Live Life to the Fullest with Gumtect!

In the situation we’re in right now, taking care of our health is a top priority. We try our best to commit to a healthy lifestyle – not just on the physical aspect, but on the mental and emotional as well. By doing so, we allow ourselves to love and appreciate every bit of our being so we can freely live our life to the fullest.

But there’s one thing that’s not often discussed when it comes to our health - oral health. When it comes to oral health, most of us are focused on just having whiter teeth that we take for granted the health of our gums and our teeth. The gums act like a protective layer against disease-causing bacteria and it is the supportive structure that keeps the teeth in place. So when the gums deteriorate, our oral health suffers preventing us from enjoying life’s greatest pleasure like eating. Which is why it is important to use a toothpaste that is specially formulated for the protection of our gum health.

Gladly, I discovered Gumtect Toothpaste! It is the first Filipino gum formula toothpaste professionally accepted by the Philippine Dental Association.

They offer two varieties formulated for specific needs:

Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste

The Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste promotes healthier teeth and gums with its Gumshield+ Technology that moisturizes and cares for the gums, reduces formation of plaque and shields against harmful mouth bacteria. It also has an active Anti-Cavity protection that ensures fresh breath and strong teeth.

It has a slightly fluid consistency that makes brushing easier. It foams well and has a minty taste to it which gives a fresh and cool feeling in the mouth

Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste

The Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste is equipped with a unique Dynamic Desensitizing System (DDS) that helps prevent tooth sensitivity. And like the other variant, it also has Gumshield+ and an Anti-Cavity protection that ensures fresh breath and strong teeth enamel that is protected from cavities.

Compared to the Gum Care variant, this has a firmer consistency to it but foams and cleans just as well. It also has minty taste which I absolutely love.

I’ve been experiencing pangingilo every now and then which hinders me from eating certain food like ice cream or cold drinks. But thankfully, after I’ve tried out these Gumtect toothpastes, I don’t experience pain in my gums anymore and my mouth is as clean and fresh as ever!

Now, I can enjoy living life to the fullest knowing that I can rely on Gumtect to keep my oral health in check!

You too can live life to the fullest when you #ProtectWithGumtect. The Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste retails at Php 105.00 (100ml), while the Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste at Php 109.00 (100ml). Or you can try these first for FREE at Sample Room!

Start brushing with Gumtect Toothpaste and live life to the fullest with healthy smiles!


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