Ready 2 White Milky Cream Pack can help you achieve bright and white skin in just 3 minutes! Its rich intensive milky protein, which originated from Korea, moisturizes and nourishes your skin throughout the day. Its vitamin C and moisturizers leave your face smoother, brighter, and fairer-looking up to 3 days. With its adenosine component, appearance of wrinkles is also reduced.

-Nourishes all types of skin including sensitive skin
-Instant skin-whitening right after first application

100 ml

PRICE: PHP 499.00



SM San Lazaro

SM Fairview

SM Manila

SM Megamall

SM Mall of Asia

SM Southmall

Robinsons Ermita

Market! Market!

SM The Block

Uptown Bonifacio

SM Department Store (Beauty Section):

SM Makati


SM Megamall

SM Fairview

SM Cubao

SM North Edsa

SM Aura

SM Supermarket:

SM Aura

Robinsons Department Store:


Metro East




Fisher Mall Department Store

Metro Gaisano UP Town Center

LCC Legaspi








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Ahh, the avocado, one of the most respected fruits by dieticians, fashion and fitness bloggers and beauty YouTubers. Avocado toasts and shakes float around influencers’ IG feeds and for a couple of good reasons: it helps improve cardiovascular health, promote good digestion, maintain healthy skin and helps you to lose weight!

Beauty-wise, the flesh of the fruit can be used as a face mask and cold-pressed avocado oils can bring a lot of moisturizing and anti-aging benefits to the table. Use it on your face or body and you’re surely wake up the next day with skin as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt.

With this fact on hand, it’s a good thing that Silka Skincare harnessed the precious avocado oil into their Premium Moisturizing Line with Avocado Oil. Luckily, Sample Room was able to provide us and our roommates samples from this line so we can try the power of avocado oil at an affordable price for ourselves!

I was able to try the Silka Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil and boy, it smells so D-I-V-I-N-E! It’s the luscious combination of sweet citrus with hints of floral notes in between, if that makes sense. Right out the box, you can already whiff the precious scent of this soap. As I browsed through the ingredients (yes, I check the ingredients list of my products), it’s cool to know that it’s also infused with almond milk and enriched with Vitamin E for a softer and healthier looking skin.

As I used the soap, I noticed how it lathers really well and how the scent lingered for a couple of hours after I finished taking a bath. It left my skin feeling squeaky clean but not too stripped of moisture as what anti-bacterial soaps do. My skin felt smooth and soft after and I immediately slathered the accompanying lotion for everything to set in. I just love how fragrant my skin was after using this line!

After a few days of use, I noticed it made my skin look brighter. Not really a couple of shades fairer but my skin looked healthier and more radiant. I’m not really aiming for a whiter skin so I’m already sold on this part. I also noticed how my skin doesn’t feel sticky under the sunny afternoons in Metro Manila, granted if I’m not out under the heat for more than an hour.

All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable solution to a more healthy-looking, moisturized and fragrant skin, I highly suggest you check out and try the Silka Premium Moisturizing Soap and Lotion with Avocado Oil. You’ll be surprised to know what avocado oil can do for your skin.

Skin Care: The Basics
Friday, 21 October 2016

Skin Care 101 Cover Photo

Contrary to popular belief, skin care isn’t just all about a wash here and a bit of cream there. No, even the exclusive use of the best-reviewed moisturizers in the Philippines won’t help you. In actuality, it’s more of a delicate balancing act that requires one to maintain their skin at just the right conditions in order for it to flourish.

That said, here are our top 3 skin tips you can use to get smoother, healthier skin!

Be mindful of the Sun

Be mindful of the sun

If you’re one of many who enjoy spending their days in the great outdoors, then you should be careful when it comes to your exposure to the sun’s rays. A little bit is okay, of course – the sun’s UVB rays are known for aiding our body in the production of Vitamin D. In addition, according to an issue of Dermato-Endocrinology, it was found that the sun also helps us by:

-Enhancing our mood and energy levels through the release of endorphins, making us feel more awake and alert.
- Synchronizing our biorhythms, allowing us to regulate our internal functions in accordance with how our days progress.
- Treating skin-related diseases such as vitiligo, stopic dermatitis, or scleroderma.

