Editor’s Pick II for March: Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap

After experiencing (and is still present up to this day) a virus-contaminated environment for the past two years, handwashing and constant sanitizing has definitely become a habit for me. But with constant exposure to water, chemicals found in soap and sanitizing agents, my hands are prone to feeling and getting dry! With unease, I tried out several options until finally realizing that I still need to constantly use hand cream to keep my skin from feeling stiff and dried out. *sigh*

I’m sure all of us want that smooth and hydrated texture to our skin, even on our hands. We know that products with really strong scents tend to affect our skin. Whether it’s dried out skin or rashes, it’s hard to risk trying out really delicious scents that don’t agree with our skin. That added up to my frustrations as I love experimenting with different hand washes and sanitizers based on their scents. But as a person with dry skin as it is, using fragrant products on my hands really dried out my skin even more.

Then one day, Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap was delivered to our Sample Room doorstep. I’m really excited as based on my research, their products are really gentle being made with 100% nature-derived ingredients!

I love all 4 scents- Green Tea, Lavender, and the two newly released limited edition scents, Forever Spring and Endless Summer.

These two scents are very true to their names. Getting a faint whiff from the bottles, without having to open them yet, Endless Summer gave me an unwinding countryside, on the beach, kind of comfort. While Forever Spring gave off a very kickstart, restart to your day kind of energy.

The best thing about their formula is that it’s made from 100% nature-derived ingredients, including CocoMCT. CocoMCT is the most essential component of coconut oil and has been clinically proven to have natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. So you don’t just experience basic clean, you go beyond clean with Dr. Coco CLEAN!

  • Eliminates 99.99% of germs
  • Provides up to 4 hours of extra protection from 99% of bacteria
  • Instantly replenishes your skin’s natural lipids for moisturized hands

After using Dr. Coco thoroughly for the past how many days, I can definitely say Dr. Coco has provided us with the ultimate handwash that everyone needs- going beyond clean and having that soft and protected hands feeling! My hands didn’t look and feel dry at all even with frequent handwashing. It feels soft and supple, smells good, and the best thing is, it’s clean and protected! I definitely felt the Dr. Coco difference!

I can say that every experience we hold has the ability to turn into a meaningful one when we place the right amount of effort and thought into it. With Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap, every home and office day gets a refreshing start whenever I need it. Aside from keeping me and my loved ones at home or in the office safe from 99.99% of germs, it also gives me that satisfyingly moisturized feeling to my hands after. It’s a practical and efficient way to practice skincare and cleanliness at the same time!

You can definitely do away with the basic experience of handwash by going beyond clean and getting that soft and protected hands feeling with Dr. Coco! The best news is, you can try out this product for FREE and FREE shipping from March 29-April 10, 2022 (limited quantity only) for you to experience going beyond clean with Dr. Coco!

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