Where To Donate Your Online Shopping Bags

We totally get it, we're part of the avid online shopping club! Aside from shopping, we also love to keep and collect those shopping bags we get from the stores. But did you know that there are better places to put all your clean shopping bags than your cabinets and landfills?

With the spread of environmental awareness, more and more organizations are creating initiatives to save our planet. Single-use plastics are now being used to turn into furniture, bags, and even houses!

Keep reading to find out where you can donate your clean, single use online shopping bags to make Mother Earth proud!

1. The Plastic Flamingo

2. Green Antz Builders

3. Winder Recycling Company

4. Pandacan Ecology Ministry

5. Silent Beads

6. Papemelroti

7. JuanBag

8. Places you can bring your clean and dry plastics every Saturday

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