Female-Lead Filipino Podcasts to Listen To

For a lot of people, podcasts have become a constant companion during the work-from-home experience.

Spanning from a wide-range of topics, podcasts have been dominated by so many inspiring women! And being a woman in the Philippines nowadays can both be a wonderful yet overwhelming experience; Yet, reassuring to know that we’re not alone in this journey!

Join us in an empowering (and highly entertaining) binge-listening experience with some of the best local female-lead podcasts!

1. Between Us Queens

2. Paano Ba 'To: The Podcast

3. Life in Progress

4. Sleeping Pill With Inka

5. Wag Kang Lilingon

6. Adulting With Joyce Pring

7. Go Hard Girls

8. Ask Say: The Podcast

9. The Eve's Drop

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