The NEW Sample Room VIP membership
Tuesday, 7 October 2014



Sample Room, the Philippines’ First Beauty & Lifestyle Sampling Website Revamps VIP Membership!

Sample Room, the Philippines’ first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, has been giving Filipinos the ultimate value for money, with their “try before you buy” concept. By being a member of Sample Room, you get to grab the latest beauty and lifestyle samples that you can also place a review of after trying them.


How Sample Room works

With Sample Room, we give you the perks of getting to try the latest brands and products in the market! Simply sign up and get 100 free points upon registration. With 100 free points, use your points to grab your desired samples, and upon checkout and payment of a minimal shipping and handling fee, you get your set of samples delivered to your doorstep. As you enjoy your experience trying out the samples, you are requested to review the products you have sampled, and with that, you get your points back and you get to have a chance to grab new samples again!



Sample Room’s New and Improved VIP Membership: You’ll Never Know Unless You Try!

As Sample Room is turning two years old soon, things just keep getting better with new offerings and treats for Sample Room members.

This October, Sample Room launches a new-and-improved VIP membership system. Previously, Sample Room’s VIP membership gives you 1,000 free points that can be used for two months to avail of premium samples, for just 699php. This October, Sample Room ups the amp to give its VIP members an absolute treat! For P 799.00, aside from the 1,000 free points, VIP members get a surprise goodie package every time they sign up for VIP membership.


How Sample Room VIP membership works 

VIP Membership with Sample Room gives you the freedom to choose any sample you want, and to be able to avail our exclusive, limited premium samples. Get 1,000 free points reusable within two months for only P799.00, and get samples with a total value of more than P799 value every month by simply availing our sample selections!

With Sample Room’s new and improved VIP membership, aside from having the freedom to grab all types of samples in our website, you get a surprise package, that is shipped to you for free every time when you sign up and renew for your VIP membership. Be surprised and delighted with our carefully curated package just because we want to give you the best sampling experience!

 You may avail of Sample Room’s NEW and Improved VIP membership HERE!


 Avail of Sample Room’s NEW and Improved VIP membership HERE!

Blogger Circle Search 2014
Saturday, 12 April 2014


You’re in your gorgeous purple dress, but what makeup would go well with it?

This is a common dilemma that a lot of ladies encounter. What’s the proper way of matching your makeup with your outfit?

Here are 10 tips to help you out:

1. Do not overdo the matchy-matchy thing. Having the same color of eye shadow, lipstick, accessories, and dress can look like a costume.

2. If you want your makeup to match with the color of your dress, a soft wash of color on the lids is the safest way to do it. Keep it within the same color family, but avoid exact color match. If you’re wearing a purple gown, you can go for soft lavender or lilac eye shadow. Continue Reading

Somehow, when someone is referred to as a mom, the image that usually pops up is someone who is so busy with taking care of the kids and family that she neglects herself in the process. Hence the rise to popularity of the word losyang which has somehow become synonymous with mukhang nanay. Does the term mukhang nanay need to have a negative connotation?

I beg to differ. I’m a mom to two kids – a gradeschooler and a tween. Although I must admit that I usually just put on a shirt and jeans when I go to work (hubby’s family biz deals in construction supplies) I never forego skin care and hair care. I’m just a couple of years shy of 40 and so I can’t afford not to take care of myself. You can too, you just need to set aside a few minutes in the morning and another few minutes at night.

Here’s a rundown of stuff I do for skin and hair maintenance: Continue Reading

Blogger Circle MechanicsPlease click image for larger and clearer picture

A lot of makeup buffs know the basics of highlighting and contouring while some makeup newbies may still be new to these steps. These sculpting techniques are accent keys to being MORE photogenic on camera, but does everyone on the face of the earth really need a shaded, contoured nose line…in the daytime for that matter? Let’s admit that sometimes nose lines (shading on either side of the nose bridge) can literally look like and be a bit of a “drag” and the last thing any woman would want is to look like she tried too hard or end up being overdone and garish.

makeup by Julia Arenas

I have some personal principles that I also use as a makeup professional from time to time and I don’t hold a banner over my head saying this is a rule you should never bend, take it or leave it…it’s either it works for you or it doesn’t, but I’m telling you it will. Taking makeup into context is an essential key to doing it really well because if you want people to believe what they see you really don’t want to wear FULL ON celebrity makeup and look like a painted and powdered wax figurine sitting in your office cubicle. In my professional experience while doing weddings, TV Commercials, print ads, models, and one or two celebrities, the following principle has helped me make use of my sculpting techniques in a more natural looking manner.

Continue Reading

Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial
Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!
I only realized that it was almost Chinese New year when my parents asked me to cancel all my plans this weekend because we were going to celebrate it with our family friends. I got inspired to do a makeup tutorial for this special occasion because Chinese are always very meticulous about presentation/ appearance. You don’t need to have colorful or crazy makeup to stand out at a Chinese gathering. In fact, most traditional or old school Chinese parents don’t like that. So my advice for those who want to wow a crowd this Chinese New Year is to look fresh, clean and simple!

 Here are some of my recent makeup finds that I used for this look: 
1. FACE: Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream & Nars Orgasm Blush
2. EYES: Lancome Petit Tresor Eyeshadow, Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner & Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara
3. LIPS: Chanel Rouge Coco #19 

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