Editor’s Review: NIVEA Acne Clear

With so many popular skincare brands coming out with products that are specially made to clear skin from acne and blemishes, it’s hard to find the right brand and skincare routine that suits you. It’s one of the reasons why I had taken a hiatus from the strong facial soaps and alcohol-based cleansers that I used to experiment with. But lately, maskne has been something that I’ve been constantly struggling with and I was desperate for a gentle skincare routine that won’t sting my face or make my acne worse. So imagine how excited I was to try the NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR and Whip Foam

This caring skincare duo is made with 0% alcohol and is made to combat the signs of skin stress and stop acne from forming. I was really pleased to know that these products were made with gentle ingredients to help my skin recover from stress and maskne.

The NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR is a caring cleanser made from 0% alcohol and Magnolia Bark extracts that help prevent acne. It not only keeps my skin refreshed and acne-free, but it also repairs my skin from stress with its 10x oxygen boost that helps my skin breathe! On the other hand, the NIVEA Acne Clear Whip Foam is a caring facial wash made with Carnitine, which regulates oil production and deeply cleanses pores for acne-free skin. It also has 3x richer moisturizers that make my skin feel extra soft and smooth!

I use the NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR and Whip Foam twice a day, in the morning and at night. In the morning, I wash my face with the NIVEA Acne Clear Whip Foam to cleanse it from oil and dirt (and to wake me up), and then I follow it up with some MicellAIR to help my skin breathe and feel even more refreshed. Throughout the day, it’s inevitable that oil and other impurities will build up on my pores while doing household chores and while wearing masks when I go out. Wearing makeup is also something important when working from home and attending meetings but it can sometimes cause more acne and blemishes. So at night after a busy day, I gently take my makeup off with NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR and wash my face with Whip Foam before going to bed. It definitely makes a difference for me as I always feel fresh and clean; and I want to avoid acne breakouts and looking tired!

I highly recommend this amazing anti-acne duo to anyone looking for a simple yet effective skincare routine. Not only are these products gentle on the skin, but they also truly are effective in combating acne and skin stress! What’s more, they smell super clean and mild too! It’s an affordable skincare set that I feel a lot of people will be hiyang to. Even after the first wash, I could already feel a difference because the NIVEA Acne Clear Whip Foam really does deeply cleanse and brighten the skin without drying! It feels even more refreshing when I follow it up with NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR, which makes my face feel even “more clean” without stinging! After just a week of using this caring duo, I really saw a difference and noticed that I don’t breakout as easily as before and that most of my maskne had really gone away! 

The NIVEA Acne Clear duo is a real-game changer when it comes to combatting acne and other signs of skin stress. I no longer feel like I look “haggard” or “oily” since I started using the MicellAIR and Whip Foam. In such a short amount of time, my acne breakouts had stopped and my skin feels baby-soft and smooth all the time!

The great news is that the NIVEA Acne Clear MicellAIR and Whip Foam are finally available for FREE at Sample Room! I hope that everyone will try this caring duo and feel great like me!

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