Belo SunExpert Hair and Scalp Shield
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hair and Scalp

Enriched with UV filters and Vitamin E, Belo SunExpert Hair and Scalp Shield protects your hair from sun damage and provides deep nourishment from root to tip. Use this wonder product everyday and enjoy its irresistible scent and silky finish. It deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair while strengthening unwanted frizz and flyaway.

Usage: Spray evenly on dry or damp hair before and during sun exposure. Start with a small amount and layer as needed. Suitable for daily use.

FULL SIZE: 100 ml

PRICE:  PHP 349.75


Available in Watsons, SM, Mercury Drugstores and in all leading  supermarkets, department stores, groceries and drugstores nationwide.





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Everyone knows that babies need special care for their hair. But did you know that toddler hair is still sensitive? Even if your little princess is already active, her hair is still thinner and more prone to damage compared to adult hair. It’s prone to tangles, damage, and brittleness.

The new Shiny Drops™ shampoo is infused with Argan Oil so that it can make your hair shine like a princess like adult shampoo, but it is also mild with its No More Tears™ formula.

FULL SIZES: 100 mL / 200 mL / 500 mL

PRICES: PHP 73.00 / PHP 131.00 / PHP 268.00

JOHNSON’S® is available in all leading stores nationwide.




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When I was still a little girl, I would remember my hair being washed with gugo.

I would see brown plant-like sheets being soaked in water, and being used for my hair. My hair was so beautiful and shiny during those days, and I never ever forgot how wonderful gugo was to my hair!

I believe someone found her experience with gugo unforgettable too – I will take a wild guess that the creator of Zenutrients did, too, because she just brought bliss back into my life by having her shampoos in gugo variant, which I believe are the bestsellers! ( why wouldn’t it be?). I have so much Zenutrients products in my bath cabinet, but this tops all of them in terms of repurchase and preference!

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner ( two products ) are simply wonderful. I’ve been using this for more than 3 years already, and they remain to be indispensable in my bath arsenal. Zenutrients shampoos are quite economical – you only need a small amount of product and it would already effectively cleanse the scalp and the hair. The conditioner provides a really mild, natural way of keeping the hair soft and smooth. The gugo variants smell naturally wonderful – not too sweet, but somehow planty, just the way I like them, and the result is always healthy-looking hair. As for my hair strands if they are indeed strengthened – well, using this has made my hair less brittle – that’s what I know of!

Now, I just want to take a moment to just appreciate the new, revamped packaging of Zenutrients – take a look at that – more elegant in black sticker, and green foil stamped logo. Beautiful, and minimalistic, just like their products are – straight to the point, but bringing in so much good benefits!

How about you? Do you have a Zenutrients favorite? Share it with us!



Gugo Shampoo strengthens and promotes hair growth for thicker, fuller hair.

How to use:

1. Wet hair, apply and massage all over hair and scalp.

2. Rinse well. Use daily or as often as needed.

*Works best with the conditioner as a system.

Gugo Conditioner strengthens and promotes hair growth for thicker, fuller hair.

How to use:

  1. After shampooing, apply generously from mid to end of hair.
  2. Leave for three minutes or longer, rinse.

Recommended for: thinning and fine hair
FULL SIZES: Gugo Shampoo: 250 mL / 500 mL  / 1L

