In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil
Wednesday, 19 July 2017

IHE002_a The Spot Control Facial Oil is a blend of premium, high-grade oils that work together to bring back balance to troubled skin. Sunflower oil is an excellent skin brightener and blemish remover due to its high fatty acid and Vitamin E content; both work to fade marks over time. Our Facial Oil also features Tea Tree and Green Tea, for fighting stubborn acne. Finally, it is infused with Jojoba Oil to re-balance skin.


INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E

USAGE: Apply two to three drops on skin and pat all over the surface gently. Massage it to heal and correct your skin at night, right before you sleep.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


PRICE: PHP 475.00









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Acne, acne, acne. It doesn’t go away with age, I tell ya.

I remember during my high school days, during those days when my hormones were all raging, and my acne was on its all time high. I felt so insecure having those redness on my face, unable to hide them, and desperately looking for the cure those days. I resorted to astringents ( I’ve wiped my skin oil-free every 3 hours with astringent in class ), and even stumbled into over the counter products that burned my skin, making me cry so hard because the burn happened a few days before the prom, and left quite a dark mark on my face!

Yes, acne can affect how you live, how you work, and how you interact with people. Sometimes I wish that acne was one skin condition that although very “shallow” for some, will just be “phased-out” . Just imagine that, one day, people without the threat of acne in their lives. That would just be so wonderful!

But reality check, it’s here during one’s younger years, and it can still remain there when it pleases during one’s adult life!

Fast forward to 2016, we have a new product from Pond’s that’s so affordable, and promises to eradicate acne in 3 days. Pond’s Acne Clear Leave-On Spot Clearing Gel is something to indeed try for those who have acne-prone skin.

“In order to address this pressing concern, Pond’s, the number 1 face care brand in the Philippines, formulated an innovative combination of Thymol and Terpineol (TT), for the New Pond’s Acne Clear product range. Imbued with revolutionary Lock + Clear technology, the new Pond’s Acne Clear is the first in the world to lock powerful acne- fighting Active Thymo-T Essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root.”

Very interesting. So I used this for a few days to see how it fared on me. After all, adult acne is still in my life.

As I squirted product from the tube, it was a clear gel, and as I applied it on my chin, where acne still thrived. My skin absorbed it rather quickly, and there was no sting. After a few days, I see my acne did not darken into spots, but my acne was dry and almost gone. This must be one great product that I’ll recommend to even young ones because the formula is mild in my opinion – it won’t cause burns for over usage, and yet, it is subtle in its work in drying up acne and just addressing the concern!

Looks like this will be a staple on my vanity table, as you don’t know when acne will strike again!


Unique Lock & Clear technology targets acne at the root and help protect skin from future breakouts.
Clinically proven to reduce acne.

Best for acne prone skin

For acne control, apply the gel daily onto all areas of your face that are prone to breakouts.







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Week 1: 

The formula starts to cleanse your skin and provide you a clean and fresh feeling. They should not be touched so as to allow the skin to recover more quickly


Week 2:

Wash twice a day. Derma Sense goes deep into pores to fight against acne-causing bacteria and remove excess oil. Avoid very hot water because it can scald the skin, which can be irritating. Over the 2nd week you will notice the number of pimples start to reduce.


Week 3:

Don’t pop your pimples. they can get infected bacteria that may get inside other pores and give them a place to stay.


Week 4:

Try not to touch your face.  You will see some significant clearing of the skin and almost every day will start looking better than the previous day.


Week 5: 

Improvement continues. This is because of Derma Sense’s antimicrobial ingredient, which provides inhibition against bacteria growth in your follicle.


Week 6: 

The pores would have opened up and your skin would be able to breathe freely. The dead skin cells would have long been gone and there would be reduced skin inflammation.


Week 7:

 Continue to follow your regimen with the same rigor as you did when the breakout was at its peak.


Week 8:

It’s time to reclaim your skin and follow your skin-hygiene routine. Continue to wash with Derma Sense at least twice a day to fight against acne-causing germs that may come back

When I was during my teenage years, there were good skin care brands out there – you just had to research, and, well, save up a little for them. Good skin came with a price, and I was prepared to forego my lunch just to save up for good skin care, and even makeup. In other words, good skincare was price-prohibitive for students way back then, I believe. But then, I was really desperate during my younger years, battling acne, and even more, self esteem, so I had to do everything to get out that problem!

Nowadays, I promise you, we’re just really lucky. Great skin care products are within our reach, and within our budget! Safeguard, the world leader in family germ protection ( a brand that I have patronized for their body soap ever since I was born perhaps! ) now has expanded into skincare for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Safeguard Derma Sense is here now in the Philippines!


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