5 signs of hydrated skin

Every woman dreams of waking up with smooth, hydrated, glowing, and beautiful skin. To notch this desire, drinking lots of water is made a habit as it has the ultimate power to hydrate the skin inside out. Yet sometimes, it is not enough. Due to many factors, such as stress and aging, our skin becomes dulls, dry, and susceptible to sun damage and wrinkles.

To combat this problem, we’ve compiled five healthy tips that you can follow to keep your skin beautiful and hydrated!

1. Say goodbye to sodium and welcome H20. While they are keeping you happy and active with their crunchiness and tenderness, foods that are high in sodium such as processed foods, pizza, and junk foods can actually draw water from your entire body making your skin dry and dehydrated. Shun from eating those and switch to water-dense fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, celery, berries, plums, peaches, bell peppers, and lettuce.

2. Treat water as your bestfriend. Drinking 2-3 cups of water everyday is definitely not enough for a healthy skin. Cling and stay close to your ‘bestfriend’ as frequent as you can as it is the basic need of our body. Eight to ten full glasses of water everyday will definitely keep your skin healthy, radiant, and hydrated. You can also add slices of lemon or cucumber for that refreshing look and taste, plus skin-friendly antioxidants!

3. Get enough beauty sleep. As we deal with changes in our lifestyle, our sleep cycle also gets affected too. Cliché as it may sound, getting 7-8 hours of sleep not only refreshes your whole-body system, but also rebalances hydration and recovers moisture that your skin needs. Failure in getting enough beauty sleep could result to poor water balance, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and skin dryness.

4. Use two different moisturizers. If you follow a skin care routine in the morning, it is also a must that you give your skin the care it deserves during night time. For day-use, use a light non-oil moisturizer to give you that smooth and even coverage of your make-up while for night-use, apply a heavy moisturizer onto your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, prevent flakiness, and heal sun damage as you sleep.

5. Complete your daily routine with Celeteque CC Micro-Hydrating Powder. Unlike common face powders, Celeteque CC Micro-Hydrating Powder, is composed of Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Silica. These three ingredients has the power to nourish your skin from within giving it a healthy and supple appearance on the outside. Compared to usual compact powders that tend to make your face look cakey, Celeteque CC Micro-Hydrating Powder features a unique auto-grinding technology that gives off an ultra-fine powder for a smooth, matte and oil-free finish. Also, it has SPF 30 that will provide you protection from the sun. Definitely an all-in-one solution to hydrated, beautiful, and radiant skin.


So, there you go ladies! Follow these 5 healthy steps, and you’ll surely wake up to a beautiful and hydrated skin.

Let us know in the comments section how they improved your skin!


I think that I have been endlessly expressing how bath time is my favorite time. When I wake up, I love being energized by a wake-me-up shower. There are times when a night bath would just help calm my nerves and let me drift to dreamland blissfully. But nonetheless, I love bath time every single time! Haha!

I consider milk baths so luxurious because I come out of it with softer, smoother, baby-like skin. I feel so pampered. So imagine my glee when I was given a chance to try the new Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap, and Body Wash! What a treat for me!

Well, aside from the new Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap and Body Wash having milk protein extracts, it is also infused with natural whiteners, that fairer complexion is achievable in just one week. Okay, let’s put it in the test, then!

Okay, I tried the Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Body Wash first, just because I am forever smitten with body wash. The consistency was just alright – not too lathery, but it felt like a liquid lotion that mildly lathered on the skin. My skin felt cleansed, but not stripped away off its natural moisture. It did not feel tight. The scent was gorgeous – it was a really light floral ( and try to mix it with milk hahaha! ) scent that smelled really fresh. I could just sniff at myself the entire day of freshness and of the wonderful scent! Thumbs up!

The soap however, was something that I am also used to using because there are some days when I’d want a body wash, but on some days, I would really love to use soap, just because I’ve been using bar soaps ever since I was a kid – it just makes me remember the good ‘ol days haha! The effect was the same – this lathered more, but the result was clean skin feeling oh so fresh!

The heat in this tropical country has been getting more intense lately. You’re forced to bathe baby more than once a day and baby is endlessly crying out of irritability!

To end this summer woe for you and baby, we’ve compiled 10 tips on how to make your baby comfortable despite the summer heat!

1. Dress appropriately
If you’re going outdoors with your baby, dress baby with light colored clothes and a wide brimmed hat to cover his/her face from the sun. If you’re staying indoors, use loose-fitting and lightweight clothes, preferably made of cotton.

