An online personal diary – that’s how internet-savvy people, nowadays, describe the concept of a blog. It somehow serves as an ‘open book’ to a person’s life as interests, life rants, memories, and experiences such as daily routine are being written and shared publicly in a platform where people in today’s generation are most active at. With these topics at hand, online amateur writers have this unique goal in mind – to encourage and inspire people through their blogs.

But as technology changes and people are becoming more ‘visual maniacs’, they are most likely to search for a content that is both engaging and visually appealing. Hence, this gave birth to the 20th century interactive trend on Internet which is video blogging or simply known as ‘vlogging’.

(Photo grabbed from Google)

Vlogs have the same goal as blogs but this time, they sprinkled it with some creative twist – to visually entertain people. But for people who are new to this kind of Internet craze, the question is: how to confidently produce one?

With a goal in mind to empower women in creating valuable content online, we, Sample Room, held our first ever Beauty Vlogging Workshop last September 16 at the Green Sun Hotel, Makati City.

But to add a hint of chic and classy atmosphere, we turned our ‘vlogging classroom’ into cute streets of Paris!

                                (Sample Room’s standard beauty loot bags)

And to highlight our special milestone, we have invited some of the country’s lovely vlogging pro’s to have a #Vlogging101 session with our budding vloggers, bloggers, influencers, and Sample Room members who would want to pursue and excel in their beauty vlogging journey!

First on the list is beauty blogger, makeup guru, YouTuber, and fellow roommate Gen-zel Habab! From humble beginnings to earning the spotlight, Gen-zel never knew that she would become one of the most influential beauty b/vloggers in the country. Started as a Sample Room member, she then was inspired to come up with her own beauty blog and share her reviews about a certain item that she got from Sample Room.

(Gen-zel sharing her experiences on how she began her b/vlogging journey from scratch)

“As a b/vlogger, you have to maximize whatever you have like budget. Every centavo counts.” Gen-zel’s take on the concept of budget as part of her blogging routine. She also added that with Sample Room’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ thrust, she was able to grow her beauty blog.  “That’s why I’m thankful to my Sample Room family. Sobrang laki ng part nila sa journey ko..”.

(Photo grabbed from one of Gen-zel’s makeup swatch videos on YouTube)

For her, dabbling into digital is not just a piece of cake; it takes extra effort and patience. But with the help of her friends, she was able to gradually start her beauty vlogging journey by helping her buy a brand new camera and converting her room into a mini studio.

When asked about some tips that she can share to aspiring vloggers or blogger-turned-vloggers, Gen-zel says, “Vlog doesn’t need to be expensive. If you want to do something, makakakita ka ng paraan para gawin siya. You just have to maximize what you have.”

Agreeing on Gen-zel’s words of wisdom is the ever-bubbly YouTube makeup guru who, on her part, also maximizes the beauty products that she has to create a perfect and smooth-sailing makeup tutorial. Want to share your daily beauty routine or ‘look-of-the-day’ on your vlog? Get some helpful makeup hacks from the country’s “Michelle Phan”, Say Tioco, as she uses her fave beauty products from Happy Skin and essential video equipment.

(Say doing a live makeup demo in front of the audience)

For lighting, Say used the Enovation 18” Ring Light with Clip, Stand & Filter Set from Henry’s Camera. She also suggested using a combination of yellow and white color to the face to make it more natural and realistic. “Pero kung wala kayong ganito, okay lang. Tumapat kayo sa bintana. Much better kung maaga ka gigising kasi ‘pag tanghali na, harsh na yung lighting sa labas.” she added.

For the makeup application, Say used Happy Skin’s Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation as her base, Air Touch Sponge Three-Way Blending Tool as her applicator, Tale As Old As Time Brightening Powder to set her look, Jig Mayuga’s GlamSquad Collection contour and blush-on, and The Big Day of Bridal Collection and Fierce Kiss matte lippies to pull off her overall look.

