Babies. Don’t you just think that they smell so good? They’re the best-smelling citizens on earth, I really, really believe! I want to smell like them all the time – always fresh, powdery, and clean!

Sometimes, even if I’m already all mature and that, I’d still prefer smelling like a baby, which gives me an utmost preference for baby perfumes, and even baby skincare. So gentle, and just smells so wonderful!

Did I just say gentle? Yes, gentle. When we do look for skincare products – for babies, and even for adults, in general, we just tend to look for cleansers that give us that squeaky, clean feel that usually translates to clean-ness, right? Well, that actually dries up our skin, and harms our skin, and strips off moisture.

Johnson & Johnson now has new products that promise effective yet gentle cleaning of the skin while retaining moisture – Johnson’s Milk & Oats Baby Bath and Lotion.

Both products have the nourishing power of Milk and Restoring Oats which help bring back moisture to bar-soap damaged skin. This came in handy on time as my skin is starting to get flaky and a bit dry from all the Halloween parties and get-togethers I attended last week.

Upon opening both bottles, the smell reminded me of the scents I used to wear when I was a kid. The “young spirit” in me became excited! The consistency of both products is runny and yet, it felt so creamy on the skin. The wash lathers well and a little amount goes a long way. I immediately applied the lotion after bathing. To be honest, I’m surprised that it did not leave my skin sticky after application. It has the signature consistency of JOHNSON’S lotions (which, I assume, most of us tried at some point of our lives) and yet, my skin did not feel greasy or syrupy — it just felt soft and healthy.

After using these products, I’m still very much on the adapting stage because I love squeaky-clean, but there is no way that I will let my future children miss out on this fact – they need not have dry skin while being given a bath! They can have these wonderfully soft, clean skin for a little longer while using the Johnson’s Milk & Oats line!

When I was during my teenage years, there were good skin care brands out there – you just had to research, and, well, save up a little for them. Good skin came with a price, and I was prepared to forego my lunch just to save up for good skin care, and even makeup. In other words, good skincare was price-prohibitive for students way back then, I believe. But then, I was really desperate during my younger years, battling acne, and even more, self esteem, so I had to do everything to get out that problem!

Nowadays, I promise you, we’re just really lucky. Great skin care products are within our reach, and within our budget! Safeguard, the world leader in family germ protection ( a brand that I have patronized for their body soap ever since I was born perhaps! ) now has expanded into skincare for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Safeguard Derma Sense is here now in the Philippines!


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