On the other hand, overexposure is a whole other issue – and a bad one at that. It can cause the formation of wrinkles, age spots, and other a whole host of other unsavory symptoms. It can even develop into serious medical conditions such as skin cancer. Luckily, it can be very easily avoided by following these steps:

1. Use sunscreen. It should come as no surprise that this is our first suggestion. Time and time again sunscreen has proven itself to be the best form of defense against the sun’s rays – just make sure that you get the right one. As a rule of thumb, pick a kind that’s labeled as “broad spectrum” and SPF 30 above, then apply liberally.

2. Utilize shade. Never expose yourself to direct sunlight for long periods of time, especially within the hours of 10am to 2pm as the sun burns the hottest then.

3. Wear appropriate clothing. Cover your skin wherever you can or use an umbrella.

Maintain your body

While keeping clean should always be a priority, there is such a thing as being too clean. That is, ridding the body of all its natural oils and fats so much that the skin becomes fully deprived of them. Here are ways you can stay hygienic while also keeping your body naturally healthy:

- Avoid strong products. Daily cleansing routines should be gentle and unimposing. This is because continual application of potentially destructive material on your skin will eventually erode and damage it.
- Bathe properly. Use only warm water and do not bathe for too long. Doing so will wash away all your skin’s oils. Also, don’t dry yourself too hard either. Instead, only gently pat or blot your skin so a little bit of moisture remains on the skin.
- Moisturize constantly. Use appropriate creams or masks as often as you can.

Eat Well

Eat well

As the old adage goes, “you are what you eat.” With that in mind, do your best to add healthy, skin-friendly foods to maintain your skin’s natural beauty. Take almonds for example – they are rich in essential fatty acids which aid in preventing the onslaught of wrinkles, blotches, or fine lines. Other similarly healthy foods are fish, vegetables, and fruits!


Keeping your skin healthy doesn’t have to be an exercise in patience. A healthy balance of sun, cleanliness, and diet should keep it glowing nicely all the time.

You can check out our latest offering in Sample Room, the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Soap and Lotion with Avocado Oil to add an amp of nourishment for your skin care. Get these samples for free now by clicking here.



Why would a tropical country like ours be so into whitening?

Well, for one, I am not. To be totally honest, I just love basking under the sun and getting tanned all over!

But then, basking under the sun does its damage – making the skin dull, and lifeless. Skin looks really uneven and patchy. It would look really dry and scaly, too. I do have that during my post beach-trip, and I immediately go into a whitening phase! Not because I want my old color back, but it’s because I want glowing, even, baby-soft skin!

Trying out Silka Whitening Soap in the Shea Butter variant is very interesting. I am not really a huge fan of moisturizers and lotions, and looks like this is a great marriage of whitening/evening and moisturizing properties in a soap! It had so much promise that I had to try it.

The smell of Silka Whitening Soap is sweet, and buttery, just like dessert. It’s the same refreshing soap that I’ve tried with Silka ( I love, love Papaya! ) but this is more moisturizing, and this is sweet-smelling. This is great for those who are into sweet scents. For the whitening part, it takes patience to wait for the skin to even out – give it at least two weeks! As you use it gradually, you’ll just notice the skin go back to its normal color, being smooth and soft.

Overall, this is a great soap for those who want to feel fresh after a shower, but also with skin feeling soft and smooth! As for the whitening part – allow this bar to make you amazed with gradual use!

A Brief Primer to Glutathione
Thursday, 11 August 2016

From billboards, beauty shelves, and countless commercials, we’ve seen the mother of all antioxidants advertised over and over as a whitening supplement. But what most people don’t know is that it is also the master detoxifier and one of the great boosters of our immune system: Glutathione (GSH).

Naturally, we produce GSH on our own body. It is a very simple molecule with three simple building blocks of protein or amino acids. It offers countless benefits to our health and it is the most prevalent antioxidant produced by the human body. GSH also helps protects cells from the damage caused by harmful free radicals, aids in detoxification, boost your immune system and keep your cells in tip-top shape.

However, as we age, our body’s natural production of GSH declines. But other factors such as poor diet, pollution, toxins, stress, and radiation also deplete the body’s GSH which, in turn, contributes to uncontrolled cell disintegration.

Luckily, supplement manufacturers from all over the world made it easier for us to get our dose of GSH through capsules, supplements, and even oral doses! But here’s where the precaution lies: Make sure you’re getting the real deal. We’ve known stories of people getting scammed with fake GSH and ended up with health problems. If you searched “fake glutathione,” you’ll stumble upon pages and pages of frustrations and scary experiences in blogs, news articles, and forums.