(While applying cosmetics from Happy Skin, Say shares a quick trivia about her most favorite beauty product from the said brand — the all-in-one contour and blush set from Jig Mayuga’s GlamSquad Collection)

While doing her masterpiece, she reminded everyone to ensure that the product and its packaging are focused when showed on the camera. Swatches of any wax or liquid cosmetics should be placed at the back of the hands so that the viewers will see the actual consistency or the colour of the makeup that you’re applying. And the most important of all, as per Say, “Zoom in the camera para makita ng tao ‘yung application, and talk about the finish of it.”

On the other hand, for someone who’s adventurous and loves to excel in creating good quality travel and lifestyle vlogs, you can grab some inspiration from this free-spirited, blogger chic’s tips and tricks in producing double tap worthy-like vlogs.

New to the world of vlogging, travel and lifestyle b/vlogger, Rhea Bue imparted some of her learnings and experiences that she encountered about moving from one platform to another one. “When you’re doing vlogs and traveling at the same time, you’ll need extra baggage to pack like gadgets and laptop. And also, confidence is the key. You need to build up your confidence. Practice in front of the camera, then eventually, learn to step out and try outdoor vlogging.”

Since a lot of aspiring travel and lifestyle b/vloggers were asking about what’s the perfect camera to create mind-blowing vlogs, Rhea shared her main secret as well as her all-time favorite camera, the Fujifilm X-A3.

(Rhea sharing her all-time favorite ‘vlogging’ tool to the audience
and describing how it helped 
 her to produce good travel and lifestyle vlogs)

She added that it is a must to choose a stabilizer according to the weight of the camera to avoid shaky videos. But other than her lovely camera, she always makes sure that she brings these three powerful tools whenever she vlogs: flippable gorilla pod, a kick-ass editing software, and the vital ones – time and patience – as vlogging takes a lot of time, work, and effort.

And to give our audience that #Vlogging101 vibe, Rhea gave some quick tip and tricks on how to further improve your vlogging journey — getting inspiration from other people’s vlogs (especially when you have writer’s/artist’s block!), listening to your audience, keeping your videos short and simple, choosing good shots and music, and promoting your vlogs by doing teasers or using ‘call-to-action’ words, IG stories, and the ‘link in bio’ on Instagram.

(The Beauty Trio — Rhea, Gen-zel, and Say — went on a panel question-and-answer portion with the audience)

Before they bid their goodbyes, the ‘Beauty Trio’ had a Q&A session with the host, Ingrid Nieto, and answered some of our dear roomies’ questions. Conclusively, all of them gave a similar but the most important piece of advice: Stay connected with your followers and just be yourself! Indeed, haters are everywhere, but always remember to be proud of yourself. Never let anyone dull your sparkle! Take note of that, dear roomies!

(Sample Room founders — Diana Ong, Nathalie Toh, Sophie Uy, and Katherine Sy — with the Beauty Vlogging Trio and host, Ingrid Nieto)

And oh, by the way, since we’re turning 5 years old later this year, we’ve got some surprises for our roommates like you who trusted and supported us since day 1!

Before the workshop ended, Sample Room co-founder, Sophie Uy made a big announcement on what Sample Room has in store for its members by introducing Sample Room’s upcoming e-commerce website and newly-improved website version 3.0 that will be both launched by the end of this year. So stay tuned! 😉

Of course, this wonderful event would not be possible without the support of our brand partners who gave their time, effort, and trust to make this event a successful one!

(Henry’s Cameras video equipment and Fujifilm’s French vintage chic-booth)

(Travel and lifestyle b/vlogger Rhea Bue’s baby, the Fujifilm X-A3 Camera)

(Pond’s facial booth with their skin analyzer and facial creams)

(Happy Skin cosmetics used by Say Tioco on her live makeup demo)

(Belo Essentials skin must-haves at the flat lay photo booth)

(Beauty loot bags given to attendees with products from Belo Essentials, Happy Skin, Dentiste, Pond’s, and gorilla pod from Henry’s Cameras)

We do hope that you had a fun learning experience with us, roommates! Our goal is to empower women through inspiring creatively and passionately in the digital world; hopefully, we were able to do just that! <3



The Sample Room Experience
Thursday, 9 June 2016

Changing the landscape of the Philippines’ beauty sampling service since 2012, Sample Room is committed in empowering consumers through an interactive online community with the power to try and the power of knowledge. It is committed in helping you find your perfect match when it comes to skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty and wellness domains by trying the product before buying it by providing real and honest details about the product and customer reviews.


