7 Nightly Beauty Routines for Mommies
Friday, 11 November 2016

7 Nightly Beauty Routines for Mommies (1)

It’s no secret that moms are busy people. They’re either always taking care of the kids, getting chores done, or out at work doing their best to keep everything together. They rarely even give themselves enough time to cool down. But, when night comes, and there’s nothing left to do, then that’s the time moms can breathe a sigh of relief and give themselves some time to pamper themselves up too.
Nightly beauty routines are not uncommon, but most moms, already tired from a full day of work, limit themselves to just putting on some night cream or moisturizer then going straight to sleep. However, having a nightly beauty routine can make you feel just as relaxed – with tangible results! Not only will be feel more rested, but you’ll look like it too.

That said, take a look at the following mom-friendly regimens to try out:

Put Your Hair in a Bun

Put Your Hair in a Bun
It may seem like a simple routine, but the effects are significant. By placing your hair up in a bun right before you sleep, you keep the oil and dirt in your hair from getting onto your pillowcase whilst preventing pimple breakouts on your face. In addition, it also keeps your hair from spreading all over the place while you sleep. Waking up with naturally wavy hair is an added bonus, too.

Moisturize with Face and Hand Cream
According to the founder of the Art of Dermatology, Jessica Krant, the evening is the best time to undo whatever skin damage you may have incurred during the day. Moms can do this by applying moisturizers at night. Make sure that they contain vitamins A and C, peptides, and antioxidants – elements the best reviewed moisturizers here in the Philippines all have. That said, moms should moisturize their face, neck, and hands for the full effect.

Remove Your Makeup

Remove Your Makeup
Long days shouldn’t be an excuse for keeping makeup on all night. Moms should take care to clean their face from make-up before going to bed not only because keeping it on may result in clogged pores, but because leaving it on could also trigger breakouts or other unsavoury blemishes like blackheads or itchy spots.

Apply a Leave-on Exfoliator
Teresa Stenzel, director of education for Bioelements, says applying leave-on exfoliators at night can also help in correcting any damage done to your skin. Its key “repairing” ingredients will be absorbed by your skin while you are sleeping which will leave you nice and fresh in the morning.

Brush and Floss

Brush and Floss
It goes without saying, but maintaining teeth is just as important as the rest of one’s body. In fact, keeping them nice and white should be a priority, seeing as it is something people look at all day. Take care to brush and floss nightly to maintain its natural shine!

Turn on an Air Humidifier
Here’s a quick one – use air humidifiers. Not only will it keep the room cooler and smelling better, but it will also prevent your skin from drying out. Combine its use with a moisturizer with ingredients like cholesterol and ceramides and you’re good to go, even in the mornings! The best part about this is that it’s absolutely effortless – just turn your humidifier on and let it do the work for you.

Get 8 Hours of Rest

Get 8 Hours of Rest
Last but not least, get some sleep! For busy moms this may be a difficult thing to achieve, but grabbing 8 hours of z’s every night will definitely play a part in looking and feeling younger on a daily basis. Get rid of any dark circles, sagging skin, and an overly-pale complexion the natural way.

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It’s no secret that I have a great love for Silka products.

I’m the biggest fan of the papaya body washes of Silka, and even so, their lotions. My favorite would have to be the orange papaya variant.

So really, it’s hard to steer me away from that variant.

Now, I was challenged to try the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion in Avocado Oil. It claims deep hydration, whitens as early as seven days, and has SPF23.

I’m now confused. All the benefits truly got my attention. What to put first, what to put first? Help me?

Ok, it’s so great that it whitens in seven days. I always like bright, healthy looking skin, no question about that. And healthy skin really brings forth glowing skin. SPF 23 is a huge plus for me because it will not cause skin darkening, and therefore, keep my skin younger for more than a little while. I’m rejoicing right now.

Which boils me down to the last, but the vital benefit that I am after – hydration.