2. Get a room thermometer
Getting a room thermometer will help you know what temperature you are dealing with. This will take away the guesswork and give you peace of mind that you have dressed your baby suitably.

3. Shield your baby’s skin with sunscreen
UV rays doesn’t pick anyone to harm; it can damage your skin as well as your baby’s. Protect his/her skin too by applying sunscreen on his/her skin before leaving the house. It’s generally safe to use one that’s designed for babies and one that contains zinc oxide.

4. Avoid going out in peak heat hours
You should avoid being outside during the peak heat hours which are from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. At this point, the sun will harm your baby’s skin the most.

5. Use a summer-friendly baby carrier
The combination of your body heat and the carrier’s confining space can make an infant hot and bothered within a matter of minutes. Choose a carrier made from lightweight nylon rather than a heavy fabric like denim.

6. Keep baby hydrated
If you notice that your baby’s face is flushed or warm to the touch, she’s breathing rapidly or she’s restless, your baby may be dehydrated.  Since infants under 6 months shouldn’t drink water, give him/her extra formula or nurse more frequently.

7. Hang wet towels on open windows
A quick and easy idea to cool your baby’s environment is to hang some wet towels between open windows. The evaporating water will help the air to cool.

8. Use appropriate bedding
Use only cotton bed sheets and avoid any waterproof mattress covering as this will hold heat and make your baby sweat.

9. Keep baby calm
A calm baby will remain cooler than a frustrated baby, so try to maintain a calming bedtime routine and offer reassurance and comfort if they are agitated.

10.  Apply a safe talc-free powder on your baby’s skin

If your baby sweats a lot, he/she may develop rashes. Signs of heat rash are tiny red bumps clustering on your baby’s neck area, groin, back of the knees, or the crease of the elbows. To relieve this, target these areas when bathing your baby, and make sure to apply a baby powder afterwards. Use one that has a gentle formula like the—Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder.


Made with 100% natural ingredients & 0% chemicals, Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder is designed to gently absorb moisture out of your baby’s delicate skin, so your baby doesn’t have to suffer skin rashes but enjoy a cool and refreshed feeling! It’s guaranteed to give your baby comfort, any time of the year!

There you go, Mommies! Follow these tips for a more comfortable summer for you and your baby!

You may also share your improved experiences in the comments section below.

Happy summer!







As warm and welcoming Mr. Sun may be on summer days, I don’t look forward to greeting him whenever I go outside. Why? The heat energy he releases is so intense, I need to back off. Don’t get me wrong, I know the sun has amazing benefits to our overall health, but when the heat it radiates gets really intense, it can cause harm to our skin and hair. Yes, let me emphasize on the latter–hair– our crowning glory.

We all know that sun exposure can damage skin, but what many don’t realize is that it can also damage our hair. In fact, according to Saint Tiu, Procter & Gamble’s Senior Scientist for Asia Pacific, “excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) can make hair look and feel dry, dull, and brittle from the outside. Sun exposure attacks the basic building blocks of hair – the proteins, therefore compromising your hair.”

So what are ways to prevent Mr. Sun from frying our hair? First, we need to moisturize our hair. Applying hydrating oils such as olive oil and coconut oil is a great way to hydrate hair, but the downside of this option is that oils have the tendency to drag down hair and make hair greasy. Second, we need to shield our hair from the damaging UV rays. Oils may hydrate, but they cannot protect our hair from the harmful UV rays. Wearing hats or using an umbrella may help, but they can only do so much. We need a hair product that moisturizes and protects at the same time.

This is where my discovery comes in. Sample Room just recently launched Pantene’s newest shampoo and conditioner line—the Pantene Summer Rescue! What’s good about the Summer Rescue line of Pantene is that the formula of both the shampoo and conditioner is specifically created to address our hair’s needs during the summer.


Let’s talk about the shampoo first– the Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue. What makes this shampoo different from other shampoos is that its Pro-V formula has the ability to improve hair’s retention of natural and vital proteins. It locks in essential moisture and shuts out excess humidity. This is great because when hair is damaged, it cannot balance moisture anymore thus losing essential moisture when dry and absorbing excess moisture when humid.

On the other hand, its partner conditioner–Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner– has Pro-V formula too, and it contains 40% more Deep Repair Essence, giving more actives to restore the hair’s health.