To celebrate our three year mark, we have invited members of the media and partner bloggers to a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Guests were treated to a boho-chic themed, relaxing and fun getaway filled with fun activities and de-stressing, and of course, sampling of new and all time fave beauty products from a beauty addict’s favorite brands.

The event brought to life what the website has to offer. We are extremely grateful to our brand partners for the event : Beauty & Butter, Belo Nutraceuticals, C-Lium, Cure, Laneige, Lux, Pantene, Shiseido, Soffia Brushes, Vaseline, and Zenutrients all have prepared different activities so that the guests can try their new offerings, and encouraged everyone to write their reviews on their review board.


Our media partners that day had fun roaming around, trying out the Sample Room experience by sampling on the spot and leaving reviews at the respective booths of our brand partners!

It was quite a fun-filled day, full of great food, great company, and great brands that showcased their products for everyone to try, and make a review of! Everyone just got excited to try them all!



There is no doubt every woman has had buyer’s remorse over a beauty product—because it’s not for her skin type or because it was a shade too light… or just because. Imagine a beauty market where every woman is given the power to make informed purchasing decisions and the power to try a beauty breakthrough or an established classic, a drugstore pick or an ultimate splurge before actually buying it. What sounds like every woman’s dream is now a reality with Sample Room. With its huge online community of beauty experts, beauty junkies, and fellow consumers, Sample Room doesn’t only let you choose which free products to try, it also provides real and honest details about the product and customer reviews—more than enough information to help you make an informed decision before you buy.



Don’t just get into shopping—go Tryvertising. Read real reviews by ladies who have tried a product and assess if it could be right for you before you make the purchase. Only Sample Room lets you “tryverse” easily, without regrets, and anchoring on the Zero Moment Of Truth, where every woman gets everything she needs to learn about a beauty product before making the purchase decision. The premise of Sample Room is simple: It allows you to acquire beauty and lifestyle products in deluxe-size samples, and sometimes in full-size for free with the goal of educating you about your choice products first before you decide to purchase in-store—saving you the hassle of and the time and money from getting huge beauty-ballistic-bottles that apparently don’t work for you. Sample Room is the Philippines’ first and only beauty and lifestyle sampling and review website, which now has over 46,000+ members, 400 featured products, and over 115 partner brands.

Sample Room allows you to specifically choose what you want to try from its well-curated mix of beauty brands and products. All you have to pay for is a minimal amount for shipping & handling fee, and you’ll get the comfort of having your beauty loot delivered at your doorstep.



It works by using earned points as its currency. As a new member, you instantly get 100 points upon registration, which allows you to get as much as 3 sample products in your shopping cart. Points required for acquiring items range from 15 points to 1,000 points, depending on the brand and the item itself. Bar soaps could be for 15 points, a sample size moisturizer could go for 50 points, a good-for-a-week sample of a luxury perfume requires 60 points, and a full-size tube of lipstick could be for 100 points, for instance. With many items requiring minimal points, your 100-startup credit goes quite a long way. You may re-earn the points you’ve spent by rating and reviewing the items you have availed. For instance, if you availed of pre-glued eyelashes for 70 points, rating it on the site instantly earns you 1 incentive point. Writing a review about it and having it approved by the site’s admin gets you an additional 1 incentive point plus 70 points rebate. This way, you can keep on availing for new items throughout your membership. You can also earn 1 point for every registered referral to the site.


If you want to fast track your points acquisition, however, you may opt to become a VIP member and purchase 1,000 points for P649, which you may use to avail of more premium products for two months. The VIP membership also gives you exclusive invites to events, parties, and workshops, earlier notifications for new product uploads, as well as occasional bonus gifts from its brand partners. This VIP membership is renewable every two months.



