NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk

NIVEA steps up to provide women the body care upgrade they have long been searching for. The NIVEA Intensive Moisture Milk levels up our lotion routine by helping us achieve intensely soft and smooth skin through a range of vitamins, nutrients and essences that deeply moisturizes and repairs.

Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk gives intensely soft and smooth skin from Vitamin E and Avocado Skin Nutrients, providing 48-hour moisture from a single application. Vitamin E is a prized skincare ingredient known to be a moisture booster, often recommended for dry and patchy skin. Meanwhile, Avocado Skin Nutrients give 10 benefits to increasing the quality and health of your skin:

1. It moisturizes the skin, relieving it of dryness;

2. It hydrates the skin, making it healthy-looking;

3. It nourishes the skin, making it glow from within;

4. It softens the skin, making it soft to touch;

5. Its anti-oxidant properties repair skin;

6. It makes skin supple, increasing its elasticity;

7. It plumps up the skin, making it look less wrinkly and more filled-in;

8. It rejuvenates the quality of the skin;

9. It revitalizes tired, old-looking skin;

10. It smoothens the skin, making it even and clean-looking.

The Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk also contains Deep Moisture Essence, combining HydraIQ and Glycerin to nourish and intensively reduce the roughness of dry skin, allowing women to provide extra love for their skin and give their bodycare routine the attention it deserves.

FULL SIZE: 75mL/125mL/250mL

PRICE: PHP 89/ 119/ 209


AVAILABLE AT: All leading Supermarkets and Drugstores nationwide, Lazada and Shopee







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