Yes, even if you have fair skin, and even if your skin is well protected from the sun, if your skin is not hydrated, it will never look young, supple, and fresh. That’s what I’m after!

Using the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion in Avocado Oil has given me the delight to the sense, primarily, by its scent. Thinking through and through how avocado would be translated into fragrance, I got a pleasant fresh fruity scent from it, that I don’t mind using. It’s not heavy, but it lingers, lingers on your skin that your friend would think that you’re always just fresh from the shower if he/she’s beside you! It’s a good one. The absorption powers of this lotion are amazing – it is the non-stickiest lotion I’ve ever tried, and yet it feels so soft and smooth on the skin. With regular use, the skin will look and feel amazing in no time.

Again, I’m so happy that Silka exists. Great products, great scents, let this brand exist til my grandchildren and even further more!

Red days? No problem!
Thursday, 16 June 2016

There comes a time in a month where our hormones are all out of place, we crave food for no reason at any given time and have sneezes that trigger a bloody rainfall… yep. Say hello to Mrs. Period and Mr. Cramps, the monthly “blissful” reminders of being a woman.

But our ordeal doesn’t have to be this hard. We’ve lined up a few tips for you roommates to help you breeze your way to your red days:

1.     Be prepared 
Don’t get caught with a bloody surprise! You can keep track of your period with the old school “calendar method” or you could download period tracking apps that are available for free.

2.     Move around
Having your period doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato all week long! You can do some stretching and light exercises to keep your endorphins (happy hormones) going.

3.     Eat the good stuff 
Avoid caffeine and salty foods in your red days if possible. These type of foods aid in water retention that gives you that bloated, crampy feeling. Yes, yes, you crave for a can of diet coke and a bar of milk chocolate but your abdomen will thank you if you feed it with the nutritious food it needs.

4.     Befriend a hot compress
Hot compress is our savior for the painful, red days. It helps with the cramps and soothes the sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

5.     Worry-free protection
Do you know what’s even more annoying than our period? It’s a definitive, red proof that we are in our period! Eeeek!Pads, tampons, diva cups, period panties… you name it! The list of our period arsenal keeps innovating each year. But if you’re more of a pad girl like me, use comfy pads that will keep your period stay in place and also give you a fresh feeling without the smell.
Whisper Item

The Whisper Skin Love is the thinnest and comfiest pad from Whisper. But don’t be fooled by its ultra slim look as it has a magic gel that absorbs 40x its weight! No more back leaks even on the heaviest of your red days! 

Improve your Zzzz game
Friday, 10 June 2016

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In this busy and hustling world, most of us lack proper sleep on a daily basis. With all the distractions (Netflix anyone?) that our technology can provide us and the stress we face in our lives, it wouldn’t be surprising to know if most of our peers and colleagues show up to work or school in the morning looking tired and groggy all the time. And when you ask them what’s wrong, their eyebags will answer your question. Eeek!

Give your body the rest it deserves. A good sleep is almost as good as drinking a shot from the Fountain of Youth– it keeps you looking fresh, youthful and helps your body be in a tip-top shape to function well. Invest on a nightly ritual that your body will thank you for as the years go by. Here are our some of our tips to help guide you along the way:


1. Keep distractions away at least an hour before going to bed

Most of us can’t resist to not be distracted of the pop alert of a Messenger chat, an Instagram like, a Twitter mention or an email alert. But you can’t keep your time and concentration dependent on your friend’s status update or your pal’s latest Snapchat with swap face filter. Give yourself a favor and get the shut-eye you need. If possible, turn your laptop or any other electronic devices off at least an hour before you go to bed. The blue light emitted by the screens are sending signals to your brain to keep you awake and alert. If you must read before bed using your phone or your tablet, enable your device’s Night Time mode or download a light filtering app. However, if you can’t turn your device off like me (I use my phone as an alarm), you can at least turn its notification alerts off.