One of the best things about Sample Room is its real community with members interacting beyond the digital sphere. Apart from the online site, members get the chance to attend beauty events—from summer getaways and makeup sessions to spa parties, beauty blogger get-togethers, and other lifestyle activities and events that help in making every woman knowledgeable and empowered in every beauty aspect while adding to her arsenal of beauty brands.

With Sample Room’s wonderful mix of luxury, niche, and drugstore brands, every woman will definitely find a favorite amongst its brands partners. In many cases, too, samples come in full-sizes such as lipsticks, BB creams, and mascaras, among other thrilling surprises.

What are you waiting for? Log on to and get started!


To know more about the latest products, exclusive perks, special offers and upcoming events, follow @SampleRoomPH on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat!

Our face is truly what we show the world everyday.

We laugh, we smile, we cry, and we live with it. It’s the forefront of what we show the world. Of course, as we age, there is always the challenge of maintaining the skin in its youthful state, as we really just want to delay aging! We just want to be young forever with beautiful skin. I know, I do want my face to look 20 forever!

The Olay Overnight Ritual was thought of to keep the skin forever young. It consists of two products from Olay – the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream and Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost. These are two products that will help aid the skin renewal during night time.


The promise? 2x advanced anti-aging actives, penetration up to skin surface layers deep. In five nights, it promises skin renewal improved by 60%, visibly reducing wrinkles, and having plump and firmer looking skin.

The wonder ingredients? PAL-KTTS ( amino-peptide ), OliveM, Niacinamide, Lyslastine, Hyaluronc Acid and Glycerol. Here are your wonder ingredients that are hardworking to keep your skin young!

I just love the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence. It claims the following benefits :

-10X layers skin penetration penetrates to basal layer.
– Bring skin 5x hydration improvement instantly.
– Witness skin translucent, hydrated, and radiant after 1st time usage.
– Improve 20% skin barrier function after using for 4 weeks.

This product melts into my skin and has quite a fast absorption rate. I love this stuff. This is the perfect product to apply after applying toner, and just before your moisturizer. It improves the efficacy of your skin care because it really boosts the skin care that you are using. It preps the skin to absorb skincare. I would use this every day, every night prior to any essence or skincare to boost my skin further! To be honest, I wish all skin care would be as light and as fast absorbent as this product. I can’t help but not love it!

The next step is applying the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. This product will renew, firm, and lift the skin, and can truly bring back the youth back to the face. Formulated with advanced Amino-Peptide Complex, this penetrates deep into the skin surface to really reduce wrinkles!

I needed to apply this lightly on my skin because my skin was oily, and I thought that this would truly work great with dry and normal skin. The creaminess of this product can really make the skin look plump and firm in no time. I applied just a little product on my skin ( tip for oily skin – get a little product, rub and warm with fingers prior to application for fast absorbency ) and it truly moisturized my skin during night time. As for the anti-aging results, I think the skin looks really younger if it is visibly moisturized, and plumper. The signs of aging usually looks really gaunt, and hollow on the places where you used to have plump skin. Given the Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream, I think that this will really get to hydrate and restore the skin in its youthful state.

When you use the two, the results can be dangerously beautiful- don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Gluta-C, already as effective as it is, has boosted its product line to be able to deliver 4x skin whitening benefits to the skin, adding up the ingredient Kojic Plus! During these times, whitening is not only something that is highly considered by many, but also even, glowing skin! For me, I’m after the latter benefit!

Gluta-C has a very interesting new product that they have just launched, and that is the Face and Body Powder. It promises 4x whitening, oil-control and anti-acne, a matte finish, and sun protection. That’s quite a benefit-packed product you got here, alright!


The Gluta-C with Kojic Plus Whitening System Face and Body Powder looks like your regular baby powder, but it isn’t. The texture is finer, it feels lighter, and it imparts a good glow on the skin upon application. This can be used as a body powder to keep one fresh during the day ( the scent is quite mild and clean! ), and for the face, it can be used as a loose powder to prevent oilies! An added bonus is the sun protection it provides, though it still doesn’t hurt to wear more sunblock before applying this!

