I made peace with the fact that my hair will always be smelly and sticky whenever I commute. I usually just grab my perfume and spray some on my locks to mask the smell of smoke which my hair has acquired on the way. This practice of using perfume, makes my hair a bit dry afterwards but there’s really no way around it when you don’t want your hair to stay stinky. For quite some time, I have dealt with it and was even partly satisfied with the weird scent of perfume mixed with the smell of smoke in my tresses until Vitress Hair Freshener came.

The first time I saw it, I was already impressed with its transparent bottle that has a floral feminine design. I checked the label and saw that it has an InstaFresh Technology that can quickly eliminate unwanted odors in your hair while leaving it shiny and smooth (this is not a drill ladies, there is a product that can instantly remove the stinky smell in your hair and make it shinier!).  And of course, being that preparation is key, I decided to bring it whenever I feel like my hair’s going to be exposed to pollution and smoke.

Basking into the busy streets of Manila on a daily basis, my hair often acquires a lot of scent and pollution which leave a certain type of stink that honestly, stresses me out. Luckily, with just a few spritz of Vitress Hair Freshener, I can bid goodbye to that weird odor in my hair. Its scent is so nice that I can confidently walk-in any air conditioned space, knowing that my tresses are fragrant. Plus, I don’t need to feel embarrassed about tying it up in a ponytail just to somehow confine its smoky smell. Even after a few hours upon application, I can still smell a hint of sweetness in my hair.

What’s also good about this Hair Freshener from Vitress is it is quite handy that I can easily toss it in my hand bag and bring it anywhere I go. When I brought it with me recently on a dinner out with friends, I was satisfied with the way it kept my hair smelling great even with all the exhaust and smoke from the grill, plus the sweat I have induced during our hearty meal. I went home that night without even a trace of that smoky, icky smell!

All I can say is that I absolutely vouch for this product because it has met my hair care needs instantly. I found an instant fix to my smelly hair and I will absolutely include it in my beauty kit! I’m so excited to share this amazing hair freshener to my friends and family! And if you are like me, who’s always struggling to keep your hair fragrant and shiny after frequent exposure to smoke and pollution, I would advise you to try this out!  It can really save you from a lot of stress and frustration. Always remember to #JustVitressIt to say #GoodbyeToSmellyHair!


Everyone dreams of having white, healthy, and perfectly-aligned teeth. With this in mind, we mostly make it a point to visit our dear dentists to monitor our overall oral health, search for excellent toothpaste, or maybe have those ‘tiis ganda’ moments by wearing teeth apparatuses such as braces and retainers to perfectly shape our teeth over time. However, there are certain scenarios or shall I say, ‘oral nightmares’ that cannot be controlled by such adjustments like dental infections, particularly gum bleeding.

This kind of nightmare starts when excess bacteria are not properly brushed off or removed from our teeth, forms the plaque where germs proliferate and attack the healthy tissue around the teeth. Hence, our gums tend to bleed when we brush our teeth as they have been inflamed and irritated by dental plaque that may lead us in having a gum disease called Gingivitis.

Though clinically-tested toothpastes provide overall oral health protection, it is a must that we give our teeth and gums some love by using a healthy and chemical-free alternative toothpaste.

For someone who suffers from the same dilemma, now’s the time to include a healthy alternative to your oral hygiene as an all-natural, herbal toothpaste from Himalaya Herbals came just in time to put an end to our teeth and gum woes!

Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste, like any standard toothpaste, promises to keep our teeth and gums strong, healthy, and protected from harmful germs. But what keeps it different and unique from other toothpastes is that it has a gum expert formula mixed with the natural and herbal actives of Miswak, Neem, and Pomegranate that are proven to help reduce gum bleeding and prevent plaque buildup! It also claims that with regular brushing, it’ll help prevent toothache and give a long-lasting fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

I consider myself lucky as I’ve given a chance to road-test this natural product and see how it does its job in protecting my gums from plaque attacks and bleeding as well. Delighted to witness what this Himalaya Herbals toothpaste has in store for my dental well-being, I immediately opened the cap and I was welcomed by a pale, grayish, moss green color.

It may not have the scent similar to our standard toothpastes, but you can smell right through it its leafy, herbal, and cooling essence which is a great validation that it is, indeed, made with the herbal actives of neem leaves.

After a week’s usage, I can already see some improvement in my gum’s condition. Before, my gums would usually turn red and sometimes, bleed a few when I brush my teeth. But after using Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste, my gums not only have returned to their healthy pink color; it gradually stopped gum bleeding and left a natural fresh breath with no aftertaste! With all these good results, I decided to recommend this to my sister who’s been suffering from gum bleeding so that she, too, can keep her gums protected and healthy. Definitely an all-natural solution to get rid of gum diseases!