2. Meditate

Many people swear by the relaxing effects of meditation and listening to ambient music. If nature sounds and chimes are not your things of choice, you could just simply find a spot in your bedroom or house that you’re comfortable in, sit down, relax, breathe deeply and just clear your mind off of the frustrations of the day. Meditation guide apps are also available for mobile. Download one for yourself and try. You’ll find yourself feeling light and calm after a few minutes.


3. Set a sleeping schedule

If you find yourself counting sheeps for hours before actually getting sleepy, then you might need to help your body stick to a sleeping schedule. Identify the time that your body feels the most tired in the evening and make it your target bed time. It will be difficult at first but the longer you stick to your bed time, the more it would help your body adjust its internal clock and improve your quality of sleep.


4. Watch what you eat before bed

Limit your caffeine intake in the evening, unless you’re pulling an all-nighter for school or work. And as much as possible, heavy meals should be taken at least two hours before bed. Snacking is okay, but snack healthily and in small portions.



5. Regular exercise

Pumping up your body regularly will have a helpful benefit to your health in the long run, as all fitness gurus, self-help books and at-home-exercise videos say. The wellness rewards that you will reap from your worn out running shoes and sweat soaked gym clothing will help improve symptoms of insomnia and increase the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative stages of sleep.



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6. Treat yourself to a night regimen

Our body’s cells regenerate while we sleep, meaning, we have to make the most out of what we put on our skin while we doze to help optimize its effects. Take advantage of this time to moisturize your body with a lotion or a body butter and by applying advanced skincare products to your face before you sleep. Skincare targeted are night application are often the most potent. Invest on items that will cater to your skin needs. For whitening, you can use products with Glutathione or Arbutin; for acne-control, look for ones with Salicylic acid; for dry skin, opt for products infused with coconut oil or olive oil; and for anti-aging, you can rely on Retinol, Niacinimide and Amino Peptides.

Fortunately, Olay has identified this golden timeframe for skincare, revolutionizing the beauty sleep regimen with the Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream. This overnight miracle promises five (5) nights to stunning, youthful skin with its 2x advanced anti-aging actives such as Vitamin B3, PAL-KTTKS (Amino Peptides), OliveM, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerol penetrating the skin 10 layers deep to provide 1.5x hydration and boost skin’s natural repair process by 60%.

Curious to try the #5NightsChallenge? 


Splash of Summer Event 2014
Thursday, 29 May 2014


Sample Room Celebrates Summer With

Beach Event :

Sample Room Summer Splash Beach Getaway


Sample Room makes its mark this summer with a fun, one-day beach getaway, the Sample Room Summer Splash Beach Getaway, an invite-only event for its partner bloggers, bloggers’ circle members, and Sample Room friends. With the event venue at Pico de Loro, Batangas, one of the newest and hippest beach destinations, this day is all about paying homage to this beautiful season, having fun at the beach, and bonding with girlfriends!

Sample Room takes you to the beach – a place that you can set aside your worries, let than inner child shine through, and just bring out that beautiful smile for the world is amazing! This trip would not be complete without essentials that completes the idea of a perfect summer :

Stay young, wild, and free basking in the glorious sun…

Belo SunExpert products that help you stay young under the sun, with powerful UVA and UVB blockers, and are lightweight, easily absorbent, and effective!


Time to bare that skin, but colored lips need not be erased!

Happy Skin’s latest products, the Shut Up and Kiss Me Limited Edition Moisturizing Lippie in Valentine Kiss and Make a Clean Sweep Micellar Water Revitalizing Makeup Cleanser, just because your skin and lips need to be healthy and beautiful at all times!


When it’s hot, all you will ever think about is having a cool, cool drink…

VitaBoost will keep you healthy under the scorching sun with its vitamin-packed healthdrink.

Nyogi Coconut Water will give you a splash of freshness and flavor, taking you to beautiful coconut trees and sand.


The sun shines its best at the beach…and you better be dressed for it.

Soak Swimwear is the reason why we anticipate in summer. Sexy silhouettes, sultry colors. Need we say more?

