How to not be the “Marites” of your group

Ever heard of a ‘Marites’ before? This famous nickname became popular on social media as a person who can’t get enough of hot issues. It’s a moniker for “Mare, ito ang latest?”

In reality however, spilling the “tea” on other people can often leave a permanent stain. If you are a self-proclaimed Marites, this might be your sign to reevaluate your choices and work towards self-improvement!

Here are some of our best tips on how to lose this gossipy title for good!

1. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

2. Remember the golden rule.

3. Focus on self-improvement.

4. Choose your circle wisely.

5. Have a regular social media detox.

6. Stop yourself from going on full-detective mode.

7. Understand that other people have feelings too.

8. Enrich your personal life instead.

9. Politely call out people with Marites behaviors.

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