Editor’s Review: Dr Wong’s Lightening Soap

When the subject of lightening comes up, consider me a fan. No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t really desire to have my skin tone changed at all, but when the subject of skin lightening comes up, I usually get so excited with the idea of radiant, even skin tone. I have discolorations from backne, and some skintone unevenness that I’d like to address, and I’m glad that there are quality products in the market, such as Dr. Wong’s Lightening Soap!

As Dr. Wong’s is famous for their acne-busting Sulfur Soap and Bioderm Ointment, I am quite have high hopes for this! Dr. Wong’s Lightening Soap has a Multifunctional Whitening Complex that lightens the skin, fades dark spots, balances the skintone, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with antibacterial agents to keep you protected from germs. Just by reading the soap’s benefits, it looks like a well-rounded soap that can address skintone issues, have some anti-aging effects, as well as keep our skin germ-free! It is loaded with benefits, that I got quite excited of the special ingredients behind this promising product.

Checking out the powerhouse ingredients behind this soap, are the Multifunctional Whitening Complex and natural key ingredients that include :

Baikal Skullcap root extract – this helps prevent skin damage caused by environmental pollution preventing aging and other skin damages under the sun.

Strawberry Geranium Extract – this helps lighten dark spots and brings out a natural and even skin tone

Arbutin + Acetyl Tyrosine + Vit C + Glutathione – this trio helps lighten the skin and minimize pigmentation

Salicylic Acid – this exfoliates and renews the skin

This ingredient blend has gotten me stoked. The soap promises to lighten, and even out your skintone, exfoliate it, as well as protect the skin from being damaged from the sun. I’m sold. But with regular lightening and exfoliating products, they usually sting! How about this? Let’s take this to the test!

As I used this during bath time, I loved the clean, unisex scent that it gave as this gave out a nice lather to my skin. I let the lather stay on for around 2 minutes before I washed it off. With my dry skin, I am happy to say that it did not further dry my skin up – my skin felt comfortable post-bath. It didn’t sting as well, too! Oh wow, I love this! I know with continued use, that I will be able to see my skin evening out gradually – lightening products really require patience! Good thing that the price point of this is very affordable that can make me continue using this to be on the lookout for results. For now, I am happy to be using it as is!

I hope that you get to try this for FREE at Sample Room today!

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