. But then, apart from looking for really great products that effectively clean the skin, I bring in two new things to consider - first, will it dry out my skin? This is not merely for an aesthetic issue, but having dry skin causes itchiness, as well as it becomes prone to infections! It’s really not good for the skin to be dried out for the sake of disinfecting. Secondly – are the ingredients of the cleanser that I am using safe? Am I compromising so much for the sake of cleansing?

I’m so glad that we live in this day and age that there are great choices in the market. So today, I share with you one great handwash that I have tried recently, that I really love.

Say hello to Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap!

Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap is a 100% locally-made product coming from our own Philippine coconuts. It is made with its star ingredient CocoMCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), that is clinically proven to have natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. To get into that, this ingredient is the most essential component of coconut oil that serves as a natural moisturizer so it doesn't dry out the skin. It is also formulated with 100% nature-derived ingredients that would pass a discerning mom’s eyes!

I love the ingredient that it is both natural and effective. As a result, Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap delivers EXTRA benefits than most hand soaps to keep the family clean and protected:

  • EXTRA CLEANSING: Clinically-proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: Leaves a protective film on the hands to actively kill 99% of bacteria for up to 4 hours after wash.
  • EXTRA CARE: Nourishes the skin even with repeated use.
  • EXTRA NATURAL: Uses only natural ingredients coming from coconuts sourced locally

Woah, this is more than I was expecting this product to be!

It has two variants, namely Green Tea and Natural Lavender. I love both scents as they are soothing and not intrusive to the nose, and upon washing my hands thoroughly, this was quite different from most handwash products I’ve tried as they would leave my skin squeaky clean, but dry. I definitely felt that my skin was not stripped off of its natural moisture – my skin felt silky and soft right after washing. Yes, this does not dry up the skin, as CocoMCT is a natural moisturizer made from lipids naturally occurring in our bodies!

I give Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap a huge thumbs up and I am glad that as we are treading in the new normal, we don’t have to compromise for the sake of being safe, but also get to have products in the market that would also take care not only of our health (through cleanliness) but also our skin condition. I’m grateful for this product, and I would definitely share this with my family!

And I hope that you can share the same amazing experience with your family as well by trying it here for FREE! Let's all stay safe and practice proper handwashing, roommates!


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