It’s true that when a part is damaged, the whole will eventually falter. Gladly, this herbal-infused essential helped me to realize what it means to have a healthy alternative to my oral hygiene that naturally cares in keeping both my dental and body well-being in its stronger and healthier state.

Start protecting your teeth and gums with Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste by getting your FREE sample here.

I was convinced at an early age that being natural was a great and admirable trait —a belief that stemmed from my parents’ inclination towards ‘inner beauty’ and my early exposure to romantic comedies. This concept has followed me all my life which unsurprisingly, led me into developing an affinity towards natural care products.

My zest for investing in natural items have somehow increased when my older cousin gave birth to her first born daughter. Being the youngest in our family, I treated my niece as a younger sister and partly took the responsibility in taking care of her and overseeing her activities when my cousin was not around. Overtime, I felt so invested and completely attached to her that I made the conscious decision to help my cousin in selecting her baby products. And being the ‘naturals aficionado’ I am, I wanted her to experience the same kind of care and mildness I got from natural products, starting with this latest baby powder from Sample Room.



With their impressive commitment in providing natural and mild baby products that are environment friendly, Tiny Buds has proven their genuine care for consumers, especially their concern for the safety of every baby that will use them. Being the first brand to introduce a baby powder made from 100% Rice Grains, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder’s benefits and mildness is truly deserving of its international acclaim.



Trying it out on my niece’s skin, we noticed how it’s soft and smooth texture, and its calming scent gave her the soothing feeling she craves. Without toxins that can be coarse to her skin, I was even more persuaded that products made with natural ingredients are perfect for babies.

When compared with other talc-free powders that my niece had tried before, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder doesn’t mix with her sweat which keeps her dry and fresh despite playing all day long!

After a week’s usage, we have noticed no signs of skin irritation on her at all! Which made me pretty confident that she still feels the soothing effect she initially experienced, whenever we apply this baby powder. Upon seeing its cooling and lasting effect on my niece, it urged me to try it out for myself.



I started using this natural baby powder daily and like my niece’s experience, the powder stayed on my skin. It didn’t mix with my sweat as well, a dreadful occurrence that would usually clog my pores and result to breakouts! Who would want that, right? But fortunately, with Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, I was in the clear!

It has been fun finding another great product to trust, and to include in my own and my niece’s arsenal of natural care goodies. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder proved that products made with 100% natural ingredients not only gives us the option to go natural; it also delivers its promising honest-to-goodness claims!

So for all the daddies, mommies, sisters, brothers, and aunts out there who may or may not be as lenient towards natural products as I am, give Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder a try for your babies, younger siblings, nieces, nephews, and even for yourself, and discover how this baby must-have offers a different kind of care that’s #NaturalToTheTiniestDrop! 😉


How long does it take us to be selfie-ready? For girls like us who love taking photos, it will always be our top priority to be fresh-looking and naturally blooming before hitting that shutter button. To nail that perfect look, we always allot our time and effort to do quick touch-ups – concealing dark under eye circles, putting on powder and blush to our cheeks, and the like – so as not to look dull and pale in our pictures.

Yet sometimes, touch-ups are not as quick and reliable as we think it is.  It’s kind of frustrating that we end up wasting so much time to religiously achieve that natural-looking and beautiful blushing face, isn’t it? But why not start having it with a soap that cares to give us that beautiful blush and brightest glow in a more refreshing way? 😉


We don’t have to worry too much as this incredible Glutathione and Vitamin C-infused face and body soap from SkinWhite will not only aid us to be instant selfie-ready; it’ll also help us discover our brightest look even without applying makeup!



To add, it has an Advanced TriPower Technology and Vitanourish Formula that fight melanin production, prevent skin darkening, and help block nasty UV rays as it provides a full-on moisturization to our skin keeping us looking and feeling good inside-out. And because it’s made with twice the power of Gluta and whitening, it claims to give a beautiful blush white skin in as fast as 7 days*

Since I got a shot to lay my hands on this creamy floral scented soap alone, I decided to focus more on my recent experience with it and how it did its job in giving its honest-to-goodness claims.



Upon using SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap, I was gladly able to savor my bathing experience as this whitening bar quickly lathered on my skin while spreading its creamy floral scent around the bathroom! And surprisingly, it was able to deliver that subtle yet noticeable change in just a week usage.



This is me on my 8th day of using the soap and I would say that, indeed, SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap turned my dull and pale face skin into a bright, blooming, and blushing white one – giving me that instant selfie-ready look! Now, I won’t have to take a break for a quick touch-up before taking pictures with my friends or portraits of myself as this baby already gave me that perfect, natural-looking complexion. Even though it’s subtle, I believe that it’ll bring more visible results after continued use. For now, I’m feeling more confident to ace my ‘selfie’ and ‘groufie’ game! 

