Where To Take Online And Live Pottery Classes In And Around The Metro

Most people associate pottery making from the iconic scene of the movie, Ghost (1990) with the song Unchained Melody playing in the background. But pottery making has slowly progressed in the Philippines as there are more and more people showing interest in ceramics especially with the rise of plantitos and plantitas. We’re not gonna lie, we’re part of them!

To cope with our recent situation, it is best to learn a skill, take a hobby and do something therapeutic and relaxing. So here’s a list of pottery making studios you can try your hands on that has online and live classes!

Which pottery classes have you tried?

1. Tahanan Pottery Shop

2. Hey Kessy

3. Pottery Sessions

4.  Wabi-Sabi PH

5. Kibō Studio

6. Crescent Moon Cafe And Studio Pottery

7. Ugu Bigyan's Potter Garden

8. Clay Ave Pottery Studio

9. Cornerstone Pottery Farm

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