All Set and Focused! (How to be most productive in a WFH setup)

With the work from home (WFH) setup being extended this year, it pays to update your habits and routines at home to be more productive! ‍

Boosting your productivity while maintaining a great disposition is possible through mindful planning! We’re here to share some of our favorite strategies when working from home!

1. Have a Dedicated Workspace

Be in a well lit place and invest in a good table and a comfortable chair to make hours of work feel like a piece of cake!

2. Plan Out Your Day

Planning ahead gives direction to your day and clears your head of unnecessary agendas. The key is to take things one day at a time!

3. Have Snacks and Water Nearby

Whenever you need a short "brain break", it pays to keep mess-free and healthy snacks nearby along with some water to stay hydrated!

4. Stick to a Specific Sleeping Schedule

If you need to get up early for work, the best thing to do is to train your body to sleep earlier to get enough energy to work through the day!

5. Make a To-Do List Everyday

Apart from being more organized, nothing else feels quite as satisfying as ticking off your to-do list as the day progresses!

6. Limit Digital Distractions

Do you feel easily tempted by Netflix and texting your friends excessively? Try limiting your digital distractors by putting away your extra gadgets or sticking to work-related websites.

7. Customize Your Environment

In case you needed the extra peace of mind in your designated workspace, you can opt to customize your work environment to be as quiet or as neat as you want!

8. Don't Stop Socializing

Whether it's with your favorite co-workers or your family, it is best to not isolate yourself too much during your work hours and stay connected with others!

9. Separate Your Work Hours From Your Off-time

The WFH setup can make it difficult to draw a line between work and your personal life. Always set clear boundaries with your work schedule so you can enjoy your off-time!

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