I really love bringing this with me wherever I go, because with the humid weather that we are in, it just feels great to freshen up. A great plus is that it gives my skin a natural glow ( nothing too shimmery! ). For the face, it really is a great makeshift loose powder that can mattify the skin all day long. This is a really great multi-function product that would really save you, when needed!

As for the whitening promises, I believe that as you use the Gluta-C Kojic Plus soap and the whitening lotion, these three will all work hand in hand to give you fairer, and a more even-toned skin. This product is a great add-on to further boost the whitening effects on the skin.

Overall, this is a great product that I don’t see everyday anymore, that I am appreciating as of the moment!

Zenutrients always comes up with products that really fill the gap in consumer demand, specially those who are looking for something mild and gentle on the skin.

The new Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is something new from Zenutrients that is a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Formulated with coconut, aloe and calendula extract, this product is heaven-sent for sensitive skin – and can be used for mild cases of psoriasis, skin asthma, and eczema.


The first thing I noticed about the Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is the scent. The fragrance is very mild and natural, and really soothing. I’m starting to like this now. The texture of the cream is a light cream, and as it is applied to the skin, I can’t help but feel that it is softening to the skin. It softens the skin instantly, and it feels so comfortable on the skin as it is not greasy at all. It has the perfect balance of being light to the skin, and delivering the much needed moisture that the skin needs. Angry, irritated, and stressed skin will find relief in this. I know, my skin felt the relief the moment I applied it. This makes a great emergency cream for irritations and rashes, and I can also recommend this for babies!

Overall, this is a great cream not only for the face, but for the body, as it delivers moisture, makes skin really soft, and soothes the skin when needed! I’m so happy to have tried it from

Hope you’re happy with your samples, too!

I’m in denial. I love my tan so much. I don’t want for summer to ever end.

But really, there is always an ending for everything, and it doesn’t have to end badly, with my tan! Of course, as the weather gets colder ( it has been drizzling as of late ), it’s not that my tan won’t be in season anymore, it’s just that tanned skin, when not exfoliated well, turns out very dull, and muddy looking. It needs a good scrub because it loses its once beautiful lustre from being baked fresh from the sun because of dead skin cell buildup.

And now, I don’t really feel like radically whitening or using anything so intense for my skin. To my surprise, Olay came up with their whitening bars – how timely!


Editors Pick


As I was able to try the Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk, I found their hashtag #OneWashWonder catchy. It is formulated with a Triple Whitening System that will help reveal our natural white all over, gently exfoliate the skin and wash away dead skin cells, and even out the skin tone. Wow, sounds good.

I picked up this bar hoping for a gentle, exfoliating, skin brightening experience. Oh, how I loved the scent – it’s such a clean, soapy floral that’s not overpowering. It felt so gentle on the skin – I felt no sting, and also felt very moisturizing – the milk component was just so soothing to my skin! I showered with perhaps one of the most gentle soaps I’ve ever used in my entire life. And it just smells divine.

As for the whitening aspect, I’d rather say that it gives a hint of a glow on the skin as soon as I step out of the shower. Perhaps my skin would get brighter towards a few more uses, but hey, I’m sold with this! It’s not everyday that I encounter a whitening soap that’s so gentle and feeling wonderful on the skin!

Looks like I have a new favorite!



The weather has surely been testing my patience everyday, that I don’t even feel like wearing makeup anymore! At the risk of complaining, it must be the hottest summer that I’ve ever experienced in any part of the world and of all time. But then, we all try to look at things on a better perspective, or else we’d have wrinkles early! Haha!

With this kind of heat, my makeup has been really just light, and not heavy. That is my choice. My skincare? Definitely not heavy specially during day! It’s actually quite tricky to choose skincare products for summer, because you want them as light as possible, but of course, you still want your skin to be as hydrated as possible. You want your skin plump, soft and smooth, but you don’t want to grease up.

Shiseido already made a great move by coming up with an IBUKI line that targets millenials, and its anti-aging positioning is quite strong, because this is all about prevention of collagen loss, and keeping skin young for people on the go. Shiseido has a new product from the IBUKI line called the Shiseido IBUKU Quick Fix Mist.