Gugo Conditioner: 200 mL / 500 mL  / 1L

PRICE: Gugo Shampoo: PHP 234.00 / PHP 456.00 / PHP 717.00

Gugo Conditioner: PHP 260.00 / PHP 652.00 / PHP 913.00

  • 3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall
  • 2/F Virra Mall Greenhills
  • G/F Landmark Trinoma
  • G/F Landmark Makati
  • G/F Festival Mall
  • 3/F Robinson’s Ermita
  • G/F SM Pampanga
  • G/F SM Sucat
  • 57 East Capitol Drive Bgy. Kapitolyo Pasig
  • L/G SM SouthMall
  • 2/F SM Manila
  • 3/F SM Megamall Bldg A Walkway
  • G/F SM San Lazaro
  • G/F Ayala Trinoma
  • 2/F SM Bicutan
  • 2/F SM Baguio
  • G/F Century City Mall
  • G/F Metro Gaisano Market Market
  • G/F Market Market Mall Center Atrium
  • 2/F Metro Gaisano Ayala Mall Cebu
  • 2/F Metro Gaisano Colon Cebu
  • G/F SM Marilao
  • G/F SM Santa Rosa Laguna
  • G/F SM Lanang Davao
  • 2/F SM Bacolod
  • G/F SM Dasmarinas Cavite
  • 2/F SM Fairview
  • 2/F SM North Edsa Main Building
  • G/F UP Town Center
  • 2/F Alabang Town Center
  • 3/F SM Calamba Laguna
  • G/F SM General Santos
  • G/F Solenad Nuvali 3


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Instagram: zenutrients

Twitter: zenutrients


Email: [email protected]


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Newbie in the hair coloring game? Let our roommates help you out in this week’s #SampleRoomSpotlight! Learn the gist of hair coloring at home as some of the members of the Sample Room squad themselves  share the best tips for first-time hair color DIY-ers!

spotlight krisell

spotlight rachelle




spotlight patriciaspotlight sharlynnspotlight drake

That’s it for this round-up, roommates. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom to our lovely roommates!

For first-time hair color DIY-ers, we highly recommend for you to use a hair coloring kit with #SureAndSafe formula like Shades Cream Hair Dye! It’s free from parabens and other harmful metals and infused with Built-In Conditioning Actives like Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to keep your hair moisturized throughout the hair coloring process.

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5 Dyed Hair Care Tips
Friday, 7 October 2016

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There’s a new trend in town, and dyed hair is all the rage. Not that it hasn’t been already for the past few years, but recent innovations and creative solutions to the past ways of plainly dying one’s hair from one shade to another has boosted it to mainstream style all the more.

Free cosmetic samples and paid products alike can do a lot for those who want to experiment, but there are common, undeniably fashionable trends one can try out, too. Some of the most famous hair trends this year include the dip-dye, rainbow bangs, brightly colored locks, and gradients. But remember, no matter which one you pick, it won’t be any good without maintenance!

Take a look at our hair care tips for those with dyed hair:

Choose a Colour-Protecting Shampoo

Hair colour consultants from all over the globe agree that those with dyed hair need a special kind of shampoo for maintaining its color, shine, and vibrancy. Regular shampoos cannot be substituted as they may contain elements that may contribute to the detriment of the colored hair, resulting in a botched – and wasted – job.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently

Avoid Washing Your Hair Frequently

Constant contact with water will understandably wash the color out of your hair eventually, especially if it’s new. That said, don’t wash too often and let the color “stick” for a while first.

You may also want to use only cool or lukewarm water when showering, as hotter temperatures will lead to an easier removal of your hair’s tint.
So, in lieu of washing it every day, you may refresh your hair by applying dry shampoo instead. They’re just as good as the real thing, only quicker!

Use Conditioner after Your Shampoo

Dry hair is public enemy number one. This is because having dry and colored hair will make your locks look more artificial than appealing, so avoid this at all costs. Luckily, the remedy is simple – apply conditioner every time after you shampoo. That’s all it takes. Make sure to leave it on for at least 3 minutes before rinsing off to ensure that your hair gets enough.

Shy Away From Using Hot Tools

Shy Away From Using Hot Tools

The use of hot tools such as hair dryers and curling irons can lead to dry hair as they burn away essential proteins which keep your hair smooth and soft. That said, make sure to apply hair sprays specifically designed for heat protection when before using them! Also, try not to forcefully style your hair every day, as it can lead to serious long-term damage.

Enhance with a Serum or Shine Spray

Think of it like adding topcoat on your nails, or a little gloss on your lips. A bit of extra shine never hurt, and the same goes for your hair. Apply some hair polish to give your locks that natural, lively look while also protecting it from drying out.