So, for our dear roomies who want to get that glowing ‘selfie-ready’ look, give SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap a try and you might just #DiscoverYourBrightest! 😉

Every woman dreams of having flawless skin, particularly underneath the shoulders and arms, a.k.a. the underarms. Much to our annoyance, underarm hair gets in the way of flaunting flawlessly smooth and white underarms. For many of us who are in a tight budget, we get rid of unwanted underarm hair using tweezers, razor, or wax. However, these seemingly harm-free methods come with a price – rough and dark underarm skin. Yikes! Because of this, we end up buying expensive whitening deodorants that promise to remedy dark underarms and chicken skin in just a snap. But just as they say, everything that is done with great haste is done with carelessness. Sometimes, these whitening deodorants may worsen the state of our underarm skin. It’s a huge no-no!

But fret no more, this new Silka Papaya Deodorant offers a unique, healthy, and natural solution to finally solve our underarm woes!

Made with Papaya Enzyme, Giga White, and Vitamin B3, it claims to naturally whiten the underarms while giving your armpits the protection that it needs from odor and sweat. Plus, it says that it comes in a lotion form that will not leave a greasy nor a sticky feeling when applied to the skin.

Given the opportunity to write my impression about this new, all-natural deo from Silka, I decided to open the cap and observed the difference of its packaging and scent from other whitening deo.

Common whitening roll-on deodorants have this ‘open’ packaging that is prone to unnecessary dirt and have a strong scent that lingers on your nose. But in Silka Papaya Deodorant, the roll-on itself is safely half-enclosed, making it less susceptible to dirt and leakage. I was also surprised by its scent because it didn’t smell like the fresh fruit Papaya; Instead, it gave me a cool and fresh after bath scent!

Fascinated by these findings, I let myself to take the ‘kili-kili challenge’ and see how Silka Papaya Deodorant’s natural whitening, and odor and sweat protection claims will work on me. It’s also a perfect timing for me to review this product as I sweat a lot especially when I commute to work.

I only had 6 days of trying it, but I’ve already seen some of its wondrous effects on my underarms already.

Again, you may not see some changes on my underarm skin’s color as I already have a light complexion. But I do have small, dark underarm pores caused by my underarm shaving routine. After the 6 days usage of Silka Papaya Deodorant, I noticed that some of my dark underarm pores have started to lighten. And what made me even more surprised is that it really protected my underarms from sweat and kept it smelling fresh even after long hours of work! Based on Silka, visible results can be seen after regularly using it for 3 weeks.

Unlike other whitening deodorants, it did not leave a stain nor sweat marks on my clothes when I go to work. With all these positive results, I can say that Silka Papaya Deodorant is honest to goodness to its claims. It’s really a must-have during this erratic season of ours, especially with the long commute to work due to traffic!

To our roommates out there who have been experiencing underarm issues like me, here’s my piece of advice – do not rush things in getting beautiful and whiter underarms. Everything takes time, and I definitely will keep on using Silka Papaya Deodorant to wait for the much visible whitening results. For now, I’m very happy with my long hours of fresh scent and sweat free experience with it.

With the right amount of discipline and the right product, you can definitely see better results in a natural way. May Kasiguraduhan at Kagandahan ka, Basta Silka! 😉

Having whiter and naturally glowing skin has always been a recurring trend in the local beauty industry, especially now that some of our favorite local celebrities and K-beauties are flaunting their flawlessly white skin every now and then.

Our stimuli-response to that? The basic: we buy random whitening products that’ll give us a skin like our idols’. But have you tried using one and ended up with a whiter yet dry, itchy, and stinging sensation? Sounds like a dream just turned into a nightmare, right?


Good thing, there’s Belo Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar that’ll whiten and deeply moisturize your skin without that dry, itchy, and stinging sensation. According to the brand, it has Kojic Acid that gives the skin a visible lighter appearance, and Tranexamic Acid that prevents skin irritation. It also targets stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients. Its hypoallergenic and glycerin content is proven to moisturize 42% better than regular Kojic soaps.

Given the chance to try and write my review, I vigorously unboxed the soap to see its difference from the previous model. And to my surprise, this moisturizing bar is truly beyond unique from other whitening soaps as it has an orange translucent feature and dewy gentle scent!

It excites me more to road test this product as I’ve been a victim of sting whitening products, too. But to put a little twist on this blog, I have decided to give myself a challenge and see how it’ll moisturize and brighten my dull skin in 7 days. With that, I am more than proud to share these progressive results upon using the all-new Belo Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar.

You may not see some big changes on my skin’s color as I’ve been using whitening products since then. But, I noticed that my skin got a bit brighter and the stubborn dark spots on my face started to fade which means that the Kojic and Tranexamic Acid is actually working! Plus, I found a new discovery that this moisturizing bar also made my skin softer and smoother. With all these positive results, I can truly say that Belo Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar is true to its claims. Unlike other whitening soaps, it did not leave an itchy and stinging sensation on my skin. Definitely, a new kind of Kojic soap that’s worth trying!