The Pro-V formula of both the shampoo and conditioner protects the hair from UV damage by moisturizing hair at its core, and leaving a thin layer of sun protecting shield.

Upon trying this two-step regimen for 1 week, I already noticed the improvement of my hair. Compared to its former lifeless state, my hair is now livelier and bouncier even if I am sun exposed most of the time. No kidding! I actually thought that because of its concentrated moisturizing properties, it will drag my hair down, but to my surprise, Pantene Summer Rescue did not. It hydrates the hair without weighing it down. I also noticed that my hair became healthier in the sense that my hair strengthened. Because formerly, my hair was much thinner. And when I remove my pony tail, my ribbon will leave its mark on my hair. When I used this shampoo and conditioner, I can barely see the ribbon marks on my hair anymore whenever I remove my pony tail. It’s amazing! Also, kudos to the sweet-smelling scent! It’s so heavenly. Using the Pantene Summer Rescue shampoo and conditioner is such a great experience!

Now that I have tried the amazing benefits of the Pantene Summer Rescue combo, I am now more confident to go outside and say hello to Mr. Sun despite his overwhelming energy! I am confident that my hair will be completely protected and moisturised because of Pantene. I recommend that you guys try this combo, too!


Before, the thought of a sunscreen automatically gives me visions of summer and splashing about waters. This is related to my childhood, as I have memories of using sunscreens only during vacations at the beach or swimming pools. I don’t know about you, but I even have memories of those sticky and tacky sunscreen lotions with very low SPF protection. My mother would help me apply one all over my body while saying, “use this so you won’t get darker!” I relied on my mother’s securing words, jumped in the water assured that my skin color would remain just the same before I get in, only to find my skin 3 shades darker than the original afterwards.


So growing up, I never really believed in sunscreens and their supposed ability to protect your skin from sun damage. Until today, when I’m already an adult, I discovered Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream on Sample Room and found out about its amazing skin benefits.


Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream is not your ordinary sunscreen. It has brought the whole sunscreen protection game to a whole new level! Aside from having a very kikay packaging, it also has superb qualities ordinary sunscreens don’t have: For one, it has a high SPF content; SPF 50 PA+++ which, according to research, blocks off 98% of UVB rays–the main cause of sunburns! Aside from that, it has titanium oxide, an ingredient that helps block off UVA that causes skin aging and cancer. Second, this superb sunscreen employs the power of cool water splash technology and gives an instant cooling sensation upon application! I honestly have never encountered a sunscreen as “cool” as this! The third quality is what I believe many Filipinas will rave about—its instant whitening effect! A lot of skin whitening products in the market claim to give you an instant fair skin, but they don’t really work. Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream won’t disappoint you in that department, as you will really see its ability to brighten your skin instantly! Watch the video below to see how it works:

Before, I never found wearing sunscreen beneficial, and I only associated it with beaches and swimming pools. Thanks to Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream, my whole perspective on sunscreens have changed. Now, the thought of a sunscreen gives me visions of not just the beaches and swimming pools, but also Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream’s amazing benefits and the wonders it has done for my skin! It’s a must-have for our daily skin care routine. Try it for yourself!






The heat is on – everyday is just so sunny and warm, yeah?

I feel like the sun’s glaring at me everyday – no, not really. I would not trade this season because I get to see the warm glow of the sun just give the scenery on the roads filtered, hazy, not too clear, but still stunning nonetheless. I also get to see the best sunsets during this season. I love this season so much.

Coupled with this season is the need for protection. I am quite unmindful when I actually get tanned, or not, so I was so surprised one day that a friend told me that my skin tanned – and it was just because I wore my sleeveless dress. I realized that the sun was really so strong nowadays that we need extra protection.

Yes, I am mega religious in applying my sunblock for the face, but for the body, not really. Some products would feel icky on the body that would make me an unwilling user of body sunblock. But nowadays, there are quite a few brands that seem to know my needs that they blow my mind away with the new, innovative products that they come up with – just like the new Belo Intensive Whitening Body BB Cream.

Achieve gorgeously flawless, naturally glowing arms and legs in an instant. Belo Intensive Whitening Body BB Cream visibly covers blemishes and imperfections as it works to intensively whiten skin. It conceals imperfections while providing silky-smooth and natural flawless finish with its TONE CORRECTING FORMULA. It whitens skin deeply with its Kojic Acid + Tranexamic formulation, and its SPF 50 & PA++++ protects skin against age-accelerating UV rays. It’s also paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested.