Remember, no matter what kind of color you tint your hair, it won’t be any good if you don’t maintain it. Make sure to always keep your hair moisturized, clean, and well-kept without subjecting it to harsh treatment. Do that, and your lovely locks will do just fine.



We’ve seen it in movies and teleseryes, the iconic “Basha is moving on” scenes where women change-up their manes as they sashay a new look into the world of dating again. Being a supportive fan of Bea (yasss), I too decided to chop off my hair mid-length early this year as a result of a post-break-up vexation and bleached my hair to achieve dazzling colors of blue, green, blonde and gray. I went back to black when I realized how dry my hair was after the chemicals worked its coloring magic on it. Realizing how brittle my hair became after several coloring sessions, I opted to stay away from DIY hair color kits for the meantime.

I may not have dated anyone else after that deemed initiation to singleness, but my hair is boring me up again so I decided to go DIY and color my locks. As I was searching for a safer and less painful way of dyeing my hair (yes roommates, some hair dyes really sting a lot!), Shades, the newest kid in the Splash Corporation family, suddenly arrived in the Sample Room turf. It is introducing a new solution to getting non-damaging, full coverage, long-lasting hair color. According to them, this has a #SureAndSafe formula that is free from harmful Parabens and Heavy Metals to color both virgin and dyed hair with complete care at an affordable price. Talk about a really weird and awesome coincidence! With a lot of guts and hope for this brand, I went home with a box of Burgundy shade and hoped for the best.



The start of the coloring process….

When I opened the box, I was looking for an extra sachet of hair treatment as what the other hair color kits also have. Apparently, Shades has Built-In Conditioning Actives to give my hair the moisture it needs during the entire hair coloring process. It harnessed the power of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that effectively penetrates the hair cortex allowing my strands to absorb more moisture and improve my hair’s volume and smoothness. It streamlined the hair coloring game by combining all products into one! I’m also glad that they also added plastic gloves as a little extra. Not all DIY-ers have this on-hand, ya know!

After improvising my own tools and scoring the help of my sister, I plunged in into the world of hair coloring again. What I like about this particular brand was it didn’t sting. It’s a big plus since most of the DIY hair kits I tried left me agonizing in pain throughout the colorful ordeal. I left the color cream on for more than 30 minutes and it didn’t give me any discomfort as what I would’ve expected. I rinsed the color off after sitting through a full movie of Fantastic Four and I’m quite amazed that it did not feel really dry or brittle at all. In fact, it felt like I just put on conditioner on my hair.


The waiting game…



Minutes after washing the color treatment off.

I waited until the next day to see the full effect of the color on my hair and it was more than I expected it to be. For 120 php, this hair color kit is such a steal! It’s vibrant, as it claims to be, especially outdoors. Even under fluorescent lights, the color is really noticeable on my hair.

I’m glad I tried this and will explore more colors from this line in the future, even when I’m not dealing with any post-break-up bitterness.

Start your hairventures with Shades®!
Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Interested to DIY your hair color with Shades® Cream Hair Dye kit? Read on our tips and tricks below to help you ace your hair coloring game like a pro!

1. Follow the instructions on the leaflet included in the box. For gals with long hair, you may need more than 1 box for the color application.
2. Always do a patch and strand test before any treatment to avoid possible allergic reactions.
3. Use an old towel or coloring cape to avoid staining clothes during the hair coloring process.
4. To avoid staining your hairline and ears, you can apply petroleum jelly or oil-based lotion on these areas before you start coloring with Shades®.
5. For girls with color treated hair, apply color to the untreated hair first for 30 minutes. After that, you can apply the color to your previously color-treated strands for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off.
6. As #SureAndSafe as this cream hair dye kit is, it is still highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women to not use chemical-laced treatments on their hair.

How to apply the Shades® Cream Hair Dye:

Whole [Recovered]

We hope you’ll enjoy your hairventures with us! Don’t forget to snap a photo of your new look or share your experiences with the Shades® Cream Hair Dye kit on your blog and social media channels with the hashtags #SureAndSafe and #SampleRoomPH.

Good luck, roommates!