Editor’s Pick: Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie

Time has clearly made its mark on me holistically. I’ve matured emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically. While I am thankful for maturing in these aspects, I couldn’t help but notice how my metabolism has also slowed down & how maturity clearly started to show on my skin. Over time, I noticed an increase in hair-fall, the appearance of smile lines around my eyes, pigments because of sun exposure and how brittle my nails would get no matter what nail care product I tried. In my late 20s, I also started to realize I was losing my youthful glow. No amount of makeup could seem to compare it to the youthful glow I once had.

Last month, I was introduced to collagen when I found out Belo Collagen was launching its new flavor with Sample Room. When I got the chance to read up on it, I saw that it could actually improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles and make my skin supple. And then last week, as the collagen angels answered my prayer, I got my hands on the newest released flavor of Belo Collagen Powdered Smoothie – Vanilla! 

The Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie doesn’t just give us a new yummy power drink, it also helps improve our overall beauty and health by giving us back what time has inevitably taken - our youthful glow! Each 5000mg sachet is packed with premium high-absorption collagen from Japan; it is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and an advanced anti-aging formula that helps decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity & suppleness. It’s not only good for giving you plumper & younger-looking skin, it also gives you thicker hair & stronger nails!

That was enough to get me hooked on this product! It’s an instant collagen refill that lets your body & health travel back through time to give you back your timeless glow. Talk about a different kind of time machine!

Take note: I am a very low maintenance, on-the-go type of girl. Everything needs to be accessible in an instant and that’s exactly what I first loved about this product - it’s so convenient to bring around! With its easy-to-carry sachet, it’s definitely something that I can toss in my bag and take with me whenever & wherever. During the days I have at work, it serves as the yummy drink boost I need in the morning- both refreshing to my taste buds and to my skin! But that’s not the only convenient thing about it! Preparing & taking a yummy power drink has never been quicker & easier for me!

I can just take one sachet a day, with or without meals and mix it in cold water! Just like that, I get my delicious instant collagen refill in just one sachet! Something you can definitely enjoy anytime, anywhere! I personally love sharing these types of things with my colleague and work bff, Nicole (even though she’s just in her early 20s) as this is a toast together to slow down signs of aging!

After trying the product for 5 days, I’m glad to say I’ve noticed a decrease in my hair-fall, my nails look healthier and there’s a starting glow to my skin! I will definitely continue drinking this to see its maximum effect.

At home, I’ve also tried mixing the Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie with my favorite frozen fruit and boy, it really does taste like a smoothie you order from restaurants. Not only do I have a very refreshing drink in these hot summer days, but a healthy one as well! You can definitely mix and match the Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie with any fruit to your liking as the Vanilla flavor compliments it. 

With my busy work schedule and the inevitable effects of skin-aging, I’m glad to say I’ve found the perfect compromise where I can take care of my skin, have a delicious drink in a day and at the same time, still continue with my daily activities! I’m so glad that this product has got me feeling young & looking young!

Get your instant collagen refill now with Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie - available for FREE at Sample Room!

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