I’m gonna keep this short and direct – spraying this on feels so light and almost like I didn’t apply anything at all. It has a cooling sensation into it. It has SPF 50 PA++++ and it’s quite a winner for this format! But for the best bonus yet – are you ready? When you spray it on, there is a flesh-toned cream that somehow “airbrushes” the surface into a flawless complexion – say hello to flawless arms and legs with this! It’s like a bb cream for your body with loaded SPF. It has whitening properties – oh, I’m ok with that. This is too much! I’m sold, and stocking up!


Enough said!

Enjoy the samples, y’all!


Ever since I have discovered the anti-aging and anti-pollution ( haha you can say that! ) effects of sunscreen, I really make it a point to wear sunscreen on my face, on my neck everyday. When I started driving, I even went more aggressive so as applying sunscreen all over my body to prevent body aging, too! It’s such a great routine of taking care of your body making sure it ages gracefully without the damaging effects of the sun in the long run!

Now, Belo has a new product offering in the market in which I am so psyched about! The new Belo SunExpert Hair and Scalp Shield is just so amazing, and in time for summer – just when I feel that everything is scorching up, even up to my scalp!

Belo SunExpert Hair and Scalp Shield is enriched with UV filters and Vitamin E to protect the hair from sun damage and provide deep nourishment for the hair from root to tip. It also tames frizzies and keeps hair in proper order.

I was so excited to try this that I immediately sprayed oh so generously on damp hair. My hair, when dry, felt oily. So lesson learned – apply in small amounts first. The second time I tried it, I sprayed only a small amount on damp hair and spread it all over my hair. My hair looked great when it dried – tamed, frizz-free, moisturized, and at the same time, protected from the sun! I love this!

I highly recommend the Belo SunExpert Hair and Scalp Shield to be brought with you to the beach as your friendly hair #sunscreencompanion to ensure your hair doesn’t get scorched up and damaged as you play under the sun. This would also be a great city friend wherein this can be sprayed on damp hair every morning to ensure that your tresses dry in a tamed manner – no frizzies, but maximum protection.

Love this stuff!Sun-ex-hair-and-scalp-(1)


Summer is only a few weeks away but my skin looks like it’s suffering from it already. And yes, I’m talking about the dreaded dark spots lingering on my face.

Don’t get me wrong, I apply my dose of SPF before I apply makeup but it seems like it’s not enough anymore. The environment is getting harsher these days – I can feel it, my skin also feels it. I’m only out in the sun when I commute to and from work but the effect on my skin is getting more drastic each time I’m outside. It’s quite frustrating since my skin tone gets uneven and the dark spots stand out in my face like it’s saying “Hello, world! I’m here!” Ugh.

Quite interestingly, POND’S just launched their new White Beauty Spotless Rosy White Day Cream for women who are suffering the same predicament as mine. According to the product description, it has Advanced Vitamin B3+ Technology that helps boost skin’s natural whitening ability from within. It fights 10 of today’s toughest skin problems (including darks spots and uneven skin tone just to name a few) for a rosy, white glow. Since it became available in Sample Room, I decided to give it a try, hoping that the cream delivers what it promises.

The product indicates that it’s for day use but I also used it for my night time routine for 4 days. It’s also formulated for people with normal skin and being the oily-combination skin girl like me, I was afraid it might rack up the oiliness of my face.

On my first application, I was surprised on how the texture of my face changed post-application. I followed the instructions on the box only using a pea-size amount for my face. After the product sank onto my skin, it suddenly disappeared and left my face feeling dry while I was still rubbing it in. It felt like I was tugging my cheeks all the time. At first, I was disappointed, but after a few minutes, the texture of my face turned powdery, as if I just applied a layer or two of powder foundation. I applied my makeup on top of the day cream and it did not affect the oiliness of my face at all. It did not suppress it nor made it worse, which is a plus for me. I also used this as a night cream and the powdery texture stayed until the next morning.

After 4 days of using this day cream, I noticed that my skin tone is not as uneven as it was before, and the dark spots on my face somehow lightened, although it’s still there. I’m willing to give this day cream more time for my face as I’m quite impressed with its effect on my skin during the first 4 days I used it!

The Pond’s White Beauty Spotless Rosy White Day Cream gave me hope for my problematic dark spots and it now deserves a space in my vanity area. So if you’re suffering with same problem as mine, I urge you to try it and see the effects yourself!