How to Be a [More] Responsible Social Media User

The Internet has undoubtedly (and dramatically) changed since the rise of social media sites. In such a time when people are divided by their beliefs and perspectives, it becomes more important than ever to educate oneself about social media etiquette and responsibility.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d learn from each other instead of turn against each other? Perhaps it’s about time we become mindful social media users for a safer online community for everyone.

After all, a screen should never be a barrier for empathy!

1. Fact-check before you share

2. Always think before you post

3. Avoid posting about yours or others' personal information

4. Communicate Positively

5. Choose Quality over Quantity

6. Don't participate in cyberbullying

7. Report suspicious or offensive content

8. Comment and post with kindness

9. Set limits and take breaks

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