Take-Out Ramen Kits Around the Metro

The scorching hot hot summer has finally passed and the colder rainy season has taken over the Metro. We usually have our own comfort food that we crave through each season, but we can’t deny that ramen is one of the top dishes during this damp weather that warms the heart and the soul.

Don’t worry, DIY ramen kits are now available from our favourite ramen shops to let us enjoy the same heavenly dish in the comforts of our homes!

Are you craving for a flavorful and hot bowl of ramen lately? Here are some awesome places in Metro Manila where you can have your ramen kits delivered.

1. Ramen Santouka

2. Mitsuyado

3. Ramen Nagi

4. Ramen Ron

5. Ramen Kuroda

6. Oyasumi

7. Mendokoro Ramen and Ramen Yushoken

8. Hanamaruken Ramen

9. Ippudo

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