Maui & Sons coverups are colorful, fun, and will cover up just enough to call it still very much, sexy.


All bright, all right, all summer!

Jean and Rosz accessories take an interesting turn this summer with happy colors to brighten up any plain outfit!


One shade darker is still brighter this summer…

FLY Shades, with its hip and cool designs, brings out the fashionista in you, and keeps your eyes from the glare of the sun.


Kick off those shoes for now, time to let loose…

Melissa Shoes that are not only a perfect match for everydays, but also have really fun slipper designs for summer!

Elements Slippers are cushiony, and aesthetically pleasing with its oozing feminine vibe and wonderful simplicity, simply a summer staple!


Stay in the beat of summer…

Elecom earphones are stylish, functional, and fun! Just plug it in, and get lost in the party beats of summer!


Bring home only the good memories…

Celine foldable totes and pouches make you have bags in an instant just when you suddenly need to bring something home.


Capture summer. It’s more than a memory.

Cameras and digital equipment by Henry’s Camera will make you reminisce summer memories forever.


We gotta know we’re truly livin’ a good life…

Charm Makeup Brushes’ latest brush set called Livin` a Charmed Life,  as life is beautiful, when we choose to see that we really are living a blessed life!

Soffia Beauty recreates airbrush finish in makeup table – you’ll never look like you have makeup on. Here’s to forever summer skin!


Sample Room, the Philippines’ first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, now strong with a 16,000+ membership, tirelessly provides beauty/lifestyle samples to the Filipino people with increasing brands and the latest products in the market. Sample Room celebrates summer with the most awaited favorite products for sun protection.


This summer and beyond, Sample Room is all about giving Sample Room members the opportunity to try new products and services for free, empowering them with a “try before you buy” philosophy, giving value to money with a more assured purchase!


I LOVE the sun. I really, really do. Summer is my favorite time of the year, because I love the beach too! I have no problem getting a beautiful tan during summer. In fact, I would not want to go home from the beach without a tan. I want that stamp of summer every single time I get the chance.

But then, being tanned is not all that. Sure, it can look glowing and gorgeous during the first week, but the following weeks, or months, if you don’t exfoliate regularly, you will slowly see your skin ( your arms, legs ) looking patchy, dull, and uneven. The darkness wouldn’t be flattering as it would look dirty and dull. Sometimes, I just shrug it off, but how can I shrug it off with Belo’s new wonder soap?

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Summer is simply my favorite season of the year. It’s the time when the sun shines oh so brightly, and my mood is lifted up, as sunny as it is outdoors. Haha! Really, even with the sweltering heat, I wouldn’t trade sun for the world!

You might say that during summer season, whitening is not optimal, because beautiful, tanned skin is in. I agree with you, I really agree with you. But you know what? There is one kind of whitening that I’d advocate for summer.

During summer, we truly dare to bare. Bare our shoulders with sleeveless tops and dresses, show off beautiful legs with short skirts and shorts, and wear those beautiful swimwear ( bikinis! bikinis! ). Now that we are exposing usually “unexposed” parts of our bodies this summer season, we need to be even in tone all over! This is where whitening comes in for summer, that I truly, truly advocate.

I recommend these products for summer, and luckily we have them at Sample Room that you can try them for yourselves!


Gluta-C Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel

Gluta-C is such a great brand because it combines two powerful antioxidants – Glutathione, and Vitamin C. Aside from protecting our skin from external aggressors, whitening is merely an added benefit! It’s skin nourishment + whitening! Aside from my personal experience, I’ve read so much success stories of users of this products!

The Gluta-C Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel, as its name says, promises to whiten the underarm area and the bikini area. I think that this is SO important for summer because who doesn’t love wearing swimwear at the beach? Applying this on your problem areas wouldn’t be a problem or a bother, because it’s transparent and it’s very light. It doesn’t feel anything at all. As for the results, it would certainly take more than one tube to see results on this as whitening does not happen overnight, but it will certainly work wonders – take a look at this.

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