Safety Tips for your New Year Gathering

Ah, New Year’s Eve. It’s one of the most festive and colorful days of the year as everyone excitedly awaits a fresh chapter!

Safety, however, must never be forgotten in any holiday celebration! The best way to spend Media Noche is to practice physical safety and COVID-19 health protocols! 

Check out these practical New Year safety tips to keep in mind before heading out to the party! 

1. Avoid Lighting Fireworks

2. Get Tested For COVID-19 Before Attending Gatherings

3. Wear Your Mask Properly

4. Make Sure To Have Disinfection Stations

5. Don't Drink And Drive

6. Watch What You Eat

7. Watch Over Kids Carefully

8. Handle Food Safely

9. Set Up Tables Or Eating Areas That Are Appropriate For Physical Distancing

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