The Shiseido IBUKI Quick Fix Mist is a dewy, refreshing gel that sprays into mist form. Its purpose is to prevent shine, and improve skin conditions – making it hydrated, and keeping skin fresh all day.

For impressive ingredients, it has Marjoram extract that targets dehydration, and Anti-Shine Complex to make skin shine-free, fresh-looking skin all day. It also has PhytoTarget Complex, that keeps the skin’s barrier strong, and prevents moisture from being lost from the skin as the day goes by.

Using this, I really appreciate the soothing, cooling feel. It also helps keep my makeup stay longer than usual. But more than that, I appreciate most the refreshing feeling it gives me, as it uplifts my mood on a hot summer day!

Bottomline – Shiseido IBUKI, your products are pretty much a HIT so far. No misses. This is a good addition!





Lately, I’ve been thinking about skin. Having good skin, that is. My stubborn skin is still oily up til now, that I’m in my early thirties. I don’t feel good about it that at all, and I still dislike applying moisturizers to soften my skin up, and keep it younger. Of course, what happens is that my skin still looks so oily on the exterior, but is dry internally. It’s not a good place. I really must apply moisturizer on my face, and I’ve been hoping that there’s one miracle product that would make my skin feel really moisturized, specially at night, without causing my skin to break out and feel greasy.

Shiseido IBUKI just recently came out with their IBUKI Sleeping Mask. It’s not a conventional mask in sheet, but it is a gel-type moisturizer that contains vitamin capsules. This is slathered on the face just before sleeping, and promises youthful, beautiful looking skin upon waking up. Yes, the term is well-rested even if you didn’t have enough sleep.


Oh, you have no idea how that idea appealed to me!

So, taking a leap of faith, after cleansed skin, I applied a generous amount of the Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask on my face. The mini vitamin capsules disintegrated and released beneficial ingredients to my skin. At first, it felt somewhat sticky, but it became comfortable right after. I slept with it on, and boy, when I woke up, it was the best feeling ever.

It felt so good to wake up, and look at my skin! It looked so plump, radiant, soft, and smooth – as if I was a pampered princess and never had to work, and slept for 12 hours a day. I’m not kidding. It really gave my skin that rewind! Spoiled it rotten. I have also noticed how soft it felt during the day, and how my skin was less oily, because it was hydrated all night long.

So now, who’s addicted? Definitely me. I am using the Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask thrice a week, just because I love seeing my skin look better every single day, and I just can’t believe that I only need to sleep with this on to make me look like I’m Sleeping Beauty! Yay!

Fresh, fresh, fresh.

These three words are just screaming out of my heart with the hot weather! Don’t you think that it’s been extra warm lately? With the weather right now, I really want to stay as fresh as I can, and I can’t even bring myself to wear any heavy fragrance, though I would still like to smell good.

So ok, this brings me to one of my not-so-secrets. I actually love baby colognes.

I feel that baby colognes smell so good! They remind me of babies. Babies just smell good all the time, don’t you think? I just love them! So imagine my glee when Belo Baby just sent me three baby colognes to try! I was so excited to try them for my own, because of my personal agenda. Hahaha!


Editor's Pict


Infused with a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes skin, and glycerin that acts as a moisturizing agent, the Belo Baby colognes have the Belo Baby Guarantee that these products are non-irritating and very gentle on the skin, and are perfect for babies.

There are three scents of the Belo Baby colognes :

Happy Tickle is a energizing fruity scent for the happiest of babies. It’s a very uplifting scent.

Cool Drizzle is a classic scent reminiscent of classic baby colognes that smells really fresh!

and Sweet Snuggle has a really mild floral scent that keeps one smelling divine.

Amongst the three, my favorite would have to be Cool Drizzle. It reminds me of the Spanish brand of baby cologne that I have been patronizing for years! I’m so glad I don’t have to look for that brand anymore, as I’ve found my everyday fragrance yay! Thank you so much Belo Baby for creating wonderful scents for babies.

And oh, did I mention that these can also function as hand sanitizing solutions? Oh wow, what a functional added treat!

These new products from Sample Room surely brightened my day! I’m excited to know what you think about them!