One way of making sure that the supplement you’re taking is if it’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines or commonly known by its former name, Bureau of Food and Drugs or BFAD. This agency is created to ensure that the food and drugs made available to the public are safe and would cause no harm to our body. You can check their online website for the list of approved supplements or just type the name and search site wide. Results will come up if it’s approved by FDA.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.06.30 AM

Remember roommates, it’s one thing to take a step to a healthier you but it’s another to research about the product and make sure that what you’re getting is safe for your body. Consulting a physician before taking any supplements also helps so they can give you personalized advice and recommendations considering your current state of health.

Full Sized

The VitaminPlus GlutaBright HA+, available in our products page for free!

Good luck roommates!



SkinWhite Classic now has Light-Feel Technology! Our non-sticky whitening lotion with added VitaNourish formula and SPF benefit so you’re protected from the sun, too!


Best for skin type: Dry to normal


FULL SIZES: 50ml / 100ml / 200ml / 350ml


PRICE: PHP 50.05 / PHP 79.20 / PHP 138.60 / PHP 221.65


AVAILABLE AT: Available in all leading stores nationwide.






Instagram:[email protected]


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Facial washes must be my favorite product of all time. It’s what dictates the fate of my face, that’s why!

Seriously, they say that facial wash products only cleanse the skin and moisturizer’s gonna keep the skin looking young. But then, without a clean face, how are you able to effectively moisturize your skin? The first step to having beautiful skin is having clean skin. But then, most of us tend to be masochists, and really go for the moisture-stripping facial cleansers. Sure, they really feel squeaky clean on the face, but when some facial cleansers actually make us feel that way, it also signals the oil glands to produce more because of the skin’s tightness. Oh, what a dilemma. My skin is oily and I don’t want too creamy cleansers so much. They don’t really feel too clean and refreshing on me.

I was given a chance ( yay for being Sample Room’s resident blogger! ) to try the latest beauty trend this 2015, that is the Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel. Gels are all the rage lately – from gel manicures, to gel eyeliners, and for skin care, it’s gel cleansers. They’re more refreshing than the creamy cleanser counterparts, and great thing about them is that they keep the skin moisturized. This product is formulated with pearl, that is a known whitener to the skin, and this formulation is oxygenated, meaning it is lightweight, clean, fresh, while effectively locking in moisture to the skin! Coolness.
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Mores White Booster
Monday, 15 September 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.27.20 PM

MORES is the newest raved skincare brand in Thailand. Mores offers the newest and best solution for your skin problem. Botanical ingredients used are imported from Mibelle Chemistry Switzerland, like other hi-end skincare brands.

MORES products are suited for all skin types, for men and women. Advice to always test patch the product first before fully using.


An intensive whitening and collagen booster using the latest Double Phytocell Technology. It is suitable to be used either as a daily moisturizer or dark spot treatment booster for pigmentation individuals. With consistent usage, skin barrier will be strengthened revealing a more radiant and supple skin. It is recommended to be used twice daily, day and night. For optimum results, leave it overnight as a treatment booster.

What’s special about Mores White Booster?

Ever feel so frustrated over dealing with post-acne dark spots or hyperpigmentation issues? Or STILL looking dull and lifeless despite trying so many types of proclaimed “whitening” products?

Mores White Booster is your skin solution to:

Recovery of damaged skin: Using the newest technology from Plant Stemcell – Phytocelltec, its’ main botanical extracts ingredients are Argan Spinosa and Alp-Rose which help to restore, strengthen skin barrier and protect epidermal skin cells from environmental stress.
Brighter skin and Radiance: Implementing botanical extracts from Alpha-Arbutin, Regu-Fade and Regu-Age, it helps to lighten skin hyperpigmentation, reduce puffiness and dark eye circles.
Collagen Boosting and Anti-aging: High in antioxidant properties with red wine and fruits extract, it prevents premature skin aging and reveals a much youthful and healthy skin.

* Skin-brightening concentrate
* Anti-Dark spot and Dermis
* Strengthen skin barrier
* Boosting Elastin and Collagen
* Reducing wrinkle

How to use:

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.26.33 PM

1. Wash face thoroughly, apply 2-3 pumps of WHITE BOOSTER. White Booster can substitute your regular moisturizer, different moisturizer can be used after. Morning and evening.
2. Put on the FIVE points all over the face, smooth over the face
3. At night if there are dark spots, after applying the cream over the face, put the cream on the dark spot to intensely whiten the discoloured area.

Full Size: 30ml
Price: PHP 1,695

Available at:
Order online at

Social Media:

Instagram: @brightskinph

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