Just a little reminder to our roommates out there, getting beautiful and whiter skin doesn’t need to be painful. As I have proven with Belo Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar, you can achieve beautiful skin, without the need to go through unnecessary dryness and pain! No more tiis, roommates! Ganda lang! 


I am a person who loves clothes, especially dresses. I’m fond of styling myself so that I will look fashionably neat and presentable anywhere I go.

Like other girls, I used to wear clothes that’ll show off some skin, particularly when attending a very special occasion. Until one day, I accidentally got cuts on my skin which made visible scars (near my elbow). And recently, I got mosquito bites that eventually turned into dark permanent marks. Because of these, my clothing style has been affected and my clothing choices became limited.

Since I want to finally get rid of these pesky scars, I began searching for a topical gel that will heal them. I actually found a lot, but none of them effectively worked on my skin. They only lessened the itchiness and pain, but the scars remained, waving at me.

Good thing, Sample Room gave me Dermatix Ultra for me to review! How convenient is that? I’ve been researching about a product that can lighten my scars, and voila–it’s just so coincidental that we are also sampling and reviewing this based on my experience! According to Dermatix Ultra, it can lighten, flatten, and soften my scars and initial improvement may be seen after 8 weeks of continued use. Upon further reading, it is said to have also been prescribed by different skin and surgery specialists! Now, I know that I’m in good hands!

Though I’ve just recently used it for 2 weeks now and is still waiting for the results, I noticed that my scars have already been softened. I’m definitely in for a good start! Dermatix Ultra’s content and feature are also way too awesome than other scar-healing products!

Common topical gels come in creamy texture and leave an oily, sticky feel when applied onto the skin. Dermatix Ultra, on the other hand, comes in a silky, transparent feature and leaves a smooth, non-greasy feel when applied. It is odor-less and quick-drying that it can dry in just a minute or two upon application. It can also dry in just a few seconds, if your scars are not that big. Plus, cosmetics and sunscreen can be applied over it! Amazing, isn’t it?  I usually wait for a few good minutes for it to dry up on my skin.

collageedspic 2

Check out Dermatix Ultra’s awesome TVC below!

Truly, Dermatix Ultra has made everything convenient and possible for us. I’m really glad that I have found a hero to help me get rid of my scars. I’ll just have to wait 6 more weeks for the complete process. After which, I can finally wear the clothes that I want and not feel limited again when it comes to my clothing choices! I can finally wear my dresses again, this time with confidence!

For more information about Dermatrix Ultra, click on the brochure below:

Dermatix_Patient-Brochure_FA-1 Dermatix_Patient-Brochure_FA-2

eds pick

Before, I was the type of girl who always goes with the flow. When it comes to my hair, I used to think I can just use whichever brand of shampoo and conditioner and it will just have the same result. Because of this thinking, I never bothered to read the content or ingredients and just buy whichever brand is more convenient at that time.

I had been doing this routine until I started my first work. I noticed how my other officemates’ hair look so soft, smooth and healthy. And I noticed how mine looks so dull, dry, and unhealthy. It was not normal at all. It totally crashed my confidence and I also became overly conscious with the smell of my hair as the smoke of vehicles, cigarettes, and grilled food would stick onto my tresses every time I commute to work. That’s when I began doubting the effects of the shampoos and conditioners that I use. Good thing, Sample Room partnered with Palmolive Naturals recently that got me to try the Intensive Moisture variant.  

According to brand, it has the ability to restore moisture, and give long-lasting smoothness and fragrance to the hair. Though I first had trust issues with hair care claims, I took a leap of faith and tried it instead! After all, you’ll not discover the truth if you’re not going to try it, right?

Upon opening the bottle cap of both the shampoo and conditioner, I was surprised to sniff a candy-ish sweet and fruity floral scent! Funny as it may sound, but it came to a point where I found myself sniffing and getting addicted to its sweet smell! If it already has an amazing fragrance on the first smell, what more can it do if applied on my hair? 

As I squeezed a small amount of the shampoo product onto my palm and started putting it onto my hair, it quickly lathers and the sweet fruity floral scent became more prominent. After washing, my hair definitely felt cleansed afterwards. Its cream conditioner counterpart, is also not as sticky compared to other hair conditioners I’ve tried. It also leaves a fruity scent with a touch of milky coconut smell.

After a week’s usage, I noticed its incredible effects on my hair! True to its claim, my tresses started feeling lighter, softer and smoother. It gave my hair life by making it look healthier! It also gave my hair that irresistible sweet fragrant smell that lasts all day even with my daily commute to the office! My officemates even asked me if I was using a different perfume. They didn’t realize, it’s only my hair that gives off this kind of #BangongPalmolive!